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Here is my entire character/creature lineup for this past Animal Alphabets Mythical Creatures Edition.  I’m glad that I was able to get through the entire alphabet.  Looking forward to the next one!

Name: Cockatrice
Area of Origin: England

The Cockatrice is essentially a two-legged dragon with the head of a Rooster’s. It has become synonymous with the Basilisk, and though they are remarkably alike, Basilisks are typically portrayed without wings. A Cockatrice was said to be birthed by a cock’s (male chicken) egg that had been incubated by a toad or snake. Cockatrices, like the Basilisk, could kill by simply looking at its victims, and alternatively by touching or breathing on them. It is oddly noted that the only animal immune to the death stare of the Cockatrice is the weasel. Even weirder still, the Cockatrice could die by hearing the crow of a rooster and according to legend, having the beast look at itself in a mirror would surely kill it. Cockatrices were also ‘comparatively rare’ in heraldry, but appeared in coats nonetheless. 


dragon age alphabet


Name: Wyvern, Wivern
Area of Origin: Medieval Europe

Wyverns are legendary winged creatures with a name derived from the Middle English word, Reven, itself derived from the Old-French word, Wivre which comes from the Latin Vipera, meaning Viper, Adder or Asp. Wyverns are very similar to that of the traditional European Dragon, though they only possess two legs as opposed to the usual four. They are generally smaller than Dragons, and while just as ferocious, they lack the grace and intelligence that their superiors usually possess. Also unlike Dragons, Wyverns do not usually have the ability to speak, and cannot breathe fire. However, they are armed with dangerous barbed tails, are sometimes attributed to having a venomous bite, and are for whatever reason, often associated with cold weather. Wyverns are also typically evil in nature, whereas Dragons are more sentient and therefore capable of good. Wyverns are fairly commonplace in heraldry, and as dragons do, seem to represent strength and valor, though not much information on their symbolism has been recorded, as other variations seem to liken the creature to disease and pestilence. 


F is for Falkor (The Neverending Story is a book too for those of you who weren’t aware!) Also made an edit to E is for Eragon so thought I’d re-post that. The composition was a little unbalanced before so I thought Saphira could use another wing:P  

Zodiac Signs as Classical Pre-Trojan War Heroes

ARIES: Perseus

–Son of Zeus (King of Gods) & Considered to Be First Major Greek Hero

–Slayer of the Gorgon, Medusa & the Kraken, Cetus

–Pioneering, Brave, Chivalrous, Rash, Undisciplined, Aggressive

TAURUS: Cadmus

–Founder of Thebes & Brother of Europa

–Populated City with “Earthborn” People Sown with Dragon Teeth & Introduced Phoenician Alphabet to Greece

–Earthy, Loyal, Homey, Oblivious, Weary, Inflexible

GEMINI: Dioscuri (Castor & Polydeuces/Pollux) 

–Castor (Son of Mortal King & Famed Wrestler & Horse-Tamer), Pollux (Son of Zeus & Famed Boxer) 

–Castor was Mortal, Pollux was Immortal but Shared his Immortality after Castor’s Death

–Daring, Talented, Fraternal, Scheming, Multi-faceted, Spiteful 

CANCER: Theseus

–National Hero of Athens

–Slayer of the Minotaur & Bandits

–Patriotic, Dependable, Romantic, Fickle, Withdrawn, Combative

LEO: Bellerophon 

–Son of Poseidon, God of the Seas, Earthquakes, & Horses

–Tamer of Pegasus & Slayer of the Chimera

–Fearless, Strong, Cunning, Arrogant, Ungrateful, Explosive

VIRGO: Asclepius

–Son of Apollo & Greatest Healer

–Able to Resurrect the Dead

–Curative, Methodical, Altruistic, Indiscreet, Fussy, Insolent

LIBRA: Orpheus

–Son of Calliope, Muse of Epic Poetry

–Able to Hypnotize Animals & Inanimate Objects with Music 

–Enamored, Musical, Dauntless, Foolhardy, Meddlesome, Desolate

SCORPIO: Meleager

–Son of King Oeneus or War God, Ares

–Main Hero of Calydonian Boar Hunt 

–Steadfast, Gallant, Forceful, Intense, Short-Tempered, Vengeful 


–Prince of Iolcos 

–Main Hero of Quest of Golden Fleece & Slayer of Colchian Dragon

–Optimistic, Risk-Taking, Curious, Unfaithful, Sly, Careless


-King of Thebes & Tragic Hero of Sophocles’ “Oedipus Trilogy”  

–Slayer of the Sphinx

–Shrewd, Aspiring, Responsible, Controlling, Luckless, Obstinate

AQUARIUS: Daedalus 

–Greatest Inventor & Craftsman

–Invented the Labyrinth, Ship’s Prow, & Ability to Fly

–Innovative, Charitable, Paternal, Resentful, Aloof, Solitary

PISCES: Melampus 

–First Great Seer

–Could Speak to Animals & Insects

–Sympathetic, Compliant, Psychic, Gossipy, Distracted, Silly

(Note: Heracles/Hercules will be included in a different post!)

Dragon script alphabet is one of the ways you can communicate with dragons. Its also a great tool to use with enchanting objects with draconic energy, I was reading a fantastic book called dancing with dragons by d.j. Conway and, its all about draconian magick and I’m the back it had the dragon script so I thought I would show you if your interested. Also, dragon script is an amazing way to keep your draconic practices secret since few people know it. Blessed be!! )o(