The 25 best horror movies since 2000

5. 28 Days Later

Danny Boyle shot fast and furious with digital video to capture beautiful lo-fi visions of a post-apocalyptic London and beyond. Horror overtones echo throughout Boyle’s career, from Shallow Grave andTrainspotting to Sunshine and 127 Hours; in 28 Days Later, his talent for intensity boiling over into insanity comes through as loud and clear as it ever has.

4. The House Of The Devil

It’s a deliberate throwback to the low-budget, deliberately paced horror movies of the late 1970s and early 1980s. The House Of The Devil illustrates Ti West’s devotion to getting the details perfectly right, both in the film itself and in the way it was marketed. He doesn’t just honor his oft-disreputable inspirations. In many ways, he tops them.

3. The Babadook

The scares kick in early, when Sam has his mom read a prescient pop-up book about a looming creature that they then “can’t get rid of.” Really, though, Amelia’s been dealing with demons since before the opening credits: haunted by guilt over surviving her husband, and sick with worry that their weird child will be a burden to someone for the rest of his life. This is a deeply unsettling film about what happens to horror movie victims when they don’t die, but can’t escape.

2. It Follows

Is it too soon to call It Follows one of the great horror movies of the new millennium? Though it crept into theaters just a few months ago, David Robert Mitchell’s fledgling fright flick already feels like a classic of the genre, something we’ll be watching between fingers for years to come.

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