dragon grey

Listen, I love my inquisitor, but I also have this great vision of her and the advisors standing around the war table like “we have so few resources, here in our massive castle where we’re training an army, how can we possibly hope to defeat Corypheus” and then the doors bang open and there stands the Hero of Ferelden. She cracks her knuckles. “Listen up kiddos - oh hey, Cullen - listen, back in my day, I defeated a god with the help of like 5 randos and a dog. What seems to be the problem.”

Accurate representation of me in literally ANY place that sells books.

Artwork belongs to @delusioninabox 👏👏👏


In case you doubted that my warden has is a huge dick. And Zev is his bf btw… Oh, my boy is such a bitch.

This is probably followed by Zevran’s “A little bit of blood magic I see” (or how was it? Please correct me, if you know)

UPD: So the quotes are “I hope I don’t get blood on my armour again” and “A little bit of bloodletting I see”. Thank you, nice guys, for the corrections c: 


In which Alistair takes advantage of their height differences and finds a(nother) way to profess his love to Talia. 

He was subsequently never heard from again.

Still workshoping Talia’s features and clothes. The game gave me an idea about it being extremely poofy and that’s why she keeps it in those tight braid buns. And scene taken from the iconic Lilo & Stitch.

I’m also super inspired by @nipuni‘s colouring style and wanted to experiment with it. I don’t even think I have to tell you about her because you are probably already familiar with her amazing art pieces.