It means a lot to have the Charger’s motto on the walls of a neighborhood.

It means the drug dealers shies well away from the neighborhood, encouraged by stories of bloody horns and exploding trashcans. It means the women walks a little safer at night, armed with hidden knives and little tricks to incapacitate and escape. It means less gifted children gets taken away to Circle Institutions, even though their methods of evasion are sometimes questionable (What staff? It’s a crooowbar!). It means families without medical insurance worry less, and people who got in the crossfire of the Apostate and Renegade gang fightings need not bleed out in the streets. It means there is a silent guardian watching children play in the streets, and someone to keep the teens busy with basketball and sewing lessons to keep them from joining the more violent city gangs.

It might also mean ‘signs of gang activity’ in reports to his supervisors, but Officer Rutherford only smiles at the writing on the wall as he went on with his daily patrol.

Things that shatter my heart into a thousand tiny pieces: Dragon Age Inquisition Edition
  • The quiver in Dorian’s voice when he says, “he tried to change me.”
  • When Cullen whispers, “forgive me.”
  • The look on Solas’ face when he says, “I can’t.”
  • The slight waver in Varric’s voice when he hugs the inquisitor and says, “Hawke just had that effect on people.”