dragon cactus

Why I hate coconuts

We were playing Dungeons and Dragons and coming up to the big finale boss fight. House rules are that three 20s = instant kill.

The party decided to allow their pet sentient cactus to fight along with them after teaching it how to throw and retrieve a coconut. I went along with it for the laughs, treating it as an improvised weapon with pretty large negatives on dice rolls.

The very first round of the fight went to the cactus. The cleric instructed Needles the Cactus to throw his coconut at the boss.

MFW 20

MFW 20 20

MFW 20 20 20

MFW my uberboss was one-shotted with a coconut

MFW I had to think of how a coconut, thrown by a two-foot tall walking cactus, had managed to slay a black dragon.

is my cactus ok? that side looks kinda bad

Moon cacti (grafts of a colourful, chlorophyll-lacking cultivar of Gymnocalycium mihanovichii onto a Hylocereus stem) rarely last very long, I’m afraid. It’s not worth attempting to re-graft the top part at this point, so that’s a goner, but the stem will branch and grow into a large trailing plant. 
Hylocereus is of interest because it’s where dragon fruit comes from, but getting it to flower indoors can be tricky, as it prefers humid conditions. But they are fast-growing, so useful if you want a lot of trailing foliage. 
If you want to keep the stem growing, cut below the graft with a clean, sharp knife, and allow it to callous over. I also recommend repotting into a better-draining soil mix. Hylocereus likes a little more moisture and nutrients than desert cactus species, but still needs very good drainage, so incorporate plenty of grit. pumice or perlite into the mix. 
Best of luck!

“For some reason our dragons really hate each other, but you’re a pretty cool guy and I want to hang out with you anyway.”

“Turns our our dragons weren’t fighting but really liked each other but we misunderstood and I swear that they are trying to get us together.”

“Dudes, you might want to hurry up, you’re late for class.” 

“Oh Crap, Run dude! Let’s go!”

Time Taken: 8 hours.

All characters belong to themselves.

The designs however belong to me I suppose.

March Book Photo Challenge (via just0nemorepage)

Day Twenty Four: Growth

Because what’s a good high fantasy without some massive character growth? Also I’m in love with my new cactus.


Day 216

Nighttime Flowers.

“Some dragon fruit cactus flowers from one of my grandmother’s cactuses.”

I love these flowers! They only bloom at nighttime and only blossom for a few hours, then they die. It’s kind of sad, but pretty. My grandmother has these plants all around the house and the fruit is delicious! Once the flowers die, they transform into a weird shaped fruit, called “Dragon Fruit”. They are red fruits, with a creamy inside, with small black seeds.