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Dragon Ball's Goku Is A 2020 Olympics Ambassador
It looks like Son Goku has a job that even Chichi would be proud of. The iconic anime hero has become known for his insatiable desire to fight, but the Saiyan didn’t have to train to hard to get his latest promotion.

In light of the upcoming 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, the Dragon Ball legend has been given a rather lofty honor by the federal government. And, yes, we’re sure Vegeta is off moping about it somewhere.

In the coming years, fans can expect to see lots of Goku when it comes to the Olympics. The Saiyan has been tapped to be a cultural ambassador for the event along with a slew of other famous anime characters. Icons like Sailor Moon, Shin-Chan, Astro Boy, and Naruto have been asked to take up the mantle as well. And, of course, Captain Monkey D. Luffy will also help Tokyo navigate its way through the sporting event.

To celebrate these anime characters, Japan has already started plastering their faces on Olympics merchandise. Fans can be proactive and buy everything from fans to t-shirts which all bear the characters’ faces.


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look at this motherfucker

look. at this. motherfucker.

i. LOVE. him.

at first, i thought type: null meant it was had a new type, then i saw it was normal type and just got so confused. but that’s it’s fucking name. how nifty is that! i will have one.

also, look at this guy too

i have a good feeling about this little one. i may get a cool dragon this gen after all!!

and last but not least, the alien jellyfish thing. i had read that people think this thing is lillie or has something to do with her and i can totally see that.

so much more hype for this game. november needs to get here now!

Great, we’re all bloody inspired. A mix of songs inspired by The Maze Runner.

The Glade - [Spotify]

01. Sleepwalking - Bring Me The Horizon // 02. Youth - Daughter // 03. Teenagers - My Chemical Romance // 04. Team - Lorde // 05. You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid - The Offspring // 06. The Funeral - Band Of Horses // 07. Uprising - Muse // 08. Things We Lost In The Fire - Bastille // 09. Don’t Look Back - Born Cages // 10. Warriors - Imagine Dragons 

The Maze - [Spotify]

01. I’d Love To Change The World (Remix) - Jetta // 02. Run - The Maine // 03. Phoenix - Fall Out Boy // 04. Hide And Seek - Imogen Heap // 05. Battle Cry - Imagine Dragons // 06. Dangerous - David Guetta // 07. Drowning - Banks // 08. When The Darkness Comes - Colbie Caillat // 09. Flares - The Script // 10. The Scorch - Shelby Merry 

Ser Ingrid Faulkner

Born in 9:01 Dragon, Ingrid Faulkner belonged to a farming family who tended to the fields outside Lothering.

At the age of fifteen, young Ingrid felt compelled to do more than what a farmer’s life could offer. She had a strong arm and even stronger sense to safeguard others and within a year, Ingrid successfully appealed to the village Chantry and secured a future in Templar Order. Despite their initial concern, her parents agreed to her wish, and any doubts of her candidacy among the local recruits were subdued as the Faulkner girl wrestled five boys twice her size into submission. 

Three years later, she did not hesitate to pledge her life to the service of the Maker and took the Lyrium  draught that would bind her to the Order. Finally feeling like she was doing something worthwhile, she took to her new post at Kinloch Hold in stride. In 9:26 Dragon, her dedication impressed the Knight-Commander to such an extent that she was granted the rank of Knight-Captain. “One of the best feelings in my life,” Ingrid penned in a letter for her parents. “I will honor the Order and do my best with the responsibilities given to me.“ 

The best days of her life had yet to come, but so did the worst.

In 9:30 Dragon, the Fifth Blight reared from the Kocari Wilds. Ferelden fell to shambles following the king’s death at Ostagar. Yet, the Circle faced a war of its own within its sanctified walls: Uldred, a senior enchanter of the Circle, attempted a coup with blood mages. Countless lives fell to the madness under the attack. Then Knight-Captain Ingrid had been one of less than two dozen Templars who managed to take refuge on the first level. It wasn’t until the Warden, soon to be renown as the ‘Hero of Ferelden’, cut through the mass of demonic forces and slew Uldred would they be saved.

Following the Archdemon’s death (and thus the end of the Fifth Blight), Ingrid and her fellow Templars began the long effort to restore the Circle back to it’s former glory.  Still, the horrors of the abominations running rampant remained fresh. Rebuilding was something Ingrid was thankful for, so she admitted to a colleague years later. Lothering fell to darkspawn during the Blight; though some of the populace had managed to escape before the horde marched through, her parents were not so fortunate. In those weeks of mourning and rebuilding, Ingrid also contemplated the horrors she had faced. Although the demons and abominations seemed the most daunting, what unnerved her the most was the lack of Templar response. They, the last line of the defense, had failed when they were needed most, and this truth hardened her resolve. Ingrid knew that the Order wouldn’t be able to handle another crisis like that alone. They couldn’t rely on another savior like the Warden, now the ‘Hero of Ferelden’, to do their job for them. Ingrid swore never to stand at the sidelines again. Not when she was capable for action herself. 

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