Here are all the paintings I made for my final university project, which was basically me wanting to make a collection of full paintings, have fun with drawing/designing dragons, and combining that with natural phenomena/folklore. I added a little explanation on each of the image when you click on them! I also made like a ‘scientific sketchbook’ to accompany the paintings (which had some extra info/folklore etc. about them that I mostly made up) but I don’t have many photos of that at the moment, might upload some later.

To see some wips of all of these check out my FB page where I uploaded them earlier: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Johanna-Tarkela-Illustration/739558172765710

I worked on these between January-May, learned a lot and was funny to notice that the first ones took me a lot longer compared to some of the last ones even if they were more detailed. They are not in a chronological order but I can tell that the autumn one was the very first one I did and the cloud/crocus ones the last ones I finished.


Thumbnails for the last 10 (actually 12) days. Missed videos on Fushide and Gomazou.

Showers, Desukarn, Nosepass, Onisuzume, Samayouru, Jirachi, Miniryu, Ponyta, Kurumiru, Tyltto

Vaporeon, Cofagrigus, Nosepass, Spearow, Dusclops, Jirachi, Dratini, Ponyta, Sewaddle, Swablu