dragon age


‘Morning, sleeping beauty.’

If Vax had a smartphone it would filled with questionable pictures of his hubby. 

Dorian Pavus #BornPerfect Project Update!

Guys, we are $832 from reaching goal and getting so, so close to crossing the finishing line.
David Gaider’s tweet helped us push past the halfway mark, but we still have a little bit more to go.

Can you help us deliver the NCLR a gift from the DA fandom this Christmas?

Donate now or buy a mug to help ban Conversion Therapy, because just like Dorian, LGBT are #BornPerfect!!


When I was a kid, we used to play a card game called ‘Shit’. I only vaguely remember the rules, but the main gist was that the person that lost at the end of each round was told that they were ankle-deep in shit, then knee-deep, etc. Once, when staying at a foreign hostel, we tried to teach this game to the French exchange students, with the help of the one girl who knew the French word for shit. And now, remembering that game, I imagine Varric trying to play it with a group of Orlesians.