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It’s time for our 20th adventuring party! Three horned and hoofed heroes return to the Ram from their latest adventure: Hornholly the dashing Druid, Fergus the ferocious Fighter and Cornelia the highly-huggable Healer.
The Tavern - Welcome to the Battering Ram! (feat. The Bard)
Special 30th animal adventurer: Bram the Tavern Keeper


Today’s the last day of my break (though I’ll only have two days to work before heading to BABSCon), but I thought I’d post some traditional stuff I’ve worked on recently!

Top one is my first time using toned paper, and I made a lot of mistakes I need to keep in mind for next time, but overall I’m really proud of it.

Three on the bottom were me using a new app (CamScanner) on my phone to try and make my traditional art look like it was scanned in instead of just a phone picture.  I forgot to use it on the second image in the set, and you can tell there’s a huge difference.

bli22fulmadne22  asked:

The UF/ US/ SF skeleton bros become suspicious of their S/O how has been acting oddly- only to find out they've been hiding that their half dragon and that someone has tracked them down who wants to kill them ( and S/O's small family) because of an old grudge they have on S/O's mother. What are the skelebro's responses? ( thank you, I'm quackers for your writing style:3 )

Quackers for my writing style?? That’s so cute. 



When you start acting odd, Red immediately suspects that you’re cheating or you’re leaving him. Either way, you don’t want him in your life anymore. He goes to confront you about this, but accidentally walks in on you transforming into your dragon form! Red stands paralyzed with a mixture of amazement and fear, unsure whether he should attack or wait. After all, this is you, you wouldn’t hurt him…right? Still, he can’t let his guard down. When you finally notice him, Red summons a blaster and growls, waiting for your first move, but your eyes, oh your eyes. They are the same ones as your human form, sparking with love and familiarity. You lower your head and whine in surrender, showing that you have no intentions on hurting him, allowing him to come closer and stroke your nose. Red is still cautious, but the second he touched your scales, it’s like he falls in love with you all over again, like before, he only loved a part of you, but now? He loves all of you, the dragon, the human, everything, and it’s exhilarating. 

When you revert back to your human form and explain your situation, he’s putting you and your family under his protection and essentially, under house arrest so he could go find this person and kill them himself before they could get to you. He comes back, with the attacker’s death on his hands and he promises that they are never going to bother you again. 


When Fell sees you turn into a dragon, he attacks you, but they don’t harm you and even if it did, he was pulling his attacks anyway. When he realizes that you’re not retaliating, Fell just stops and drops all of his weapons and admires you in amazement. You’re so beautiful, so perfect for someone like him. He imagines charging to battle with him on your back as you beat your powerful wings. He asks you if it’s really you, and how come you never told him. Since you’re in dragon form, you can’t really answer, but you lower your head and motion him to climb on. Once you feel him properly settled, you quickly take off, careful not drop him and soar through the skies, his screams of fear mixing in with excitement. 

You land in a large clearing and revert back into your human form and tell your story. Fell just laughs at you, asking if that’s what you’re really scared about. You’re a badass dragon who’s dating the Great and Terrible Papyrus! You should have nothing to fear! He comes along with you and helps you track down this person and gives you the honor of eliminating them yourself. 



As you transform before him, Blue’s eyes light up excitedly with little shining stars as he squeals with excitement. He confronted you about acting strange before, but he never thought you would be half freaking dragon!! This is so cool! When you’re finished, you lower your head so he could touch you, but Blue is paralyzed with amazement, that you have to nudge him back to reality. The skeleton lovingly nuzzles your nose, kissing you everywhere before asking if you could fly. He wants flight? You’ll give him flight. Without any warning, you bite his shirt and throw him in the air, catching him on your head so he could grip your horns. Blue cheers wildly as you take off to the skies, yelling, “THIS IS AMAZING” at the top of his lungs, and you can’t help but smile. You’re still careful with him, and if Stretch ever found out that you did this, you’d be dead. Landing in a clearing, Blue climbs off you, stumbling on the grass breathlessly and as his heart races with adrenaline. You transform back into your normal self and explain your situation. 

You have nothing to fear datemate! The Magnificent Sans is here to help! He gives you a big kiss and goes on his phone, dialing numbers and telling people to meet him where you’re at right now. An hour later, the entire former royal guard shows up with their weapons ready. The dogs tracks down the guy and the guard restrains them while you call the police. You asked Alphys why the entire guard showed up just for Blue and she laughs. 

“Sans never made it into the Royal Guard, but everyone treated him like one and we all would do anything for him”

You can’t help but feel the same.  


Stretch kinda….low key knew. Well, he didn’t know that you are part dragon and can turn into this wickedly epic beast, but he did suspect that you’re not just a normal human being, and that you are keeping thing from him. As you transform before him, he’s smirking and wondering how he got so lucky to land an awesome datemate like you, and who else could say that their s/o is a mother freaking dragon?! He declines your offer to ride you because he’s too overwhelmed right now, but he does like touching your scales. In fact, because you’re so big, you’re probably pretty comfortable to sleep with. Which he does in the future. 

You explain to him what’s been going on and he understands. With Blue’s help, you and Stretch put together a plan to capture this person, by staying put and let them come to you. It was an easy fight; a dragon and two skeletons against one, so no one really got hurt. Blue calls the police and the guy gets locked up forever. 



FIGHT HIM! Black isn’t going to hurt you too much, BUT HOW COOL WOULD IT BE TO FIGHT A FRIKING DRAGON?! SDFGHJKL HE’S FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW HOLY SHIT! LET HIM FIGHT YOU! He’s even more excited that Blueberry about this!!!! He wants to charge into battle with him on his back, watch you destroy your enemies with a stomp of your foot, and HOLY SHIT CAN YOU BREATH FIRE! Please calm this skele down, he’s going to have a heart attack. But his reaction is amusing and you wonder how far you can push it. You bite the collar of his shirt and take off with super speed with him in dangling from your mouth. Black screams, laughs, and cries at the same time, then when you land, he actually passes out. 

When he wakes, you tell your boyfriend your situation and Black just laughs. That person must be an idiot if they think they can hurt you when you’re under his protection. Normally he would take this job himself so he doesn’t have to share the glory, but he wants to see you in action. Also that charge into battle thing. It’s been a dream of his. 


When you transform,  the first thing he thought of is how jealous Black is going to be. Then, he finally processes that this dragon is you, holy cow, it’s you! You who he loves so much, who stayed by his side, who makes him laugh, makes him cry, and want to do anything for. And you’re also this beautiful, majestic dragon, he just can’t comprehend how giddy he feels and how much more he loves you. You lower your head so he could touch you and so Rus runs his fingers under your smooth scales and it was like meeting you for the first time again, and falling in love all over. He’s so lucky to have you.  Rus declines your invitation to take a ride on your back, but he does fall asleep on you, mostly because he’s so overwhelmed and needs some time to process.

When he wakes up, you had already transformed back into your normal form, with his head cradling in your lap as you hum a soft tune. Rus thinks it was all a dream, but you confirm it wasn’t and that you had something to tell him. You explain your situation and Rus calmly kisses your head, telling you that it’s all going to be okay. He instructs you to bring your family over to his house and sit tight. You follow his orders and when he comes back that night, the skele smiles sweetly and reassures you that you have nothing to worry about anymore.