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❝ Scribed by Atlas 

Modern Inquisition “We’re fucked” shared AU

The only way I know how to self care is through Dragon age. I’m doing a mini comic/fanfic series as a way to contextualize current events. I invite other Dragon Age fans to play around with this if you think it might help you.

As long as you’re mindful with your comics, I’d love to see your art and promote them.

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         Jumping on the bandwagon too whoop! Give this post a LIKE/REBLOG if you’d be interested in roleplaying with a multiverse canon divergent f!Cousland and I’ll check out your blog. I’ve been around for a while (est. aug 2014) but only recently started being more active again. Written by yours truly, Alex~

You’re like the Taco Bell of relationships
You’re only appealing when under the influence
A 3 am stoned craving for something so revolting it’s addictive.
You have the same initial appeal of a quesorito, the same dubious smell of a crunch wrap supreme, and all the novelty of Baja blast.
You come with all of the after affects of self loathing and indigestion and embarrassing stains on my shirt with none of satisfaction.

Jumping on the mass effect bandwagon and wondering if anyone out there would be interested in roleplaying with a renegade male Shepard (who is incredibly ruthless and very very mean). Verses and about page coming soon (a WIP) but will have alternate verses, dragon age verse and fallout verse. Please like or reblog (reblogs would be amazing) and i’ll come and send you something small like a meme or a starter.

    ❝ Even with power, we cannot change what has passed. What is done, is done. And so, I chose to rise from the ashes that my kingdom had fallen under, to give Dalmasca the love and care she deserves – the love and care my father gave tenfold. The Empire will not sway me, I will not give up; I muse endure!

└ ♔ ┊An independent and private Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca roleplay of Final Fantasy XII. Penned by Lindsey! established january 2016, rebooted march 2017.