@against-stars made a hairstyle meme template 4 wardens so obviously i had to do it right now immediately

kal is a “forget to get a haircut until it’s absolutely necessary and then chop it all off like All Of It” kind of girl so i imagine she looked pretty rough during that year on the road fighting the blight but then as soon as that archdemon was dead leliana was probably like “honey………….. sweetie…………………. please” and then she had a Cute and Fresh Short Style for a while until the entire process repeated itself ad nauseam

it’s funny i had never thought about how much she changed!!! she probably has looked more different at various points in her life than any of my other heroes skjdfhksjdf will we ever find out how she got that scar……………….. stay tuned

Those Schleets. And asschabs. Oghren is hands down my favorite drunkard of all times. I mean, he even names his Nugget after the Warden :)

And yay, I’m managing keeping up with  @dwarfappreciationweek tempo (those Aeducans and Broscas still waiting for me to push them into the cruel cold world don’t count, they can wait a bit longer). I’m thinking on doing Varric or The Iron Bull next.

Since the Dadquisition post is taking off, I feel like I should put in “Dad Age: Origins”

Oghren is “better at braiding hair than all the parents of your classmates combined, once successfully built a deck while shotgunning beers (how?!?), saw you through the worst of your anime phase and validated your interests and ended up watching anime himself,” Dad.

Sten is “responded with ‘Obviously’ when you came out to him, primarily expresses affection and concern via copious baking, gave you a single thumbs-up when you were in the school play and you never felt more proud in your life,” Dad.

Zevran is “sang to you a LOT when you were a baby and still kind of mindlessly sings when you’re in the same room, always says ‘who’s that? They were cute’ when he picks you up from school and sees you talking to someone, taught you to swim when you still didn’t have walking 100% down yet, slips between two different languages while lecturing you,” Dad.

Alistair is “kept falling asleep while reading to you and your siblings, accidentally calls you by your siblings’ (And occasionally the dog’s) names, cheers louder than anyone else at your softball games, ‘breakfast-for-dinner,’” Dad. 

morrigan was raised by an abusive mother. we know that she was emotionally abused and subjected to forms of neglect

although you may not like her, its important to realize the reasons behind her cold demeanour and somewhat harsh beliefs. flemeth was a horrible mother 

the warden, if befriended, is her first friend ever. she’s never before been in constant contact with anyone but her abusive parent

the way she grows with the warden is reason enough to reevaluate whatever previous thoughts you’ve had about “how much of a bitch she is”. she develops a sense of caring and loyalty. her growth is an important part of her character arc when you take into consideration her isolated and cruel childhood