dragon helm


I bet the Dragon Helm is actually kind of ridiculous-looking.

Maedhros’ first reaction upon being given something shiny is always “I bet Fingon would love this.” Fingon did love it, not really the helmet itself as much as Maedhros’ face upon seeing him wear it.

thelioninmybed  asked:

Top five House of Hador


1. Túrin and Nienor are both number one, in this list, in my heart, everywhere

2. Eärendil -  I get emotional just thinking about him!

3. Tuor and Húrin, impossible to pick a fave

4. Aerin who is AMAZING and AWESOME and I LOVE HER SO MUCH

5. Hador himself, beloved of Fingolfin, first lord of Dor-Lómin, greatest of elf-friends and mightiest chieftain of the Edain, STRONG ENOUGH to wear the dragon helm of Azaghal - which he received from his bff/rival* Fingon… basically such a boss ass mortal that all the straw-haired people in Beleriand said “bye Marach we have a new patriarch we want to be remembered by” and renamed their house after him

*that’s my headcanon/logical conclusion anyway B^)

Other notable Hadorians bc I fucking love this house the most:

6. Huor, whom we don’t know much about, but what we know is very wtf-esque: a) Teen Huor went to battle orcs with his brother and uncle because “he would not be restrained, though he was but thirteen years old” and b) older Huor, knowing he was about to die, blurts out a weird ass prophecy to Turgon, saying:  “This I say to you, lord, with the eyes of death: though we part here for ever, and I shall not look your white walls again, from you and from me a new star shall arise.” (thus becoming the very first idril/tuor shipper)

7. Adanel, the wise woman who taught Andreth, and who gave her the tale of their people’s journey

8. Magor and Malach Aradan - I still don’t get why Aradan lead some of his people to Hithlum while Magor took them south? Did father and son not get along? What is the truth? I have been intrigued by this since forever tbh, I end up thinking Magor wasn’t big into elves but who knows, really?

9. My man Marach who was good friends with Beor and who decided to spend the rest of his days in Estolad 

10. Glóredhel whom we don’t know much about except that she died not long after her husband did, and whose marriage was one of the most important political events of the first age…. which was enough to make me so interested in her that I wrote fic about her lmao <3 <3 I love her!!

11. Malach Aradan and his wife Meldis Zimrahin who are so into dealing with elves they end up taking up sindarin names! Also, I wonder if Meldis was also a wise woman or what….

12. Amlach!!! AMLACH <3

13. s/o to Galdor for no reason I just love him his wife and his sons

This is the only art I’ve found depicting Azaghâl. It’s from a French-language forum discussion from several years ago with no source, so I don’t know the artist, but if anyone recognizes it please let me know.