dragon ball lovers

Ask me a question

Leopard gecko: Where is your calm space?

Red-footed tortoise: What pets do you want to get in the future?

Rat snake: Why did you start your blog?

Bearded dragon: What is your favourite flower?

Nile crocodile: What kind of things do you collect/ want to collect?

Royal python: Would you prefer to live in the city? Or in the country?

Common toad: What kind of clothes do you typically wear?

Green tree boa: Where do you spend most of your time?

Pygmy gecko: Do you like insects? What is your favourite kind of insect?

Blue-tongued skink: Do you have any tattoos? Do you plan on getting any?

Crested gecko: Tea, coffee, or water?

Burmese Python: What is your dream reptile/amphibian?

Legless lizard: Where do you want to travel in the future?

Gargoyle gecko: If you have pets, what did you name them and why?

Painted turtle: Three words to describe your aesthetic.

Red-tailed boa: Do you have pet peeves? What are they?

Glass frog: What is the view from your bedroom window?

Okay, so apparently dub is terrible to a vast amount of anime watchers.

I’m sorry that I don’t want to watch a show with words that don’t correlate vocally to what I’m reading (captions).

I’m sorry that I don’t wish to learn a whole language to watch a show.

Don’t chastise me because I watch dubbed anime.

Don’t say that I’m not a true anime fan just because I don’t watch anime subbed.

Secondly, please do not go onto dubbed anime videos on YouTube and comment ‘omg the dub is terrible’, 'dubs always suck’, 'sub is always better than dub’. It’s honestly very annoying. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. Watch the sub. It’s not a hard concept.

Don’t get me wrong, some people have accurate reasons they genuinely dislike it, but others are honestly acting like weebs. Aka 'itS jApaNEse sO iT mUsT sOunD LiKe, Be, BrEaThe, EaT, anD, SignIfY JapAN.’

Don’t throw a hissy fit because it’s not in Japanese.

There is no reason to hate a dubbed anime. It’s only for the convenience of some of the watchers.


Imagine being a pianist who performs during Asgard’s Royal balls, despite being a Midgardian as Thor recommended you himself. You spend most your time in your little apartment in Manhattan practicing piano pieces but occasionally you do stay over in Asgard.

You make it a point to always play something from Earth at the Asgard Ball’s, as a way to showcase “Midgard’s primitively music” to the higher class and drive home the point that Earth’s music can be just as elegant and emotional as Asgardian music.

Your music not only catches the attention of the Royalty and Nobility, but also Loki’s. He finds your style of music pure and raw, something different from the pomp and splendour of regular Asgard Ball Music. He eventually comes to you asking you to teach him how to play the piano.