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okay okay, but how about FO4 companions react to seeing a dragon?

Cait: Various swear words escaped Cait as the giant dragon flew past. Afterwards she just looked to Sole, expecting them to say something. They were equally as baffled. 

Curie: Curie said something in French under her breath, as the dragon passed them. She quickly looked to Sole with wide eyes and a smile on her face, “ARE YOU SEEING THIS?!” She was excited. 

Codsworth: Somehow not that surprised, “I suppose radiation could make just about anything.”

Danse: Rather than being worried about it being a DRAGON, he worried about the damage it could do. He warned Sole that they should get away from it as soon as possible, and notify the Brotherhood that a new creature is roaming the commonwealth. 

Deacon: Didn’t say anything for a moment. He nudged Sole, “how much you wanna bet I can tame that beast.” 

Dogmeat: Too scared to even bark at it

Gage: As the dragon appeared, he yelled a loud, “WHAT.” After it had flown by and was out of sight, Gage rubbed his face, “I think I really need a break…” 

Hancock: He didn’t say anything until the dragon had passed, then he laughed loudly. “I think I really need to lay off the jet. Was that real?” 

MacCready: He was actually really excited, seeing a dragon made him feel like he was in a comic book! 

Nick: Held on to his hat as the giant dragon flew above them. His mouth was agape as he watched it, after it flew by, all Nick could say was, “I want to make a witty joke but I’m so bewildered that I got nothin’.” 

Piper: She wanted to chase after it, a literal goddamn dragon would make for one hell of a scoop. 

Preston: He really could not think of anything to say in that moment. He refused to believe what he was seeing was real, maybe the radiation finally got to him.. 

Strong: Sole had to stop Strong from trying to fight the dragon with his bare fists…

X6-88: “I don’t- what is-” X6 had a hard time using his words. He eventually gave up and decided to just report the dragon to the institute. 

The Door of the Double Dragon: A Romance of the China of Yesterday and To-Day. Hector Blanding. New York: W. J. Watt & Company, (1920). First edition. Original dust jacket; art by G. W. Gage.

“Dressed in the imperial yellow, with a Double-Dragon interwoven throughout in gold threads, his gown belted about the waist by a golden-linked belt, clasped with a carven topaz, he was a singularly stately figure.”