dragon age 2

Whoops, then I got so enthusiastic about getting Isabela’s approval that we started dating.

Tru fax though: I bet 100 sovereigns the reason Isabela’s romance scene is so much racier is because she lives in the Hanged Man and writes friend-fiction with Varric.

Varric: And then what?

Isabela: Then I leapt on her and, scrabbling at each other’s clothes, we barely made it to the bed. Daggers everywhere. Oh, don’t worry, safety first. I discarded them before the… fun started.

Varric: *pointed look*

Isabela: Well, most of them.

Compared to:

Varric: You and Hawke, eh?

Fenris: I will not discuss this with you.

Varric: So you kissed?

Fenris: *disgusted noise*

Varric: Come on, elf. Give me something to worth with. Up against a wall, maybe?

Fenris: *stalks off*