dragon age inquisition

petition to bring back Chuck Norris jokes, but with Leliana instead

“Leliana met a Pride demon once.  Now it’s a Humility spirit”

“Leliana doesn’t sleep.  She waits”

“The Maker stays away from Thedas because he heard Leliana was pissed at him”

“When a Terror demon goes to sleep, it checks under its bed for Leliana”

“A giant poisonous spider once bit Leliana.  Days of agony later, the spider died”

“Leliana doesn’t read books.  They confess their contents to her”

Patch 10 changes to the Knight Enchanter specialization

Spirit blade:

-Spirit damage has been reduced from 300% weapon damage to 150% weapon damage

-bonus damage to barrier has been reduced from 200% to 100%

-Bonus damage to guard has been reduced from 400% to 100%

Fade Cloak:

-Cool down time has been decreased from 12 seconds to 9.6 seconds

Disruption Field:

-Cool down time has been decressed from 24 seconds to 19.2 seconds


Maker have mercy, I’m just gonna leave this here.

Cullen’s not allowed to wear shirts, not in my art at least. Notice how I love to tie in his furred cloak whenever possible though? Used more lines on his face this time around because I found myself over-perfecting his features and losing too much of his finely-aged appeal. Also tied in a neat lil accessory: Commander Cullen, complete with his latest report!


mods totally broken with new patch

Please make everyone aware that modding with the new patch is not possible at present. Until the talented coders can update the modding suite the Mod Manager stops with exceptions on trying to merge and if you have an old merged patch the game just CTD’s.

Word of Mod Note: Important note! Thank you, Drengin! This was also noted by maadstarr, as well.

So it appears (not unsurprisingly) that Patch 10 breaks mods. Start sending positive thoughts to our dedicated coders!