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If you look closely the wings aren't an invention. They have baby razor whips on their backs.

LATE UPDATE TO POST: Just saw the video clip where they’re definitely flying and definitely with dragons, so sweet!

Thanks for bringing that up! Your point makes these women’s actions further from Hiccup’s flight suit as well, definitely! So there is a huge difference between what these women are doing and what Hiccup has done - no threat to his own inventiveness.

I do believe that’s the case as well, given the woman furthest away and furthest to the left seems to have something holding on her! To be honest, I’ve been hesitating to say that concretely about the dragons, given the angle and relatively poor quality of the image, though - pardon for my hesitation in the earlier post, if that confused you and others! I’m waiting for the show to premiere to make it definitely true. You bringing this up though makes me feel more as though you’re right, though! XD So thank you thank you!

Haha, I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but I’ve also intentionally been saying “gliding” instead of “flying” even though I imagine there will be flying - given as “gliding” is the more securely obvious thing that at the very least will happen. XD The women are way up in the sky so they’re obviously flying, but gliding is the more realistic/determinable thing that can be said “for now” until the show shows us the definites.

I regardless do intend to say this is invention and I’m happy calling it such! XD Maybe some people consider invention entirely non-living objects, but I do believe the spirit of inventiveness permeates our society when humans find novel ways to work with animals (be it crafting butter from goat milk, learning how to ride horses and elephants on saddles and with carts, working with oxen to create better plowing techniques, training dogs to help people with seizures or limited vision, or anything else). Project Shellfire is one notable instance in which humans ride on living dragons to give themselves basically new boating technology. Hiccup riding Toothless was inventive and revolutionary, and using dragons to fly/glide through the air is also a demonstration of human innovation. Using dragons to fly is different than creating a mechanical device, absolutely, but all of these demonstrate the ability for humans to look at dragons and create novel ideas that can change their society.

It’s pretty cool!

dragon age: go - an innovative and exhilarating mobile game where you compete with other players around the world to see how much elfroot you can collect


From 2012: This giant dragon sculpture is an innovative creation made completely out of 10,000 chopsticks developed to promote the opening of Aziatage Café, located in Yekaterinburg, Russia, 

Each person was presented with a pair of chopsticks and asked to place the first one in an existing slot on the board, making a wish. The second served as an incentive to visit the café, offering a 10% discount.

Russia-based agency StreetArt assisted advertising agency Voskhod in producing the interactive piece.

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It would be really cool if you could continue this AU? I would like to see Berk's reactions to this unusual siruation.. plus I love the interactions between Stalka and Astrid. We need more of that :)

dead!Hiccup AU?  Is this a thing now? I guess it’s a thing now.  I’ll talk some about it…

Berk felt the sting of losing their Pride nearly as savagely as Hiccup’s family.  This wasn’t just any heir. This was the heir. The one that brought peace to their lands, with innovation and confidence and love.  This was the heir that would continue to lead Berk towards untold prosperities, now never to be realized.

Word of Astrid’s pregnancy was welcomed.  Not the usual response for similar situations—particularly with a girl of Astrid’s status—but Stoick’s mentioned fears turned out to be for naught.

Hiccup and Astrid’s relationship had been cemented in the village for years, even during those first couple, tenuous years where their interest in each other seemed equivocal, and Hiccup’s future availability for other, unwed maids wasn’t entirely closed, Berk approved of the couple.

The later confirmation that the child would be recognized as Berk’s heir was slightly less welcomed, particularly by a few older or ambitious members of the community, but still wholly agreed upon.  Their Pride had returned to them, in some form, and Berk would take it. 

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E3 2014 SO FAR:

  • phil spencer changing his outfit
  • Dragon.. DRAGON A GE? uNQISUfuck
  • innovative was said at least 60 times
  • never say “theyre just peasants!!” to an assassin
  • dont do it 
  • n oplz
  • dante from DMC fights dragons with Beats by Dr Dre
  • geralt grows a beard, kills a fucking griffin in like 5 seconds
  • “Whos’ your favourite video game character?” “Duke Nukem” youre banned from e3 and video games in general buddy