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100 Questions I Would Ask Hiro Mashima Before I Ask About What Ship Children Look Like

So I basically did a bit of a rant on why I was very angry with a lot of the fans at Comicon on how they seemed to waste a big opportunity on asking about something fanon and really not important. So here’s a list of things I would’ve asked before I even thought about ship kids. So here we go…

  1. What was Natsu and Zeref’s parents’ names?
  2. What would Happy look like if he could transform like Lily and Carla?
  3. Where did Jellal get his tattoo?
  4. Where is Era located?
  5. What did Gray’s Mother, Mika Fullbuster, look like?
  6. What does the capital of Bosco look like?
  7. What was Jude’s last name before he took the Heartfilia name?
  8. What does Juvia’s mom and dad look like?
  9. Did Richard and Wally ever reunite?
  10. Why did Mermaid Heel become models for Sorcerer Weekly?
  11. Who’s you’re favorite voice actor on the show?
  12. What was Erza’s Dad’s name?
  13. Where Was Dragnof located in Ishgar?
  14. Did the Queen of Fiore die?
  15. If Porylusica is Edo Grandeeney, then what does Edo Igneel and the other dragons look like?
  16. Will Rogue go on to have the same haircut as his future self?
  17. What Cornelia look like?
  18. What does Ankherseram look like?
  19. You drew Meliodas, Elizabeth, and Diane from Seven Deadly Sins in your art style, what would the other sins look like?
  20. If Gray was going to be the 10th Rave Master, was Ur going to be like the 9th Rave Master?
  21. Who was Ivan Dreyar’s mom?
  22. Who was Laxus Dreyar’s mom?
  23. Kagura vs Ikaruga, who would win?
  24. When did Warrod become a wizard saint?
  25. Where did all the second generation dragon slayers get their scars?
  26. Why is Gajeel the only one with a distinct laugh?
  27. What’s Wakaba’s daughter’s name?
  28. Would Asuka use a pistol or a sniper riffle when she grows up?
  29. Was Zentopia supposed to be canon?
  30. What was the point of Obra?
  31. Who did Orga learn God Slaying Magic From?
  32. What would a ice empress armor for Erza look like?
  33. Knightwalker’s spear is based off the Ten Commandments from Rave, what do the Eisenmeteor, Million Suns, and Sacrifar look like?
  34. What does Eisenwald’s Guild Mark look like?
  35. What did the members of the magic council look like when they were young?
  36. Do Rave Master and Fairy Tail share a universe?
  37. What does Edo Zeref look like?
  38. Will Laxus grow a mustache like Makarov?
  39. Is Draculos Hyberion really a vampire?
  40. What does Mystogan look like as King of Edolas?
  41. How many more years does Ultear have left?
  42. Why does Race own a pinstriped suit?
  43. What would a male Erza and Lucy look like?
  44. In concept art you had Jellal in a wheel chair, do you think he lost his ability to walk after being tortured in prison?
  45. What would Bob look like in a Blue Pegasus suit?
  46. What is Goldmine’s magic?
  47. What would Satan Soul: Mirajane Mard Geer look like?
  48. If there’s a Mildea in FT, is there a Miltz and Haja too?
  49. Is Ajeel just tan or naturally dark skinned?
  50. What was the name of Acnoogia’s village?
  51. What does the king of Pergrande look like?
  52. What is Titan Nose’s guild mark?
  53. What happen to Erigor after Lullaby?
  54. What happened to Kageyama after 7 years?
  55. Why does August’s skin change color?
  56. What was Irene’s last name before she took the name Belserion?
  57. Where did Jenny get her Machina Soul?
  58. Why does Bickslow follow Laxus?
  59. Why didn’t Blue Pegasus become exclusive models for Weekly Sorcerer?
  60. Who was Anna’s husband?
  61. Where did Yukino get her keys
  62. Is Hisui really a Celestial Spirit Mage?
  63. Where does Erza get her armor?
  64. What does the celestial spirit for Hydra look like?
  65. Why is the key for Ophiuchus Black?
  66. Is Jellal related to Makarov if Mystogan is related to Faust?
  67. Where is Kagura’s Guild Mark?
  68. What were Sho and Wally doing over the 7 years?
  69. What is Nobarly’s magic?
  70. Where is Rubengard and Belpraso, y’know the places where San Jiao Shin and Samagui are from?
  71. Where do Yomazu ans Kawazu come from?
  72. What are the other 18 war gods called?
  73. Who are the other Wizard Saints?
  74. What would Laxus look like wearing Makarov’s old Wizard Saint robe?
  75. Could the Strauss family’s parents use Take-Over?
  76. Vijeteer wanted to go to Minstrel, what does it look like?
  77. What does Canis Major look like if Canis Minor looks like Plue?
  78. Does Midnight actually know Darkness Magic?
  79. Why didn’t Ankherseram curse Lucy for bringing Natsu back by writing in the book of END?
  80. What would the Orcion Sies from Rave Master now look like with your current art style?
  81. Would you make a spin off that explored what happened over those last 7 years?
  82. Can you draw a pallet swap of Larcade and Bradman?
  83. Why is Neinhart’s hair purple?
  84. What did Arlock look like before he burned his face?
  85. Was D-6 a Machina?
  86. What was D-6′s magic?
  87. What would Jerome look like in a suit?
  88. What does Mermaid Heel’s Guild Master look like?
  89. What did Irene look like as a little girl?
  90. What were the other elements God Serena had?
  91. Do all demons have demon seeds or just Natsu?
  92. What did Minerva’s mother look like?
  93. What happened to Rustyrose and Kain?
  94. What would the Dragon Slayers look like if they fully turned into dragons?
  95. When will Ren and Sherry have their wedding?
  96. Who was the wizard that turned Kinana into a snake?
  97. What happened to Sylph Labyrinth?
  98. What did Gildarts look like at Natsu’s age?
  99. Why didn’t Silver have any devil slayer marks?
  100. What has been your favorite outfit to draw Gray in?

“As soon as your hand is un-frozen we can get things going again!”
“Or I could use it as a weapon on those guys over there.”
“Oh yeah, that’s hot. Do that!”

If you guys know me then you’ll know as soon as I saw Vegetas hand get frozen I wanted someone to hold it and warm it up again :D 

(the someone was Goku)

Yaori+ War - Day 09

Dorian x Finiel - Dragon Age Inquisition

Ice-Ni -> Day 09

Parce que oui, Finiel Lavellan porte des talons hauts pour compenser sa petite taille, même en combat. Fuck it ! Il gère.

Because yes, Finiel Lavellan wears high heels to compensate for its small size, even in fight. Fuck it ! Like a boss.


SINCE falling head over heels for Dragon Age 2, I have managed to do a small tribute to my favourite dysfunction family of characters. Im so glad annabel introduced me to the series, thank you so much man! c’:
These guys will also be sold as stickers at chchgeddon and elsewhere!