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This week in doodles I’ll never finish:

“yes. yes hello to you too. Yes, I am very happy to see you as-NOT IN THE MOUTH”

-Fen’harel recites the ancient mantra of canine owners.

Set Tours and Dog Meetings-> Sharna & Emilia

“And that’s the set! Everyone’s props and things for tonight are just waiting to be rolled in for their performance.” Sharna pointed to a tree that was going to be used for someones. She was so excited that Emilia could finally make it out to a show, and none other than her favorite week, most memorable year. Em and Diane we’re going to be each others dates, and was happy to have two of her closest friends in the ballroom. They walked up the steps to her trailer. “I have the best couch, I mean they gotta give me something for never winning!” She laughed as she opened the door and Daisy ran right towards the two women. “Hi Daisy! Do you want to meet Mummy’s friend?!” She asked the younger dog as she picked her up. “This is Emilia, be nice to her.” Sharna laughed as she spoke for Daisy.


spinninglenny  asked:

Rose/Cullen, 7. things you said while we were driving (or maybe riding in their case) Thank you ♥

things you said while we were driving riding

“What’s his name?” Rose asked, when the silence between them had gone on just a shade too long for comfort. Even after knowing him this long—after kisses on the battlements and shared glances and, Maker, the innuendo—she could not always read his moods, and his thoughts were even more elusive. Especially when they were alone. Still, he’d invited her on this trip to Ferelden and she’d thought—well. She’d thought. But now he sat silent as a statue atop his horse, mood and thoughts both a mystery.

Cullen’s hands tightened briefly on the reins, but the simultaneous tightening of his knees sent his horse dancing sideways skittishly. The big gelding glanced over his shoulder as if to say watch what you’re doing, idiot, and Rose bit her lips to keep from smiling. Anyone with the wits to look through the eyes the Maker gave them could see how little Cullen enjoyed riding. “Forgive me,” Cullen said. “My… my thoughts were elsewhere.”

“I noticed,” she agreed, and the light filtering in golden dapples through the overhead branches did nothing to hide his blush. “I just asked his name. The horse, I mean.”

“The horse,” he replied, as if he’d never heard the word before. “Its, uh, name?”

“Oh, Cullen,” Rose said, “no wonder he’s looking at you like that. He’s your horse. You have to give him a proper name.”

“It’s Master Dennet’s horse.”

“Isn’t he the same horse Master Dennet always gives you?”

“I… suppose. They’re all much the same.”

Rose urged her own mount forward with a gentle touch, until she and Cullen were knee to knee. Reaching across the distance, she laid a hand on his horse’s shoulder. “Hey,” she said. The horse turned his baleful, dark eyes her way. “You have to give him a break. He’s Fereldan.” She ignored Cullen’s huff of affront. “It would be different if you were a mabari.”

The horse snorted.

“That’s hardly fair,” Cullen muttered.

Rose arched skeptical brows.

“Fine,” Cullen said. “His name is Pony.”

No amount of lip biting could keep her giggle from escaping. “Pony? You’ve named your giant warhorse Pony?”

He glowered, sinking down in his saddle. “That’s why I didn’t bloody say anything, isn’t it?”

In what could only be the equivalent of equine laughter, Pony pranced.

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Has anyone ever told you that your cat looks like a Kavat from the game Warframe?


I’ve got mystic messenger’s longcat, tilda swinton, benadryl cucumberpatch, tom hiddleston, anderson cooper, peter cushing, david bowie, that elf with the huge eyebrows who rides a deer in the hobbit, falkor the luck dragon, espeon, the lovely dog-thing from the last guardian (tico?), bubirina, duchess from the aristocats, galadriel, etc. etc., but not Kavat from the game Warframe

let’s take a peek:

YES!!!!!! you are right, and I am happy. my cat is a warframe monster

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So if each blaster is related to an animal what's each animal?

Well of the three we’ve been able to see clearly (because there are eight in total at the moment) we have Sans’ Blasters which are dog like dragon things, we have Catsters which are saber tooth house cat, dragon things, and then we have the flapster blaster eldritch bird horror which is based off a raven. Ya know. If that raven was made out of a primordial aether that fills you with a sense of dread.

Y’know, if I could go back in time about 15 or so years and show myself Dragon Ball Super, I’m pretty sure my past self would enter a catatonic state.

Which would, of course, alter the present timeline considerably. 

Unless it created an entirely different timeline, thereby leaving this one intact. 

Fuck it, I’d go back in time to get some cheap drugs.

See, this is one of the stronger arguments against time travel.