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I was organizing and going through one of my several art folders and I found quite a few traditional pieces that I drew between 2015 to 2016! Since I moved twice last year, I completely forgot I had these; I decided to put them up on my Etsy since they aren’t being fully appreciated hidden away in a folder c:

There are over 20 originals listed and most are priced between $15 - $20 USD each! And better yet: I’m also having a spring sale where you can get 10% off your whole order until May 7th, 2017 if you use the promo code SPRINGSALE!

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tiredestgulls  asked:

Hi I'm a beginner breeder and no one at my local daycare can answer my question. Which Pokémon suffer most from inbreeding? I've heard a lot about the region's starters being the most inbred but here in Hoenn that doesn't seem like much of a problem especially with Treekos.

Starters, Eevee, Pikachu, some dragon-types, and “fad” Pokémon. Fad Pokémon are ones that become really popular after a movie, book, or television show features one. Unfortunately, when a lot of people want the same Pokémon at the same time, a lot of breeders will “cut corners” and unhealthy babies result. Zigzagoon and Phantump, for example, have it rough this year because of that comic book movie that came out during spring break. It can take years to get a “fadded” Pokémon’s bloodlines back in check.

Weekly Round Up - March 19, 2017

I had a really productive week this week! Between being snowed in and on spring break, I cranked out a dalek, three Eevees, a bisexual pride dragon, an asexual pride dragon, 2 Pansexu-Whales (one for stock one for an order), 2 Asexu-Whales (also one for stock one for an order), 4 Love Balls, two Pokeballs and a Great Ball! Whew!

I’m a little sad to see the couch empty now but I’m always excited to start over!

  • It's almost christmas which means alot of little kids will be getting pokemon sun and moon
  • Why don't we adult players breed some cool pokemon and release them over wonder trade
  • They are kids so starters and dragons, beldums, and eevees, fossils, feebas and even dittos might just make their day
  • Also making them hold extra evolution stones (especially the eevees) you can get from a fully leveled pokepelago would be nice too
  • Just think about it

anonymous asked:

Bill, I have a serious problem: my recently evolved sylveon is extremely aggressive towards dragon-type pokemon. Recently my sylveon ran off and nearly Moonblasted some poor kid's Goomy to death. Needless to say, this attracted police attention and my sylveon was ordered to stay in her pokeball in public. She was docile towards dragons as an eevee and is always friendly towards people and pokemon of other types. How can my sylveon be comfortable around dragons? Please help!!!

It’s unfortunate, but very occasionally, an eeveelution responds to its evolution with … unusual amounts of zeal, to put it lightly. This is often caused by the very nature of an eevee’s evolution. Because the eevee family possesses the highest number of branches of any pokémon family, the decision to evolve (as well as what to evolve into) requires more thought and passion on the part of the eevee than any other pokémon. Consequently, sometimes, an eeveelution tries a bit too hard to conform to its new identity by adopting traits it thinks are typical of their type. In a sylveon’s case, this can be particularly unfortunate or even dangerous, as the fairy type is often associated with mischief, magical superiority, and in some cases even bloodlust.

Thus, the first step to getting your sylveon to behave in the presence of dragons is to reassure her that she doesn’t have to be a typical fairy-type to be comfortable with herself. She is still very much a valid fairy-type, even if she befriends or otherwise treats dragon-types like any other type of pokémon. While that may sound like it’s easier said than done, it’s actually a simple matter of training more with her (although perhaps not on dragon-types). The more she battles and trains, the more she becomes accustomed to her body and your guidance.

The second step, of course, is to train her to treat dragons with respect. While it may be most effective to do this by acclimating your sylveon to an actual dragon-type, because dragon-types are rare and difficult to come by, consider training with a dragon-type doll, such as a dratini plush. Before exposing your sylveon to the plush, however, it’s important that you teach her to heel first. (A full explanation on how to teach a pokémon to heel is here: http://bills-pokedex.tumblr.com/post/163998759883/help-my-cubchoo-has-an-insatiable-appetite-for . Admittedly, this post covers how to do so with a cubchoo specifically, but the process can be adapted to sylveon or any other pokémon as well.) Once she understands how to heel, use the plush to simulate a dragon-type pokémon and place it in the same room as sylveon. Have sylveon heel, and if she obeys, reward her. If she attacks, try to remove the plush before she can complete her technique. Do this for at least ten minutes a day at first, then gradually work your way up until your sylveon can stay in the same room as that plush for an hour without even trying to attack it. If she succeeds, move on to real dragons (for example, the other trainer’s goomy) to further reinforce what she’s learned.

Here, have an Eevee because it I’m kinda mopey lately and it’s my favourite pokemon and I need a break from Dragon Age and I haven’t drawn one since I was like 15