dragon (2013)

Do you ever just remember a game you played years ago and all of a sudden get sad because that was such a better time for you and you were so happy back then and you associate that feeling with the game

DAESUNG is the second foreign artist to go on a dome tour in Japan after G-DRAGON in 2013.
Holding a dome tour in Japan is a symbol of immense popularity.

DAESUNG will kick off his tour by holding concerts at the Seibu Prince Dome on April 15-16 and then at the Kyocera Dome on April 22-23. He will hold four concerts in two cities, and as much as 200,000 fans are expected to come to his concerts.


back in 2013 when I first joined FR i only expected it to be a once daily type thing. A browser app. Log on, gather, hatch. Play the coliseum to get a little food. I feel like that’s all it really set out to be in the beginning? I think in the years after, we all kind of got our expectations raised by things that weren’t really intended to do that. 

The dominance system almost definitely wasn’t set up to be as interactive as it’s become. I just can’t imagine. Could they possibly have foreseen things like massive Out-of-Flight Raffles, or mercs? They probably didn’t even consider the ramifications of the coliseum’s relationship to dominance battles. I just don’t think they expected BATTLES at all, I feel like they probably just expected it to be a neat little thing that happens randomly. Oh, people from Ice Flight happened to exalt the most this week! They’re dominant. 

So three and a half years later, I don’t think it’s weird that the most enjoyable parts of the game have been those made up by the people playing it. Like accents, purely user-made. Accents even make up the majority of the party favors we get every festival. That’s not even mentioning holiday hub threads, where users make up games and events for their festival because it’s not like FR does. And just think, every single depiction you’ve ever seen of an Emperor dragon has been made up purely by the people playing the game. There’s no actual picture of one on-site. 

Basically I think that, as much as I would love for FR to be something like, uniquely amazing in terms of a browser game, I’m not sure there’s any precedent for it. There’s nothing really like it, I feel like. It’s a lore-heavy pet site. It’s not really an MMORPG or something like that. I don’t know. I just can’t bring myself to expect very much from something that in the beginning I thought was basically just something to press a button on every day. I think this is a change from how I used to feel, which was more passionate, and maybe it’s a pessimistic view that’s coming from The Way Things Are Going, but I don’t know. I used to think a lot that FR should do more stuff like Neopets, more little interactive things on the world map, more elaborate festivals that affect things sitewide, big and fairly frequent story events. But I’m not still playing Neopets – I AM still playing FR though, so maybe there’s something to be said for leaving it open-ended. who knows

I just wish they’d do another info dump like Beastclans on the Rise at least. I guess what we’re all wanting is more fodder for world-building. we kind of built as much as we can on the world presented so far. 


cube_animation(How to Train Your Dragon) 2013_2014


They’re more than fiction. They were there for me even if they weren’t real. They were there when you weren’t. They’re more than you think they are.