dragon age inquisition


I can’t help but worry about Leliana in Inquisition, like she’s just lost an old friend, if she romanced the warden then the love of her life is either dead or somewhere on another continent, she’s having a crisis of faith, and to top it off she’s puts her ideals aside to do her job unless the Inquisitor stops her. But is she eating right, sleeping at all? Or are her needs pushed aside to save the world too?

a song for the heartbroken solavellans. may your hearts rest in peace
ft. the rain in canberra rn 

credits to geeky-jez for an elven phrase i nicked in the last verse. thank you very much for your awesome resources. :)

also trialing using bandcamp as the audio link! let me know if there are issues. 


I once knew a man who had eyes like the sky
He walked a lonely path and couldn’t be mine
But we did love, and I didn’t know then
Ne'er again I’ll see him, never again

He once told me stories, my hahren so dear
His tongue and teeth formed secrets I yearned to hear
He danced upon dreams and guided me there
To faded old memories, so marvelous and rare

Once he took me to a halcyon glade
I didn’t know his words could be as sharp as a blade
Ar lasa mala revas, you are now free
But what use was freedom for a heart that yet bleeds

His words were sacred, once upon a time
The man who spoke of truths that transcended through time
He let go of my hands and let me fall
The man whom I loved, I didn’t know at all

I once knew a wolf who had eyes like the sky
He walks a lonely path and left without a goodbye
Ma vhenan, ma'lath, dareth eran'en
Ne'er again he’ll see me, never again

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