dragon ball lovers

Imagine being a pianist who performs during Asgard’s Royal balls, despite being a Midgardian as Thor recommended you himself. You spend most your time in your little apartment in Manhattan practicing piano pieces but occasionally you do stay over in Asgard.

You make it a point to always play something from Earth at the Asgard Ball’s, as a way to showcase “Midgard’s primitively music” to the higher class and drive home the point that Earth’s music can be just as elegant and emotional as Asgardian music.

Your music not only catches the attention of the Royalty and Nobility, but also Loki’s. He finds your style of music pure and raw, something different from the pomp and splendour of regular Asgard Ball Music. He eventually comes to you asking you to teach him how to play the piano.

Imagine meeting Loki at a renaissance festival’s masquerade ball event. The brief interaction expands to you two exchanging numbers, meeting and getting into a relationship. Every year on your anniversary you two go back to the Renaissance festival’s ball, dressed as two different characters.

On your fifth anniversary however, Loki dresses as himself, his mask having his two signature horns on it, while you dress as a nymph. Later that night as you’re talking to a few ladies you’ve seen there before, suddenly the host announces that “Loki” has something he wishes to say. You are surprised when he steps on stage, holding a small tesseract cube in his hand.

He then calls out “Bring me the Nymph!” And you freeze. The attendants who are all dressed up as well, quickly escort you on stage, where Loki proceeds to smile, get down on one knee, and propose.