Suicide Squad (2016) Full HD

Suicide Squad (2016)


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                    Jason Bourne  

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                    The Secret Life of Pets  

                    Florence Foster Jenkins 
Guess Who is Going to be The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Mascots!

The official Tokyo 2020 Olympics website posted this photo regarding the following Olympics!

Luffy, Naruto, Goku and the rest of the group will be the Tokyo 2020 Olympics mascots. Great job picking these characters since they are pretty well known around the globe.

“Given Japan’s status as a world power, its technological ingenuity, and its embrace of anime culture, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will likely be the most memorable in a long time.“ - Goboiano

Confession:  I like to imagine that each Dalish clan’s pronunciation of the elven words slightly changes over time. Some dialects have evolved in such different directions that the same word could be completely unrecognisable between clans. And that’s my explanation why Inquisitor Lavellan doesn’t know what a Mythal is, s/he simply didn’t imediately recognise what/who Morrigan was talking about because that isn’t how ‘Mythal’ sounds in their dialect.