dragon age confession

I want to say thanks to Brianne Battye for fulfilling my fangirl dreams and creating such a wonderful character as Cullen in Inquisition. He’s just a perfect man for me, his personality, his appearance, his behavior, that’s all so fascinating and I wish I could meet a real person like him. And of course I admire extremely talented work Greg Ellis did bringing Cullen to life with his incredible voice acting. I’m in love.

the confession: I don’t know why everyone seems to love Cullen so much. He’s barely in the series and whenever he is he’s an untrustworthy snake, even for a Templar. He attempts to have the entire Fereldan Circle annulled after being locked up Uldred’s prisoner, thuggishly assaults Wilmod when he didn’t even know he was possessed, tries to usurp Aveline as Guard Captain and doesn’t argue when Meredith attempts to annul the Kirkwall Circle for crimes they had nothing to do with.

Where the hell were the Fereldan Wardens during here lies the abyss? You meet Hawke’s contact in Ferelden, so where are they? On holiday? Did they all go “fuck Orlais” and left? Did Bioware kill them off because it’s convenient? Nathaniel was investigating the red lyrium thaig in DA2 with the help of “strange allies” so where is he? More importantly where the hell is Sigrun and Velanna?

Something I was really hoping for Inquisition was the option to adjust our character’s weight, somewhat like Skyrim offered. After seeing a few new clips of a female elf Inquisitor, I was disappointed on how frail they appeared, carrying a giant sword on their back and all. I’d love to create a curvy, muscular lady Elf or a slim Qunari without all the muscle. I hope Bioware will explore that option in the future.


I once saw a cartoon photo that seemed to be a trans guy. He had on a binder. I dropped the photo into a trans group on facebook and everyone told me I NEEDED to play DAI. I did and it changed my life. Krem even had the same hair as me. I now refuse to change my hair style because it makes me feel manly and powerful like Im some sort of real life Krem. Only problem is I have pillowy man bosoms like The Iron Bull. But the fact that in game while talking to Krem he has made a certain amount of peace with the body he has makes me feel more at ease. He makes a comment saying that maybe if he were younger, had someone offered body changing magic, it tells me that he has probably had body dysphoria. And it makes him so relatable. They made him so relatable. And I can never thank the team of BioWare enough for that. For him.

Confession: Okay so my uncle is an ex-barber, yeah? As such, he has always cut my hair. After I came out as trans he started cutting my hair more masculinely. The first time I described my desired (now regular) haircut, he searched for a reference image online for what I had described. Oddly enough he found pictures of Krem and used them as a model. He had no context for him, no understanding of his character or story or anything. I was trying not to chuckle at how “Well, huh.” it felt.

the confession: I find it very amusing that many artists draw the female Qunari inquisitor in her early concept outfit completely ignorant that the image they are referencing showed all the races in their underwear. Meaning, a bulk of female Qunari art has the Inquisitor running around in her bra.


To be honest, it really hurts when people always talk about how hey think Sera is gross towards femAdaar. To me and my main Inquisitor, Sera was the first person to ever see my Inquisitor as beautiful. The romance was so great because it was two people who loved each other even though the world said they were both unlovable, with my Inquisitor being an “oxman” and Sera not being a “true elf”. They found each other and nothing could tear them apart, not even people’s disapproval.

Confession: I love to read about other people’s OCs! I don’t care at all if their canon is 100% different from mine or they make choices i don’t agree with. I just love to read about them and give positive feed back about their hard work with the writing, editing and etc… this fandom has too much negativity when it comes to other people’s OCs and the drama, so i rather give positive feedback and make someone’s day better with the positive comments

Inquisitors used here are mine -Mod Kirra

the confession: I don’t care what you say about Loghain or what his “intentions” were for Ferelden (or so he says) I will never EVER forgive him for Duncan’s death. He is 99% to blame. Get over it. It’s fact. It’s BioWare canon what he did. People need to realize their headcanons are their own.