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eddie’s a Big Boy™ even without waylon being as tiny as he is and it makes their size difference all the better




warnings: graphic smut, shower sex, sub!jimin, dom!reader, slightly degrading, rough sex

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Wild (Sidlink Oneshot)

I’m not gonna do an intro sentence because I think the request summarizes this gloriously.

Request: “Did you see that post about Bear Grylls!Link and Total Aristocratic!Sidon? Like prim and proper Sidon gazing adoringly at his half naked BF wrestling with Wolf!Link as Muzu looks on in horror. I’d personally love to see a story about it.” Requested by @absolmon (sorry the normal linking system wouldn’t work for some reason.)

(Here’s the post mentioned in the request.)

Pairing: Sidlink (Sidon x Link)

Fandom: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild

Rating: T

Word Count: 510 words. (It keeps getting lower, sorry.)

Warnings: Mildly Suggestive Content

Muzu would admit that in the beginning, his hatred for Link was bigoted and unreasonable. Despising him simply for being a hylian was an awful thing to do. As much as hated to admit it, he still held some resentment for Mipha’s death, even though he knew it was out of the hero’s control.

This, however, he was confident was a justifiable cause for his horror. 

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Animated Typography Tutorial

I would be able to help more if you told me exactly what you were stuck on, but I’ll show you a few techniques! These are all the methods I’ve used in my sets. I’m not great at explaining things, so if you have any more specific questions, let me know!

(The gifs are new ones because I lost the old PSDs, but the methods are the same.)

You will need:

  • Photoshop (I use CC 2017)
  • Patience. So much patience.

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when was the last time Harry Potter got his eyes checked??? I doubt Petunia would take him? How long has he had his glasses? No wonder he was so oblivious in the books he probably couldn’t even see well

Chapitre 113: The Frozen Heart

Which is literally the name of a song on the Frozen soundtrack guys help me. 

I did not walk into this chapter aiming to make a Frozen AU but woops here we are. Syaoran is Kristoph. Sakura is Anna.

And Lava Lamp guy might be Hans. Especially with all that mirror subtext, and Lava Lamp guy quite literally coming out of a mirror.

Unless Syaoran is unknowingly the Hans in this situation and Lava Lamp is the Kristoph.

I literally have no idea. 

All I know is that Fai is Elsa (both in terms of constructing fake personalities and hiding magic powers) and definitely dresses the same.

Mokona is Sven.

Where is Kurogane I just don’t know.

But all that aside, I do appreciate this chapter art being a bright coating of happiness on across a story arc that will SURELY split my heart in two. It’s essentially a token gesture at this point. The previous chapter ended with Lava Lamp guy busting out of Lava Lamp Jail and announcing Syaoran’s name to an empty room. AND NOW HERE HE IS, THE SUNSHINE CHILD WHO’S LIFE IS ABOUT TO COME CRUMBLING DOWN AROUND HIS EARS.


Powder Keg - Ch 3

Happy Monday, Everlarkers! Last week’s episode of EYOA’s Powder Keg left our Katniss with a dilemma - call in Grumpy Gale on his day off, or spend an entire day with archnemesis Peeta, who somehow broke her heart.

You chose for Katniss to throw caution to the wind and spend the day with Peeta. What happens next? Our own @burkygirl continues the drama (hang on to your hats, kids, this one’s a doozy!)

As always, you have 48 hours to vote, until noon, Wednesday, November the 22nd. Remember, vote in the comments or reblogs, not in the tags! And as always, share with your friends, more voices = more fun! Ready? Here we go…

The door to the staff room slams behind me as I storm away. I have got to get some fresh air. I need to be alone for 10 seconds or I’m going to scream. Fucking Johanna. She might as well have stuffed us into a get-along shirt like a couple of bratty kids. And what kind of choice is that anyway? As if I’m going to drag Gale up here on his day off to deal with a bunch of kids just because Dickwad is doing a tap dance on my very last nerve. That’s not fair to Gale. He works two jobs to help his mom take care of his brothers and sisters and this is the only day he gets to sleep in. And anyway, I definitely don’t need him running up here and trying to save me.

The cold air slices through my lungs the minute I step outside. I close my eyes and breathe deeply; each sharp, frosty inhale forcing the red haze just a little bit farther away. When I’m calm, I go back inside and find Peeta in the staff room packing up his gear to go home for the day.

“What are you doing?”

His expression is flat, emotionless as he methodically packs his bag. “What does it look like? I’m obviously not going to get any work here today. I might as well go home and help Dad at the bakery if I’m going to work for free.”

My attempt at another calming breath comes out like an impatient huff instead. “We have a class, like, any minute.”

His eyes snap to mine. “You didn’t call Hawthorne?”

I throw myself in a scruffy armchair that must have gotten dragged in here when it was no longer presentable for the guest area. “No. I am not going to do that to Gale on his day off. Just stay away from me, Mellark, and it’ll be fine.”

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Black and White - Chapter 11

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Bad Boy AU // University AU // Fluff

Word Count: 8.1k words

Plot: Baekhyun is the typical heartthrob that always gets what he wants.. until you came along.

Black and White: Mini Masterlist

The brick wall felt rough beneath the fabric of your mustard-dyed top, providing you with a stark contrast of the smooth and wet lips that were moving languidly against you. However, the friction existed all the same, a consistent heat upheld strongly around you. The friction between the bones of your spine and the wrinkles of your shirt as they pressed even further into the wall, acting as a support system for your body, like the stem of a plant held firmly into the soil by its roots. The friction between two pairs of red lips, moulding to fit one another so perfectly like the hands of a potter shaping its clay, his fingers pressing into the finely-grained material to create adequately angled dents that added life to his creation. The friction in the cooling air. The air that floated around you and surrounded you, particles diffusing past each other at any opportunity they got. If the air had eyes, it would see everything, even the two of you standing behind a weak excuse of a barrier to hide you from the rest of the students roaming past the busy corridors. The air that you were deprived of as he kissed you breathless, stealing the supply of vital oxygen you needed.

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Your Boys// S.M. Blurb

A/N: So I got some random inspiration for some dad!Shawn. It’s not very good, but here we are anyway. 

You’re woken up by shrill cries coming from your baby’s room down the hall. You’re about to jolt out of bed when Shawn lightly grabs your wrist, he looks at you with tired eyes, “I got this one babe, you’ve got a big day tomorrow, go back to sleep”. You watch as he drags his 6’2 frame out of bed and down the hall.
Sometime after, a similar situation played out, Shawn continuously reassuring you he had all night shifts tonight. Needless to say, it was a rough night, after 3 nighttime interruptions, and enough of Shawn telling you to get some rest, you lost count and were out for the rest of the night.
When your alarm sounded at 6:30 the next morning, you turned over to find Shawn missing from his side of the bed. You walked down the hall to the next door, only to find Shawn lazily swaying, weight transferring from one foot to another, with your baby, Nick, wide-eyed and whimpering on his dad’s shoulder. “Come on bud, I know you’re tired” “Just please go to sleep, daddy’s exhausted” “You’ve been up all night, give it a rest” Shawn whispered in between his low hums, in attempt to lull your rowdy child to sleep. His eyes were heavy and his hair was disheveled, the poor guy just wanted to sleep, and here you were standing in the doorway, bright eyed and bushy tailed after your first full nights sleep in a while.
You lightly place your hand on Shawn’s free shoulder and turn him around, a lazy smile of relief growing on his face as his eyes meet yours. “Mornin beautiful,” he says through a yawn, “hey handsome, I can handle it from here, thanks for taking one for the team last night” you comb your fingers through Shawn’s sloppy curls. “Anything for you two”, he says handing Nick over to you.  “Go get some sleep,” you say as you peck him on the lips, “Love you, good luck on that presentation today, you’re going to kill it” “Love you too,” you say as Shawn walks out of the room, his sock clad-feet dragging across the carpet. You get your son to sleep fairly quickly, you like to think of it as a mothers magic trick. You get ready for the day, preparing a few final things, and you’re on your way to work.
Your presentation went amazing but you were most excited to get home. As you approach your home, locking your car, the house is oddly quiet. The usual hum of music that is normally flowing through the rooms of your home is nonexistent. You walk in, slip your heels off and undo your hair. You walk into your living room only to see a brown tuft of hair peeping over the couch cushions.
You make your way around to the front and lay your eyes on Shawn; practically engulfed by the couch, long legs propped up on the coffee table, dressed in a pair of flannel pants and a soft grey goodie, with your precious son spread across your husband’s broad chest, cheek squished up against him. You smiled to yourself, those boys were exhausted after their long night of festivities. You gazed at the exhausted pair, they were your entire world, after all, they were your boys.


- Even more hyperactive than normal
- “Wait, I just thought of a cool guitar riff, lemme show you.” Proceeds to fall flat on his face after tripping on his blankets.
- Wraps himself in the blanket and lays on the floor. “This is my home now.”
- You end up having to drag his lanky ass frame back to his bed
- “You have to make a dope ass playlist for my funeral.” “Jae, it’s just a cold.” “I can see the light.” “Yeah, the light from your bedside lamp.” “Oh.”
- Still talks to the members through Kakao
- It’s mostly just weird stuff and boasting about how good you are at taking care of him
- Would probably dab after tasting your soup
- Actually can’t even taste it but he likes embarrassing you

- “I’m fine.” “Brian, there’s so much snot dripping from your nose, I could fill a bucket with it. You are not fine.”
- Insists on working on the lyrics for their next song but his handwriting looks like scribbly lines
- Tries to hold his bass but drops her accidentally. Cries and apologizes to her for the next three hours.
- Starts trying to apologize/thank you at the same time but it comes out as “I’m sorry that you’re being such a great friend.”
- Would thank you properly after he got better
- Lots of groaning and self-pity (basically whining tbh) about being unable to work
- You’d have to comfort him like a child while he’s sniffling and crying
- Would also be embarrassed about how much he cried after he’s healthy again. Denies it when the others tease him.

- Would definitely call himself Bob
- Busan accent so thick he sounds like a gangster on the street picking a fight
- But actually he’s saying stuff like “Thanks for helping me and always taking care of me. You’re a good person. I’m glad I’m friends with you.”
- Accidentally sneezes on you and looks like a deer in headlights afterwards
- Lists all the reasons why he can’t get sick now
- “Wait, let me just text our manager and the members that I’m sick.” “Okay, fine.” “And also our composer, producer, arranger, JB, Jinyoung, Jackson–” “Sungjin, no.”
- Also tries to act like he’s not sick
- When he finally accepts he’s too sick to do anything, he’ll suggest some home remedies his mother taught him
- Which ends up tasting really gross but he sucks it up until you stop him. “I think you’ve had enough; your face looks like it’s going to implode.”

- The worst sick person
- Would be so out of it
- Confused as heck
- Sweaty as heck
- The type of person to start stripping bc it’s too hot but stops halfway - with only one arm out of his sweater - because it’s the perfect temperature
- “(y/n), you were here?” “I’ve been here for the last two hours??” “Really?” “You’ve been talking to me the whole time???” “Ah, I was wondering why my head voice sounded like a girl.”
- Sleeps a lot
- Mumbles incoherently
- “I can drink water by myself.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah.” Spills it all over himself and the bed
- Also smiles a lot
- Would refuse to eat the food you made unless it tasted good
- Would totally forget about what happened while he was sick
- Apologizes after you/someone else reminds him

- Needy as heck
- Also whiny as heck (about how sick he is)
- So much aegyo
- Probably even more cross-eyed than usual
- Would still be able to play the piano decently tbh
- “You should leave. I don’t want you to catch my cold,” he’d say while cuddling you on his bed
- Would smile while you were talking to him but actually he’s not listening and just looking at you
- Wants you to fuss over him
- “I want strawberry milk.” “Okay, I’ll go buy some. Let go of me, first.” “Don’t wanna.”
- And his face would just scrunch up deciding what to do
- Eventually, he’d let you go but would end up cuddling you again when you came back
- Is embarrassed about how he acted afterward

- So quiet normally that you wouldn’t even notice
- You just touch him un/intentionally and he’d be burning up
- “I have a cold?” “Yeah, you idiot.”
- Hoarse voice
- Gummy smile
- Would giggle a lot
- Cries after eating the food you made him. “It was delicious.” “I literally just boiled rice and added salt. You know I can’t cook.” “But it was so good.”
- This is literally the only time he would ask, “Can I hold your hand?” because he’s normally too shy to
- Also cute as heck
- His fingers would still be tapping his bed and it’s amazing because the beat actually sounds good
- He’d be reluctant to ask for your help so he just whispers it and hopes you’ll hear
- “Can you get me some water?” “Huh? What did you say?” And then he’d just shake his head
- Sniffles a lot