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so the burter/jeice fusion in ‘fusions’ is kinda…. lacking….. so i wanted to try my own hand at him and he is… a very pretty..very lorge boy

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I was so bored and I post something.

(I post some more squads from mario games and Danganronpa.) 

lilyrosethedreamer  asked:

Hi Ed! It's been a while, but congrats on the 100 followers! You deserve them. Is it okay if I request a fic too? I'm feeling a little adventurous so maybe an OT3 with Raditz, Jeice and Broly? If that's okay. Um, it can be anything you want, btw, not really sure what scenario I want (but a bit of angst is always good ;) ). Thank you and take care!

(I tried to post this on your birthday but I was sick so it didn’t happen ;_; happy belated birthday, Lily!)

Generally speaking, when Raditz wanted something, he went and got it. He wasn’t used to getting his way, not after spending his formative years with the bratty Prince of All Saiyans, but he knew what he wanted, and he took it. Or he’d at least try. Raditz was definitely not beneath fighting for something he wanted. As far as he was concerned, that was the only way to get what you wanted, anyway.

When he first came to Earth, he’d wanted his brother’s help. Now he wanted his brother’s approval. He was slowly making progress on that front, fighting tooth and nail for every little advantage he could get. He helped Kakarott’s wife around the house, he took care of Kakarott’s brat sometimes, he sparred and fought with Kakarott and joked with him while they licked their wounds afterwards.

But while most of his wants were under control, there was one that he felt was beyond his control. His leg bounced as he looked between Jeice and Broly, wondering what he should do. Jeice was chattering away with Yamcha, talking about baseball or something. Broly stood a little ways away, watching the party silently by himself. Jeice was small and adorable with still a lot of power to his name, beautiful hair and a winning smile. Broly was tall, quiet, stronger than anyone else Raditz knew, and hot as hell. Both of them were completely out of his league.

So of course Raditz had fallen for both of them.

Raditz ran a hand through his hair and growled under his breath. This shouldn’t be so hard. It wasn’t like he’d never had feelings for anyone before. He just hadn’t had feelings for two people at once before. What the hell would he do if neither of them liked him back? It’d destroy him. He stood and stalked off, ignoring Kakarott’s shout to join him at the food table. Raditz needed to be alone for a bit.


Raditz jumped at Broly’s quiet voice next to him. “Hey,” he said, trying not to show how startled he was. For such a big guy, Broly was fast and quiet. “I was just–”

“Having some alone time, I know.” Broly fell into step beside him. “Can I join you?”

“Well, it won’t be alone time anymore, then, will it?” Raditz cracked a wry grin at Broly, grateful for his ability to appear cool and casual even when he was flustered beyond belief. His smile wavered when Broly gave a soft smile in return. Oh, fuck, he was done for. That was probably the sweetest thing he’d ever seen Broly do. “But yeah, sure, whatever,” he added, trying to shrug nonchalantly. “If you want.”

Something latched onto Raditz’s left arm and he yelled, stumbling. Jeice grinned up at him. “Gettin’ away from the bozos, eh? Mind if I join in?”

Raditz gulped. It was bad enough to have one of his crushes come after him to try to spend time with him (and he still wasn’t sure why they would want to), but both of them?  It was too much. He nodded, not bothering to try and wrestle his arm back. “Sure. Okay. Broly?”

Broly was smirking, and maybe Raditz shouldn’t have found that quite so hot but he couldn’t help it. “Absolutely.”

Raditz got the feeling that there was something going on that he was the only one not aware of. Broly took his other arm and Raditz stumbled along between them, trying not to panic. What was going on? Where were they even going anymore?

They stopped somewhere deep in the Capsule Corp complex, and both men let go of Raditz rather abruptly. Raditz slowly backed away from both of them, fully aware they were each far more powerful than he was. “What’s going on?” he asked warily, hands shifting up into a defensive stance almost automatically. If they wanted a fight, he’d damn well give them one.

Jeice laughed, and Broly smiled, and there wasn’t a trace of malice in either. Raditz backed up another step and found himself against a wall. He swallowed. “We ain’t here to hurt you,” Jeice reassured him, walking over and putting a comforting hand on Raditz’s arm. Raditz tried to relax. “We wanted to talk to you about something.”

“What about?” Raditz asked, eyeing Broly as he stepped forward too. He willed himself not to flinch as one of Broly’s huge hands cupped his cheek and–what? No, that wasn’t right, that was too gentle, too intimate, and yeah that was what Raditz wanted, but why would Broly want that too?

“About this,” Broly said, leaning in and gently pressing their lips together. Raditz’s eyes widened and he froze in shock for a moment. A million thoughts ran through his head, so fast he couldn’t focus on any of them. His eyes slid closed before he could really think about it, and he kissed Broly back, heart hammering a mile a minute. After only a few seconds, Broly moved back, and when Raditz opened his eyes Jeice was watching the whole thing with a smile.

“What…” He trailed off, fingers coming up to brush his lips. Broly had kissed him. Broly had kissed him while Jeice watched. Broly had kissed him and he’d kissed Broly back while Jeice watched with approval. His head spun. “You–you’re–I–”

“It’s like this,” Jeice explained. “We both like you, and you like both of us. So why not give it a shot?”

Raditz flushed. How had he been found out so easily? “Yes,” he blurted, looking between them, still pinned to the wall. “I’d love that.”

Broly smiled and stroked Raditz’s hair, and Jeice grinned and leaned in to kiss him, and Raditz closed his eyes and was glad he hadn’t actually gotten his alone time.