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It’s fun because they eat bugs geeeeeeeddit?????? 

Confession: I really want a DA book set in the time of Arlathan. Maybe the events leading to the creation of the Veil. It could flesh out and set up DA4 events and revelations (like “The Masked Empire”). I just really wish for some ancient elven political intrigue! Also, the chance to see “scotch bonnet” Solas and hopefully Felassan

My final art project for one of my classes. The goal was to take an existing movie and completely revamp its style into a new scene, so here’s my take on one of my favorite movies, How To Train Your Dragon!

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# inquisitorsweek Day 5: Big Decisions - Mages vs Templars

This world is cruel
It’s sad but true

Yes, I’m far stronger than I’ve ever thought
So I remove withered flowers 

Both of them sided with the mages, but they differ in their methods: Mithiin knows what it is like to hide from the templars and have seen what they are really like – living in Orlais in ten years without telling anyone of her magic, after all – and fully allied with them, knowing that they do not mean harm with their allegiance and is honest with their offer of help.

Meanwhile, Mryka does understand that the mages are more oppressed than what the templars say, and is not really convinced of Cullen’s argument that the templars could suppress the Breach, but is also aware that some of their problems are their own doing, and held them under close guard and are conscripted.

Overall, they do believe that mages are the victims, but not both of them fully blame the templars for it. 

(A bonus: while I was making this, Blumenkranz (Ragyo’s theme from KLK) came up and I kind of looked up the lyrics, and I’m like… wow. It fits. So I’m putting up a link. Plus the entire mysterious electronic-ish rhythm fits.)

The Font of Life

Sketch of the Font of Life with the Behemoth actually in place above it.  I’m not sure I’ve quite gotten the scale of it to my liking, I feel like it should be larger.

For reference, the floating thing in the center is the Eridanus Conclave’s floating portal entrance.  The dais upon which the central portal sits is a full 700m wide; large enough to accommodate many Guardians, Imperials and Ridgebacks who happen to be coming or going and considering the Guardian population within the Conclave itself, as well as its sister clan, Arvoisa and close allies in Ith, the space is much-needed.

The inner area beneath the trunk and hidden between the roots is, at current scale, roughly 5 miles wide.

The water is supposed to be several miles deep.

Water clan dragons who’ve taken up residence in the Font of Life for ages, perhaps even some of the first proto-dragons, who have grown attuned to the life-giving water and become immortal, having been infused with its power.  Warped and forever changed by the intense magical energies, these creatures are forever changed and no longer look like the Guardians and Wildclaws of today.

And speaking of dragon cities, perhaps the whole root system around the hidden lake is home to many clans of dragons who’ve all banded together with the common interest of protecting the Behemoth at her most vulnerable source.


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