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Hello, One Elegant Solutions fans! :) Today I bring you a treat courtesy of the wonderful @kirkwallgirl – an amazing commission of Neria Surana modeling the latest in Baby Bump & Apostate Chic. Also with flower crown and lyre, two must-have accessories this season in Refuge.

(LOOK at all the detail on those hems my god just look at ‘em.)

In case this manages to escape to readers not familiar with my story – the babydaddy is Jowan, yes, they are married, and no, Surana is not a Warden in this setting. :)

anonymous asked:

Origins companions meeting Warden Cousland's brother Fergus for the first time. With romanced Alistair, if it's not too much trouble.

Thank you for requesting anon!  Let’s go!

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Alistair: He would act in typical Alistair fashion, almost similarly to how the Warden met Alistair.  He would smile and say something witty, but ultimately he would try his best to get along well with his friends brother.  Romanced: Would be an absolute nervous mess.  The Warden would have to keep reassuring him beforehand, but he wanted to make the best first impression on the love of his life’s family.  He will try to be as respectful as possible on the first meeting, but some of the awkward Alistair will definitely show itself often.

Morrigan: She questioned why the Warden wanted her to meet their brother, she wasn’t exactly the most pleasant person to meet for the first time.  She does not completely change her attitude on the first meeting, but she will be consciously aware of her behaviour even if she doesn’t change it.  Romanced: A similar reaction but is even more conscious of her behaviour, and she feels slightly nervous.  She wonders what their brother will think about their sibling being in a relationship with a “Witch of the Wilds,” especially since they are a noble family.

Leiliana: She would display her best and most charming self to the Warden’s brother.  Her bard training would help her make a good first impression, and she will ultimately keep the same disposition that she had when she first met the Warden.  Romanced: Would feel nervous, but would not let it show to the Warden or their brother.  She would be very conscious of her accent and what she said, as she wanted to make the best impression she possibly could.

Zevran: He, like Leiliana, would also be his regular charming self to the Warden’s brother.  However there is a possibility that may rub Fergus the wrong way or make him suspicious, especially once he finds out Zevran was an assassin sent to kill their sibling.  He would ultimately do his best to make a good impression, but does not worry too much about it if he doesn’t, as he cannot change his opinion so quickly.  Romanced: Will worry about the brother’s opinion of him quietly, and think on it more if he doesn’t seem to like him.  But ultimately the Warden’s opinion of him is all that matters.

Wynne: It was a lovely meeting overall.  No one could resist Wynne’s kind disposition and soft spoken words.  She was polite and respectful, and made a good impression to the Warden’s brother.

Sten: The Warden seemed excited to introduce their brother to him, and he respects the Warden enough to grudgingly stand through the meeting.  If Fergus is wary of the fact Sten is a Qunari, he either doesn’t do anything or doesn’t care.  It was the Warden’s choice to introduce them.

Oghren: The first meeting would not be the best one.  The Warden would be lucky if he wasn’t drunk, and if he wasn’t, Oghren would still be the same crude and grumpy self he always usually was.  It would take more than one meeting for their brother to warm to Oghren.

Shale: Meeting another human?  Shale didn’t care much about meeting the Warden’s brother, and didn’t understand why they wanted them to.  There was barely any conversation, and Shale was hardly concerned of their opinion of them.

Dog: They were excited to see a familiar face again, and was very enthusiastic and friendly toward the Warden’s brother.  Their tongue would be hanging out of their mouth, and they would be wagging their behind.

- Elvhen Glory

Painted a hurt Fenris and Hawke sneaked in there to kiss him better - went from pure angst to 100% fluff, I do not regret.