Drag Race/Stars At Sea!!

Omg, ok, I know it was like forever ago but sooo much fun, I don’t know where to start. Well umm, when we first showed up to the port of Miami, we were sent into this huge room where they hoard everyone until they’re ready to start boarding people. I found all of our friends there right away but didn’t see any of the Drag Race queens. We boarded pretty late cuz there was an issue with customs apparently and also there was an issue with the ship and it’s speed so they were warning us that we might not get to go to St. Thomas which was just like what? So already we were off to a rough start. Anyways, eventually we boarded and after settling into our stateroom, my friend and I decided to explore the ship and head to lunch. I bumped into my friend Karma who was sitting with Sharon but I was too hungry for this so I left and went to go explore the buffet. I guess that’s what everyone else was thinking too cuz we pretty much bumped into ALL of the queens at the buffet. Literally everyone was there. I remember passing Jujubee and Mariah while they were getting burgers and some dude next to them told Juju, “Hey, umm, you’re somebody right?” I died! And the look on her and Mariah’s face was just priceless, omg. After that I saw Latrice who I guess had already eaten cuz she was just sitting there with friends(no t no shade but I bumped into Latrice at the buffet a lot) and just said hi. Right after, I bumped into Mystique which I had to say hello to cuz of my gurl Sally. We talked for a second but seeing as to how everyone was there to eat, I didn’t want to disturb so I left after about a minute.

Although we were kinda hungry, I guess the excitement kinda killed my appetite but not enough for me to pass up the dessert table. So I got my desserts and then started heading over to our table but on the way there I saw Stacy. Stacy Layne Bryant Matthews Lattisaw Q. This was like the only time throughout the entire trip that I may or may have not fangirled. Anyways, I ask her for a picture and she says sure but as we’re trying to take the picture, she starts looking at my plate of desserts and is like, “What’s that? What are you eating? Where did you get that from?” and I’m just like ahh.

Well before I had sat down, I didn’t realize that the person sitting in front of her was actually Alisa Summers so I asked her for a picture as well but first she had to take the one of Stacy and I. And when Alisa and I were going to take the picture Stacy was like, “I’m not taking that photo. Haha, jk.” So cute.

Alisa and I got along great actually! Like every time we would see each other we would just start talking and just hang out for a while. On the last night I was sitting with a friend of mine, Lara, (jerseydrag here on tumblr) at White Heat which was this club on the ship that we took over on the first night and just made it the gay club, and Alisa spotted me and just squeezed into the thrown I was sitting on(there’s a picture somewhere out there) and started telling me about how much she was going to miss us and all this stuff and ugh, I just, I love her so much! New fav tbh. But I digress. Well after we took our picture, my friend and I went to go sit down with Michelle Visage and some of her friends. My friend Ian is actually really good friends with her so it wasn’t weird or anything. Well we’re sitting there talking, and since pretty much Michelle’s laugh is like a siren, all the queens were coming over to say hi. So once again Juju, Mariah, Shangela,everyone, was coming over and Michelle was introducing me to them by name! So after that whenever we would see each other, it wasn’t like, “Oh, some random ass fan.” especially since my other friend Karma is known by all of the queens so seeing us together and then me with Michelle just made it all the easier to talk to them. Well, when we were sitting there eating, I spotted Jiggly so I had to go get a picture! I didn’t realize that Phi Phi was with her but it was perfect.

I don’t really like asking the queens for pictures cuz I feel as though I’m bugging them (and although none of them did it to me, I know some queens said no to taking pictures cuz they were over it) but I had a check list of queens to get pictures with for Sally which was Mystique, Stacy, and Jiggly. So I got those out of the way within the first 5 minutes, haha. Omg, this is seriously the longest post ever… I’m just going to post pictures here and there with little stories.

Drag Race at Sea Dilemma

Well I guess it’s not really much of a dilemma, I’m just not sure if I really want to anymore. I was supposed to go on the cruise but my friend bailed on me last minute. Like I had made my deposit back in March and they cancelled on me the week the full payment was due back in August. And it’s kinda hard finding someone who’s willing to pay and come up with $900 on the spot when most of your friends aren’t rich. Anyways, I was still planning on going cuz I have a few friends that are going, but turns out I’d have to pay $2000 for a singles cabin… ya, no. So I cancelled. Welllll, turns out that a friend of mine who works for World of Wonder actually has a singles cabin and invited me to stay with him and that if anything, I could just chip in $500… $500 for a cruise that I REALLY wanted to go on but would’ve cost me $2000. Like, that’s an insane deal! But I don’t know… I guess I had already accepted the fact that I wasn’t going anymore so the urge to go is no longer there. And even if I still wanted to go, I never applied for my passport! And I keep hearing that it takes at least 1-2 months to receive and the cruise is in less than 2 months. That’s pretty much the only thing I’d have to worry about other than just getting my plane tickets and like outfits and junk. Ugh, I don’t know… I know it’d be fun and I guess it’s a chance to befriend more queens and travel to places I’ve never been but still. I don’t want to get excited about it again and it not happen.