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I was organizing and going through one of my several art folders and I found quite a few traditional pieces that I drew between 2015 to 2016! Since I moved twice last year, I completely forgot I had these; I decided to put them up on my Etsy since they aren’t being fully appreciated hidden away in a folder c:

There are over 20 originals listed and most are priced between $15 - $20 USD each! And better yet: I’m also having a spring sale where you can get 10% off your whole order until May 7th, 2017 if you use the promo code SPRINGSALE!

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More Saihara’s Dragon Maid! Been a while since I made one of these, huh?

first set of edits here !

These were all…. really hard to make ;;; But they turned out fine, I think!! I hope

Weekly Round Up - March 19, 2017

I had a really productive week this week! Between being snowed in and on spring break, I cranked out a dalek, three Eevees, a bisexual pride dragon, an asexual pride dragon, 2 Pansexu-Whales (one for stock one for an order), 2 Asexu-Whales (also one for stock one for an order), 4 Love Balls, two Pokeballs and a Great Ball! Whew!

I’m a little sad to see the couch empty now but I’m always excited to start over!

  • It's almost christmas which means alot of little kids will be getting pokemon sun and moon
  • Why don't we adult players breed some cool pokemon and release them over wonder trade
  • They are kids so starters and dragons, beldums, and eevees, fossils, feebas and even dittos might just make their day
  • Also making them hold extra evolution stones (especially the eevees) you can get from a fully leveled pokepelago would be nice too
  • Just think about it

Dont forget our Easter sale ends soon!

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Here, have an Eevee because it I’m kinda mopey lately and it’s my favourite pokemon and I need a break from Dragon Age and I haven’t drawn one since I was like 15

Pokecember Day 8 - Favorite Fairy Type - Sylveon

Fairy has been my favorite type overall since it was announced and while I didn’t like sylveon at first, mainly due to disappointment of not getting a dragon eevee, it grew on me a lot over the years to where it’s probably the eeveelution I have the most characters of, competing with Umbreon [who isn’t even in my top 3 favorite eevees]. 

“I can’t believe I streamed for 10 hours” Stream Requests!

Here are the requests from todays stream!
Thank you all for coming!

Anistar and Dragon watching some anime @ask-dragon

Cutie roserade character @askteamtruegold

Eddie punching Ben @ask-jack-eevee

Grump grump red salad @ask-a-shiny-jolteon

Cutie Eternal @asktheforestguardians

Grandpa Goop teaching young Benji about the Devil’s Lettuce @askamnesiagoodra

A wild Jake appears! @a-drays-mind

and finally, Plus and Benji 420 blazin it @plusshittyfanfictions

If Alola exerts such evolutionary pressure, is so isolated and unique an environment, that normal pokemon who stay more or less identical throughout the rest of the PokeWorld have unique forms and evolutions on these islands, and we don’t get a new evolutionary form of Eevee, the evolution pokemon, who “Thanks to its unstable genetic makeup…conceals many different possible evolutions” then I am gonna call so much bullshit.