Sashamira would find Rainier hot, of caws, but she would definitely be ambivalent about the bad with a capital B vibe he exudes within his smoothness.

But with Blackwall, she was instantly smitten with the self-deprecating puff bear.

I guess it’s the beard that does it? So very dwarf.

Just doodling some thoughts that appeared after seeing the Rainier’d Blackwall Mod.

  • Cole:Solas doesn't fear spirits, Vivienne. Why do you?
  • Vivienne:Your apostate friend did not benefit from formal training in a Circle.
  • Cole:The Circle makes you afraid? Are the demons stronger there?
  • Vivienne:The Circle taught me the tricks demons play to gain the trust of any mage foolish enough to listen.
  • Vivienne:Solas seems to trust you. How long before you turn on him?
  • Cole:Solas is my friend!
  • Vivienne:But you'd like to be more, wouldn't you? You could be together forever if you possessed him.
  • Vivienne:Is that not truly what you want? A body to claim your own, so you never have to return to the Fade?
  • Cole:I can't return to the Fade. Sometimes I wish I could.