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I'm honestly going to give up on this fandom if I see a post comparing Gray Rejecting Juvia and his "confession" to her as character/relationship development.

I’ve seen them comparing Gray being grossed out by Juvia’s Love Attack in the GMG to him saying “nice!” when she slammed their opponent into a wall with another stupid love attack in Dragon Cry as character development.

When it was clearly about her attacking the enemy and not the nature of the attack that warranted a compliment, but… whatever.

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Do you think the anime will expand it, that we'll get more Jerza? Or perhaps a movie where all 3 couples become canon like 'the last'. Or a sequel, extra, spin-off idk just smth. I know I should be happy, but instead I am sad, disappointed and bitter. Jerza is exactly where they've been 200 chapters ago with Erza waiting for him and Jellal not being ready. I just wanted one panel of them eating cake together, 1 ;;

I don’t have high expectations for the anime, and I hardly have any hope for an animated movie any time soon since we have Dragon Cry. Filler within the episodes is always a possibility, though, and I do remember very small scenes of extra jerza content that happened when they were animating the GMG arc in the 2014 anime. On that note, I also remember that we got an entire filler episode of Crime Sorciere. At this point, who knows.

You have a right to be angry. Also, they’ve been canon since chapter 264. Not semi-canon. Their relationship never stopped developing from the start of the series to the finish and their love for each other was affirmed many times. We just got the short end of the stick here with an incomplete ending.