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Beauty standards are so wild tbh Tabria Majors is literally a goddess among us and is getting dragged daily by Sports Illustrated’s cave men followers


Hey, squirrel-frans! Last year, I made a Drag Race fanzine and I’m down to my last 12 copies! I won’t be reprinting so I am selling this as a pack for US$10, INCLUDING shipping anywhere.

It comes with a zine, sticker pack, AND an A5 custom drawing of your fave Ru-girl! Swipe through for samples!

US$10! DM me if interested!

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Could you draw Ghost and Fairy versions of Bidoof, and Ghost/Grass and Fairy/Fire versions of Bibarel?

Forest Spirit and Prissy Contest Child

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There's video of them holding hands on the end of Emmys. Of course on Gorgans blog. They were investigating obviously. She returned and stayed all the way to the end.

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Yes 🤷  The videos change nothing for me, there is still no love, tenderness or respect to see. And they still chose not to walk the red carpet together and not to be photographed together on the official pictures. Remarkably since the whole world has been bombarded with the 400+ staged pictures from Portofino. It is obviously easier to show private parts in public than to walk together on the red carpet. We all have our own taste. Personally I would choose a man who made me smile and treated me properly, with respect and equality and not like some trophy to use and show off. But maybe it’s not the man GA has chosen?