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Idol’s Anime Clones!  pt.1

G-Dragon (BIGBANG)  - Gaara of the Sand (Naruto).

JungKook (BTS) - Towa (Haru Matsu Bokura).

Luhan - Kikuchi (Ao Haru Ride).

V (BTS) - Hiroomi Nase (Kyokai no Kanata)-

BamBam (GOT7) - Yu Nishinoya (Haikyuu).

Yoseob (BEAST) - Nagisa (Free!).

Key (SHINee) - Kai Takemura (Sukitte ii Na Yo).

Sehun (EXO) - Usui (Kaichou Wa Maid-sama)-

Leo (VIXX) - Kageyama (Haikyuu!!).

Jin (BTS) - Makoto (Free!).

(This post is about phisically matching, not about personality)

Kwon Jiyong dressing his little girl up.

Kwon Jiyong combing his little girls hair and braiding it afterwards, carefully twisting it so that he wouldn’t hurt her.

Kwon Jiyong playing with the kids, including doll and or action figures or reading a story, making  special noises and changing his voice whenever he’s taking on, different roles in story telling

Kwon Jiyong feeding a little kid and getting his shirt all dirty because the kid likes playing around with him more than food, Jiyong cutely laughing, he can’t stay mad hearing his baby happily giggling

Kwon Jiyong playing performance with the kids, acting as if they were rockstars on a stage, the little ones eyes shining brightly because they are so happy that their father is cheering them on, making fan crowd noises.

Kwon Jiyong preparing a magic show with the kids and inviting some friends over to watch his kids shows, He’s acting as an MC and asks for a signature of these great wizards afterwards.

Kwon Jiyong telling his kids it’s okay to like action figures as a girl or princess dolls as a boy, showing them photos of him in a skirt afterwards to make them feel better about themselves.

Kwon Jiyong pulling silly faces after one of his kids scrapped his knee and kisses the pain away afterwards, showering them in kisses til he has him/her a giggling mess

Kwon Jiyong trying to get familiar with something he is not interested in, soleyly to make his child happy, get closer and spend some more time with them

Kwon Jiyong having his designer dress shirt ruined because his child wanted to play in the pouring rain with him, both going inside afterwards, soaking wet and drinking hot chocolate on the couch.

Kwon Jiyong having tea partys with his son or daughter, wanting to get to know their imaginary friends and acting like a polite english man on tea time visits, greeting his daughter like she’s the queen.

Kwon Jiyong as a father.

Kwon Jiyong.


Seungri singing GD’s part in Haru Haru… *-*

Maknae can do everything!!!! (While GD dies of laughing lol)

Cr on video


GD will always be Haru’s first love

because anime music is the god of all music
—  my sister’s friend’s cousin