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This….is probably going to anger people, but I really need to get it out.  As a Christian, I love that in Inquisition, the only way to address the Chantry is with reform. I’m weary of the “religion is bad” trope, because while I understand how lot of people feel about it, for many religion can be a very positive thing.   There seems to be am anti-religion trend to this fandom that frightens me. I agree that by miring itself in politics, religion frequently gets twisted and corrupt. The Chantry is clearly drowning in politics. Mother Giselle is a beautiful example of what the Chantry should be, and I hope in fututure games, we’re able to find a cooperative balance between the Mages, Templars, and Chantry that is healthy and doesn’t invalidate any faction.


I absolutely LOVE the conversation you have with Vivienne after drinking from the well. She is literally the ONLY companion who asks about your well being after this ordeal and despite her known stance on taking such risks, she doesn’t criticize or chastise, instead she is utterly supportive. She even offers to team up with Dorian to research this further to make sure the Inquisitor is safe and protected.

Vivienne de Fer is one of the truest friends the Inquisitor can have. And I wish this was better known.

rabidtanuki  asked:

This or That: DA:O Cullen or DA:2 Cullen >.>

DA2 Cullen. 

I love DAO Cullen - it’s the Cullen I first fell in love with - but I adore Cullen’s character growth in DA2. He goes from “mages aren’t real people” to “I’d rather risk one blood mage getting away than kill innocent mages” over the course of the game. It’s a beautiful progression.

It’s also why I prefer Cullen and Mage Trevelyan ships. It’s such a powerful sentiment to see Cullen go from believing all Circle Mages can’t be trusted to falling in with and entrusting every aspect of himself to one. 

He was tortured for who knows how long by Circle Mages turned Blood Mages. It would be completely understandable that he wouldn’t be able to fully trust any Circle Mage again. And while I fully believe he will never ever be able to accept or trust any Blood Mage, no matter who they are or what they do again, it’s such a powerful love story to see him spend the rest of his life committed fully to a Circle Mage.

Cullen x Mage Trevelyan is and always will be my One True Pairing for him.