dragon age inquisition

You know, to be fair to Solas, The dalish to him are what a random 13 year old American weeaboo is to an actual Japanese person. Like, I can imagine one walking up to him being all 

"Aneth ara Lethallan! ^-^ Sure sucks that we gotta deal with all of these Baka Shemlen ne? Elvhen musta been perfect! Uguuu~!"

No wonder he can’t stand them

Yes, but when is someone going to tell me more about the wild-eyed winged halla-y creature with extra forelegs?

Dorian is gay. Sera is lesbian. Bull is bi. Josie is bi. Cass is straight. Cullen is straight. Solas is straight. Blackwall is straight. Varric has Bianca, Cole is not ready yet and Viv is just doesn’t give a heck about you. Get the fuck over it and stop whining.