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I realised I never drew my mage Inquisitor Markus Trevelyan who I literally made just to romance Cassandra but I ended up really liking him and also they were super cute together bye

(he never really got over that one time Chancellor Roderick called her a thug)

Me, Playing ME:Andromeda: Okay i know i always go for Liara but let’s give Vetra a shot okay?                                                                                             Peebee: Appears out of nowhere, tackles my Ryder, sits in her LAP, and proceeds to say things like “You’re my kind of woman!”                                     Me and Ryder, whispering in tandem: Fuck.

Knight-Captain Rylen’s age

Because I talk to the wife ( @siriusdraws ) a lot about the Rylen/Haylan otp, I surmised Rylen’s age the best I could with what little dates were given. I shared it with her, so I thought I’d share my thoughts with fellow Rylen fans.

Here’s what I gathered from World of Thedas Vol. 2

  • The youngest of five of a Starkhaven stonemason, Rylen joined the Order at fifteen.
  • In his almost fifteen years in the Order, Rylen had acquired a reputation among his fellow officers as “the one who fixes things.” 

Rylen spearheaded the relief efforts at Kirkwall in 9:37 Dragon. So that would put him around 29-30 years of age. Lord Seeker Lambert’s annulled the Navarren Accord three years later in 9:40 Dragon. 

The conclave, and the rebirth of the Inquisition, occurs the next year in 9:41. 

So, doing the math, I’d pin Rylen’s age to be around 33-34 years old when Inquisition starts. He’s older than Cullen by a few years then as Cullen is said to be “roughly thirty” according to his writer.

  • Woman: The Grey Wardens just saved my life from undead! Aren't they great?!
  • Inquisitor: They ARE pretty great.
  • Solas: [slightly disapproves]

I feel like Bigbang was just a lucky group. I just can’t find what’s so special about them. Taeyang’s voice is not a big deal. G-Dragon’s cocky attitude is annoying and his rapping is just average, just like T.O.P’s. For Seungri I can’t even think of his purpose on the group. Daesung is the only member who’s good at what he does. It’s hard for me to think of them as “k-pop kings” when their vocals, choreos or skills aren’t impressive and all they got is an overrated and rich back-up company.