dragon ball z amv


Something I started a couple of weeks ago. That one gifset I uploaded a while ago is from this video. There’s a few mistakes but I got bored of it and just left them.

song: Mako - Devil May Cry (Konstantin Remix)


Here it is. The video I’ve been working on for the past two months. Two months? I think that’s right. Three weeks at least on the last 30 seconds but yeah - maybe I can focus on my writing now. (Cause I’m behind and I know I’m behind guys and I’m sorry D:)

Includes every canon ship + a little TruTen (because this video is basically ALL MY DRAGON BALL SHIPS LUL): Yamcha/Bulma, Tien/Launch, Goku/ChiChi, Vegeta/Bulma, Gohan/Videl, Krillin/18, Trunks/Goten, (and maybe a lil Goten/Marron, Trunks/Marron if you like, squint). 


New Video!

I’m never usually one who makes AMV’s but I wanted to do this for fun!

Hope you enjoy!


It’s been months but I finally finished it though some of it is bullshitted because bullshitting is my forte. I was lazy… I’m aware I used that one Vegeta scene twice but I love that scene. That and I didn’t know how to end the video…

So basically school is almost over for me and i’m going to post a lot of things this summer!

So i’m working on this short amv that all about The World Tournament Saga/Buu Saga!(sorry no super cause my computer is losing a bit more room. sadly..)

So this going to be my last post(maybe) till i finish with ALL my exams!

Stay Tune!


I thought this song suited Vegeta so well. I got lazy at the end of this so I cropped the song. I said I wasn’t but I did…

Watch in HD.

wanted to redraw Myx. a really old character of mine from early 2010.

after all of these years, I still don’t know who or what she is…all I remember from her is that I got inspiration to design her by a techno Dragon Ball Z AMV I saw at some point.


oh well, she is super cute and it was fun to revisit her design!