dragon age: inquisition

For your phone, Solas will always be close. He wants you to stay close. 

Also its like he holding my finger. I love it!! 

Anyways I really like doing these close up of Solas. I hope more will come.


I would want to say one thing in response to Bianca’s threat. Namely “Yes he might be killed. By Red Templars. Who got red lyrium because of a certain dwarf. Sounds familiar?” And then I would like to flip her off and walk away. Just to see the look on her face. Maybe now you learn not to hand out dangerous material to the big bad!            

Only Make Believe // Chapter 9: Cullen vs. Nevan

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December 19th, mid-afternoon.

Cullen slumped down into the cushions of the couch. A small spark of pain shot up his spine from his lower back, causing him to conceal a low groan and a grimace. Stretching out his legs, he leaned his head back to rest on the plush cushions and closed his eyes, determined to relax for a few minutes.

The drive up from Edgehall to the manor house at Haven felt like it took forever. The pain in his back was not terrible, but spending time on the ice was tiring and he was wrestling with a headache caused, he believed, by hitting his head on the ice. Everyone else was busy and bustling around in the other rooms. As soon as they arrived, Ineria announced she’d start dinner and everyone was to stay. Dante, Rowan, and Matilda all disappeared up to their rooms out of the way, while Nevena’s sisters and their partners all piled into the kitchen with Ineria and Josef.

Without drawing attention to himself, in the chaos Cullen slipped away from the group to find a quiet place to relax for ten or fifteen minutes. He needed it. The energy of the market had taken a lot out of him and he simply needed some peace to recharge before involving himself with dinner and further interaction with Nevena’s family. The retriever, Beau, accompanied him, and now sat curled up on the floor by Cullen’s feet. A welcome companion.

He also needed the time to clear his head. Even though the drive back to Haven was not awkward in the slightest, Cullen felt certain that there was unspoken tension growing between himself and Nevena. He had almost kissed her and knew he should not have. Should not have even been tempted to. Even if their arrangement allowed for it, there were specific circumstances under which intimate exchanges were allowed When he unlaced her boots at the ice rink there had been none of her sisters around, neither of her parents - it was an impulse. One he almost followed. He wondered what would have happened if his focus on her had not been shattered.

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Decided to remake my canon inquisitor and I’m really satisfied with the result, so here’s some screenshots of my son Maedhros Lavellan