“Come on, Pumpkin.”

Draco Malfoy x Slytherin reader. Fourth year, during the Yule Ball.

Warnings: a little NSFW, I guess.

« Come on, Pumpkin. »

Today was the day. You had been training to dance for so long and yet no one had proposed you to come to the ball. And you weren’t the kind of person who’d go to a ball by herself. Even Draco, who was more or less your friend since the first year, didn’t seem to realize you were still hoping for a boy to ask you out. And of course, you secretly wished he’d ask you -even as a last resort, you would have been so happy to share some time with him.

It was already 6:30pm when you saw him in the Slytherin common room, chatting with Crabbe and Goyle. He was already prepared, and he looked really elegant in his black suit. Swiftly, you took off your eyes from his white bow-tie to go back to your reading. The book you had chosen was actually this Muggle French story, “Madame Bovary”. With a French Muggle mother, who teaches literature in high school, it was quite an obligation to read this book. Though, it was long and tiresome.

“- (Your Last Name)! What’re you waiting for?”

His voice had something that could warm you up instantly. You didn’t know why, but you had quite a crush on him. Even if you never admitted it to yourself, you liked a lot of things about him.

He came on the couch, next to you, and leaned over you to look at the book you were holding in your hands.

“- Don’t tell me you’ll spend your night reading this stupid book. You’ve been on it for 3 days already.

- Well, I don’t plan to go to the Ball all alone.

- Who said you were going alone? Get prepared, hurry up!”

You raised an eyebrow, not knowing what to do. What did all of that mean anyway?

“- (Your First Name), this is my way of asking you out. Do you really think I’d go with way-too-much-irritating-Pansy?”

An intense joy just appeared in your stomach. You couldn’t help yourself: you smiled at Draco, in the most thankful way you could smile. You had half an hour to get dressed, and even if you began to be anxious about the ball, the dance, and everything it involved, you were sure you’d manage to be prepared just in time. You got up, holding your book close to your chest, and when you left the common room to go to the girl’s room, you could swear you saw Draco smile.

You put your dark red dress on, hoping it would please Draco. Of course, you had thought about choosing the best, sexiest underclothes you had. Just in case. While you took care of your hair and make-up, your mind started to go through paths you never imagined it could go. You looked yourself in the mirror, picturing yourself with Draco. You weren’t sure if you’d make a great couple, though, you were convinced he would be the sweet-but-sadistic kind of boyfriend. In private, at least. He’d probably take your dress off slowly, just to turn you on even more. He would leave kisses on your cheeks, neck, ears. And obviously, you would be a submissive kind of girlfriend. You couldn’t not be submissive, with Draco: he would punish you if you acted naughty.

You jumped a little bit when you heard someone knocking at your door.

“- Come on, Pumpkin, we’re going to be late.

- Y…Yes, I’m coming!”

You opened the door, finding yourself just in front of him. You made a tiny, shy smile, while he was looking at you. He seemed astonished, but maybe it was just your imagination.

“- You’re not that bad, Chérie.

- I guess you’re just fine too, Mister Steamy.”

You couldn’t say how many hours you spent dancing with the Malfoy boy. You didn’t even care about your feet hurting, or about all the girls staring at you. After another waltz, he finally took you out of the dance floor, smiling like he never smiled. You never saw him that lively, and you felt so glad to see him like this. He was even more gorgeous, all happy, his hair starting to be in an unbelievable mess after all those dances.

“- Let’s leave for a few minutes.

- Where should we go?

- Anywhere.”

He had this teasing smile on his face, letting you guess what Draco was planning in his head. He took your hand, taking you out of the Great Hall. He went through the stairs, climbing them quickly, obviously excited about this escapade.

You arrived at the fourth floor when he stopped, looking around. He went to the closest door and took you with him. After walking for a few minutes, still not meeting other students, he ended his crazy race.

“- It’s the first time I’m actually having real fun in this school.

- Don’t say that Draco… You must’ve had funny times during our first years.

- Trust me, (Y/N). It’s the first time I enjoy a night in Hogwarts.”

He turned to look at you, without letting go of your hand. You caressed his hand, trying to comfort him. You knew how hard it was for Draco. You knew how his family acted to him.

“- Are you okay, Draco? You can talk to me, if you need to.

- Talk? That’s the last thing I want to do right now.”

He got closer in a heartbeat. He gently took your waist in his hands, leaned towards you. You didn’t have time to realize what was happening, that he was sharing the most passionate kiss you could get.

“- Did I told you that you were bootylicious in that dress?”

You laughed a little, beginning to nestle against him.

“Shut up, Malfoy.”


-I know, Auror!Harry is canon and confirmed by JKR, but think about it : Harry doesn’t want to fight anymore.

-After the War, Kingsley asked all the A.D to join the aurors, but when Ron turned down the proposition, Harry’s confused.

-Harry talked with all his friends, not better.

-He decided to visit Pr.McGonagall and when he said, “I want to change minds without fighting”, she looked at him very seriously, and said  “Be a professor”.

-It hit him.

-Harry announced his choice, and everyone’ve been supportive to him. Hermione helped Ron and him to pass their N.E.W.Ts (She’s doing a 8th year), and everyone came to 12 Grimmauld Place for the renovations.

-He did his 1st year in common with Neville, who wanted to be a Botanic professor. 

-Ginny and him are no longer together, but they’re still good friends, and Harry’s eating every Sunday at the Burrow.

-At the end of the year, he knew what would be his speciality : DADA

-During his 2nd year, he still saw Neville, they talked about school, what became their old classmates…

-When Rita Skeeter caught him kissing a boy, he didn’t deny : he’s a proud black bisexual man.

-Once a week, Hermione, who’s  working at the Ministry of Magic, Ron, who’s working at his brother’s shop, and Harry, go to little pub, run by a Squib, and they talk about their jobs, gossips, and a little about the past.

-Harry also discovered that Dean and Seamus are dating since their 5th year, and that Oliver and Marcus kissed after the Battle. How could he be so obvious?!

-I think he’s seeing a psy.

-During his 3rd year, Harry was one of the best of his promotion. He works hard, has a huge memory, and is naturally gifted in DADA.

-He learned self-defence in the muggle world, it helps him to be more relax and… attentive???? idk, he just likes it.

-The international Quidditch star Ginny Weasley did her coming-out, with the support of her family, her team-mates and her ex-boyfriend, for the greatest pleasure of an ex-Ravenclaw.

-When Harry finally graduated, he has new friends, an almost-normal life, and even if he still has nightmares, they’re less frequent and painfull.

-Harry is Neville’s best man at his wedding with Hannah Abbott.

-Right after his graduation, he sent a owl to the Hogwarts’s headmaster, Pr McGonagall, and she answered that the place of Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor has always been for him.

-Harry Potter is now professor at Hogwarts, and you know what?

-Draco Malefoy is also a professor at Hogwarts, but this story will be for another time.

This must look so strange to someone who isn’t involve in any fandom..