OPM PKMN Leaders?

(in order of how when you’d encounter them)

(this is also a separate AU from my one of Saitama and Genos as trainer bros)


Fairy King - Flabebe, Slyveon, Snubbull

Normal Mumen Rider - Bidoof, Audino, Doduo

Electric Sonic - Luxio, Blitzle, Heliolisk

Bug Child Emperor - Kiricketune, Accelgor, Beedrill, Butterfree

Ghost Zombieman - Cofagrigus, Dusclops, Gengar

Fighting Metal Bat - Hitmonchan, Hitmonless, Hitmontop, Lucario

Poison Fubuki - Arbok, Seviper, Dragalgae, Drapion

Steel Genos - Metagross, Magnezone, Aegislash

Elite Four-

Ice Amai Mask - Jynx, Cryogonal, Froslass, Weavile

Dragon Bang - Druddigon, Haxorus, Dragonite, Altaria, Garchomp

Psychic Tatsumaki - Alakazaam, Malamar, Gardevoir, Gallade, Espurr

Dark (human) Boros - Absol, Houndoom, Sableye, Hydreigon, Zoroark


Saitama - Rattata, Shuckle, Tropius, Slaking, Snorlax, Tyranitar

If anyone wants to draw their own designs for each leader, I will fucking love you forever

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(From melemeleguardian) "Hey! Anyone up there?" Came a call from below the bridge just outside the town outskirt, followed by a deep call of a Swampert. "We could use a hand!"

Shuukai was taking a leisurely walk with her Pokemon around Lumiose City when she heard someone yelling for help.  It seemed to be coming from under the bridge near the gate to Route 14.  “Xinyan, Miyako, Hibana, could you three take a look to see who is under the bridge, and perhaps give them a hand if possible?  The rest of us will catch up to you.”

The Talonflame, Greninja and Charizard (respectively) nodded and quickly disappeared under the bridge.  Shuukai, her Gyarados, Ampharos and Dragalgae followed close behind, trying to find a way down.  They were able to get to a spot on the road where they could see under the bridge.  “’Allo?  Are you alright there?  Is anything broken?”

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How about drawing some cute dragon types?


and since there were no suggested dragons

I’ll just draw some of my favorites 8D

I have always found Flygon absolutely adorable and even if it is technically a bug-dragon I wanted to draw it more dragon-y than buggy so DRAGON WINGS with a red-fringe on the green webbing

I have an obsessive love of seahorses and both leafy and weedy sea dragons, so shout-out to the cutest dragons ever to come out of the big blue Poke-sea

the sound I made when Noivern was first announced

i love this adorable batdragon

(and yes I did make its red face marking into a heart because CUTE)