• Cassandra, to the Inquisitor: Who made you boss of the group?
  • Leliana: You did. You said the Herald should be the boss.
  • Cullen: And then you said "Let's vote" and it was unanimous.
  • Josephine: And then you made them a little plaque that said "Boss of Us" and covered it in sprinkles.

i genuinely do not understand how dragon age: inquisition gives each of your followers the same specialisations that you can later pick from yourself, and then………… has complete strangers teach you via fetch quests.

bioware could’ve done so much more; even just cutscenes with your companions would’ve been better than the specialisation quests. cutscenes that could differ depending on whether or not you’re in a romance with them, and how high/low your approval is.

imagine solas begrudgingly teaching a low approval inquisitor … but he puts them through the ringer, because if they are to learn, they have to learn. imagine a romanced sera correcting your bow stance with a big grin on her face, a giggle underneath with her hands on your waist - like this, honeytongue! imagine a high approval blackwall giving you all that he knows because you gave him a second chance. 

we could’ve had it all and instead we had forgettable npcs