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Dragon Age Fandom....I need help ;___;

I am totally late to the party. But I have just completed the trilogy and all DLCs after Romancing Solas in Inquisition…I AM MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY DESTROYED ;____;

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Andraste was burned at a pyre. Hessarian, her enemy, ended her suffering with his sword. But before that the flames pretty much did their job – she wasn’t really spared any suffering. Poor Andraste. :(

HOWEVER. I have a tin foil hat theory that Andraste was actually possessed by something (something happened to her and her sister in their youth around the same time Dumat was slain), and my theory is that when Hessarian slew her at the pyre it actually transferred in to him. This is why, when his blade touched her heart, he heard the voice of the Maker and continued her work.

OOC fun fact: Andraste is also the name of an Icenic war goddess.


I find pretty much everything about the Rift Mage specialty to be fascinating. I think it gives us a glimpse of what will happen if/when the Veil comes down (though, likely on a smaller scale). I think this is the death and destruction Solas refers to in Trespasser. People will draw the Fade and not know how to handle it. Mages who are used to “coaxing” the magic from the Fade will draw too much and non-mages who don’t know anything about wielding magic will have it even worse.

This is also why whenever I do the Rift Mage war table mission (which I haven’t got to yet, this play through. I will post screenshots when I do) I always go with the option to teach as many people as possible. I want to give as many people possible the best chance at survival if/when the Veil falls (even though I realize that the war table missions probably won’t have any DA4 consequences).

Dragon Age Fan Theory: Solas is Thane Shartan

The post-epilogue scene of Dragon Age: Inquisition revealed that Solas, the secretive elven apostate who is a core member of the Inquisition, is actually the mortal form of Fen’Harel, the Elvhen “Dread Wolf” and a god of trickery and deception. Fen’Harel is referenced several times by elven characters—he is a major figure of elvhen folklore, the one who betrayed the old elven gods and trapped them in the Fade. He is feared and revered simultaneously by the Dalish, who use “May the Dread Wolf take you!” as a condemnation or expression of rage.

Now here’s the real kicker: what if that’s not Solas’s only secret—what if the Veil wasn’t his only “intervention” in Thedosian history? More specifically, is it possible that Solas/Fen’Harel played a part not just in Elvhen lore, but Andrastean? 

Thane Shartan, in Andrastean lore, was the leader of the elves who freed the elven slaves and allied them with Andraste in her war against the Tevinter Imperium. He and about a hundred of his followers were eventually martyred in a vain effort to save Andraste, although his story was later removed from the Chant of Light and his part in Andraste’s war largely forgotten. He only actually appears once in the series, in Dragon Age: Origins (as a spectral presence in the “Gauntlet” during the Urn of Sacred Ashes mission), and is referenced briefly in Dragon Age II (a book about him is given as a “companion gift” to Fenris). 

And, if this theory holds true, Shartan is Solas. 

So, what’s the evidence for this? For one thing, Shartan and Solas look fairly similar (a lot more similar than Isabela looks to herself between DAO and DA2 at that…). But that’s not really saying much, is it? Let’s go a little further. 

Shartan was, in essence, a rebel. Fen’Harel is revealed in Inquisition and Trespasser to be less a god of “deceit and trickery” and more like the literal god of rebellion. Both Shartan and Fen’Harel worried about the Elvhen people and culture alike dying out, and fought to protect both. Both took unconventional approaches and made unconventional allies inherently tied to the Chantry to achieve their ends (as much as the Chantry denies it, the Inquisition is inherently a Chantry-based organization from the start). Both were, at some point, betrayed. Both were discredited by those they fought to save. Definite parallels, and it’s definitely physically possible that they could be the same guy (come on, how long has Flemeth/Mythal been kicking around for?).

It’s also revealed in Trespasser that Shartan wasn’t the only “freer of Elven slaves”—while Shartan freed the elven slaves who were kept by humans, Fen’Harel/Solas took a mortal form to liberate elven slaves who were kept by the ancient elves. A good part of the Trespasser campaign, in fact, takes place in a sanctuary that Fen’Harel/Solas established for escaped elven slaves.

Additionally, timing-wise, it is possible because at the time that the Warden passed through the Gauntlet, Solas was still “in hibernation” (so to speak)—he only “woke up” a year or so before the formation of the Inquisition, and more than 10 years pass between the events of Origins and the start of Inquisition. If it’s accepted that the Gauntlet “spirits” were fade “projections” of some sort, then yes, the timing works.

And, here’s one more.

When Shartan appears in the Gauntlet, he gives the Warden a riddle to solve: I’d neither a guest nor a trespasser be. In this place I belong, that belongs also to me. The answer to Shartan’s riddle is “home”.

And the title of the DLC where the Inquisitor visits some of Solas’s former “homes,” Solas’s full “truth” is revealed, and his endgame comes to light? 


What do y’all think, Dragon Age fans?

My Solas Romance Theory.

The “last” romance scene with Solas, left all of us heart broken, teary eyed and confused. But… Is that really the end? 

I don’t think so.

Now, after this “ending” to the relationship, you are completely locked on. You cannot go and have a romance with any of the other characters unless you leave Solas. Does anybody want to do that? OF COURSE NOT! However, with any other character you can just simply move on. 

Why is that you say? 

Well, I think Bioware knew that everyone was going to love the Solas romance too much. I believe they have had plans from the very get go to continue the relationship with Solas. I mean, why else would they have made you lock on with no way of getting out (well, unless you leave him first of course). It’s the only explanation. Now, I have no idea if they are going to do this through a DLC or a sequel. But I believe that in the end. The love birds will be together again. IT HAS TO HAPPEN. 


I have a theory that Cullen is demisexual. Even though he’s been around for the entire series, he’s only known to have had a crush on f!mage Warden (and that’s not even seen if you don’t play a f!mage) and potentially marries the femInquisitor (again, depending on the playthrough). There’s no indication of him having any other relationships; he even tells the romanced Quiz that “it’s been a long time since I wanted anyone in my life.” I’m demisexual, and I like the idea of canon representation.            

Solas theories

Someone just posed an awesome question. What if the relationship bw solas and Fen’harel is the same as that between Mythal and Flemeth, Anders and justice?

That question made me think. Imagine maybe there is like a battle inside of Solas. The Dread Wolf loves lavellan, loves her spark and her drive to build this gigantic rebellious inquisition in so little time, coming from a “twisted” clan. Fen’harel loves her slave markings because they prove how strong she is and how alike they are. She is the success story that he sees in the tragedy of the elves that he’s caused. Imagine Fen’harel is the selfish love that stays with her, the one that kisses her on the balcony, the one that dances with her, the one that makes the sexy sly comments, the one that’s racist and strong in his ways. The one that kills the mages.

Solas loves her as well, but Solas is the gentle love. He’s the one that gently caresses her face, he’s the one that shouts “NO!” In a broken voice when lavellan goes down in battle. Solas is the one who takes her through the fade, and geeks out when they enter it physically. Solas is the one who approves when you help elves with menial tasks, and who tries desperately to save his friend in “All New, Faded for Her”. Solas is the man who tells her the truth if the vallaslin and removes it, who then sees she is not just the strong and beautiful person dread wolf see’s. She is so much more than that, to the inquisition And to him, she’s too important to.involve in the shitstorm that’s about to begin. So Solas is the selfless love that puts her and her cause (the inquisition) above himself And leaves her, he’s the one that says it was real.

biowaresucks Ihought you’d enjoy my theory/headcannon

Dragon Age II Headcanon/Sort of Theory

It’s my personal theory/headcanon that the way that Hawke’s friends look doesn’t change at all over the course of the game (in spite of the fact that the story spans seven years) because we’re not seeing Varric’s flashbacks—we’re seeing the story as Cassandra envisions it. In Varric’s Tale of the Champion he only described the appearances of each character once, when they first appeared—everything from there was left to the reader’s imagination, hence why the only notable appearance changes come with Aveline and Carver/Bethany’s “changes of career” (Aveline joining the City Guard, who have a uniform; Carver/Bethany joining the Templars/Circle, where again, there is a uniform) and with plot changes (Isabela/Fenris/Merrill getting outfit changes if they start a relationship with Hawke; Anders wearing darker colors in Act III after finishing his preparations to blow up the Chantry). In both cases, only the outfit changes (character’s face and styling are otherwise completely unchanged) and both cases also coincide with storytelling devices that Varric might have employed at that point in the narrative (Carver/Bethany’s outfit change indicating a change in loyalty; Aveline’s outfit change indicating that she has started to move away from her past with her husband and start building a life for herself in Kirkwall; Merrill dressing differently when she begins to fall for Hawke as a symbolic indication of thinking about a future with Hawke instead of just wanting to go back to the Dalish; Isabela/Fenris wearing Hawke’s favor on their wrist indicating that despite not wanting to commit to a relationship with Hawke, they still have feelings for Hawke; Anders’s attire becoming darker when it becomes distinctly impossible to ignore the fact that he, too, is spiralling into darkness). 

Additional evidence for this would include the fact that the player has to finish a couple of segments (namely, the first darkspawn battle with Hawke and Carver/Bethany, and Varric’s GodMode assault on Bartrand’s estate) which didn’t actually happen that way—we’re seeing the events as he describes them to Cassandra, not what “actually happened,” and when Cassandra immediately calls him out on it, we’re taken back to the “corrected” version of events, closer to what “really” happened—the Hawke family fleeing Lothering with Aveline and Wesley, and Varric’s team having to battle through a mansion filled with crazed guards before reaching an equally-crazed Bartrand.

It would also explain why no one’s hair ever grows and Hawke apparently never washes that blood streak off his face IN SEVEN FUCKING YEARS, wouldn’t it? 

Ok there is a creepy symbol in the Hinterlands kind of my the demon wolf area (I think).

I take it the bottle is red lyrium. The figure on the top has red circles on it’s hands and the bottom figure is almost entirely outlined in red with red circles on it’s hands.

The top figure has some creepy face with red around the mouth (the face could be sort of owl like I guess). The bottom figure looks like it has long hair covering it’s face.

Puts on Tin foil hat (DON’T JUDGE ME):

Falon’din and Andruil? Really I’m taking a massively wild guess.

People who I follow that I know like theory stuff @corseque @feynites @girltriesgames @higheverrains Any thoughts on what this might be?

(Also, sorry my photo editing skills are shit. The area was dark so I had to up the saturation, brightness and contrast.)


“Girl Analyzes The Fall of Arlathan” ***SPOILERS***

An articulate and brilliant analysis full of theories that may explain what really happened to the Elvhen gods of Ancient Arlathan. The video tries to answer questions such as: Who killed Mythal? What is the Black City? Where and why was the Veil created? Where are the gods? What is Solas up to? 

I’m so glad to see that someone else shares my own tin-foil suppositions. The best part is that she includes all sorts of evidence from the Dragon Age games to back up the theories and give them weight. This is really exciting stuff!