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I don’t usually post things specifically related to Power Rangers here (I focus on the Japanese Super Sentai series) but I had to post this.  These are exclusive retailer variant covers for Boom Studios new Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #1 comic coming out tomorrow.  

These two covers are exclusive to Jesse James Comics/Exceed Exclusives with art by Nick Robles.

To me, these are two great images of Kyoryu Sentai ZyuRanger’s Dragon Ranger and Dragon Caesar.  To Power Rangers fans, these are kickass images of The Green Ranger and his Dragon Zord.  Either way, this is great art!


[SCENE: FIGHT] Shugojuu Tyrannosaurus & Daizyujin vs. Dragon Caesar, Tyranno Ranger vs. Dragon Ranger.

The Shugojuu were revived after they finished recuperating in the Earth’s lava. Shugojuu Tyrannosaurus emerged to fight Dragon Caesar.

Meanwhile, Geki went to confront Burai. The other warriors tried to stop him, but this had to be done. The brothers fought before transforming. Dragon Ranger’s shield protected him from Tyranno Ranger’s Ranger Gun. However, Tyranno Ranger blasted the Zyusouken and Hellfriede out of his brother’s hands.

The Shugojuu formed Daizyujin to take Dragon Caesar down. The machine god then told Geki to finish Burai off. Geki couldn’t do it and he walked away. Burai charged at Geki with the Hellfriede. Yet he was unable to harm his sibling. Burai’s tears fell on to the evil sword, causing it to disintegrate. Burai was freed of its control and the two brothers reunited.

Finally, Dragon Caesar joined with Shugojuu Zyu Mammoth, Saber Tiger and Triceratops to create Gouryuujin. The Zyuranger now had six members.

Source: Episode 22

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