I have no heart, for you long ago stole it

Summary: In which Eros, one of the six gods of love, falls for a mortal who thinks he’s unlovable.

Or in which Yuuri goes to the Temple of Eros to plea for help and ends up being courted by the god himself instead.

based off of this artwork by @crimson-chains

read on ao3

word count: 4k

Yuuri Katsuki is an unlovable man, and that is the fact of the matter.

Don’t get him wrong, his parents love him. His sister loves him, his friends regard him with close platonic affection. Yet, no one has ever stepped forward to ask for his hand to court, asked him to walk with them under the romantic spread of a starlit street.

He has walked that road before, where all couples in their city stroll while leaning into each other and laughing at the joy of being together, but Yuuri always walks it alone, to use as a shortcut from his home to his mentor’s studio. He convinces himself, most days, that the solitude of his footsteps on that road doesn’t mean anything.

Some days though, he speeds his steps and tries to touch his sandals to path as little as possible, because it is a place for lovers, and Yuuri — for all the friends he has and all the love that surrounds him — has no one to walk down it with. He doesn’t belong there. On other days, he simply takes a long detour, to avoid being reminded of the lack of romance in his life.

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Imagine Stiles being really loud in bed and, bc Derek is kind of menacing, the occupants of the apartment below them start doubting the possibility of super loud sex and entertain the idea that maybe Derek's a serial killer lol. Later all is resolved of course, but in the mean time hilarity ensues.

but before they’re together, too.

Stiles and Derek walking up the stairs, discussing the merits of iron chains versus rope for holding someone in place and Mrs Acre in 3d pausing from collecting her paper to stare at them both in horror, Stiles waving brightly with no idea why she’s glaring at them.

Chase in 11e catching Stiles as he’s heading up the stairs like “oh yo, i signed for a package for you and Derek,” and then winking in a gross fashion because the description of what’s inside on the label is “restraints” and Stiles is like.. yeah, we need them for a project because he can’t say SOME TIME IN THE FUTURE WE MIGHT ACTUALLY NEED TO CONTAIN A WILD, RABID OMEGA UNTIL THEY’RE SAFE TO TALK TO, and Chase winks again and Stiles dies inside. except, as he’s traipsing up the stairs he’s TOTALLY starting to think about Derek naked and writhing underneath Stiles and oh, shit, he’s tripping and the parcel’s totally flying through the air and landing at Derek’s feet as he opens his door. smooth Stilinski. 

maybe one time Stiles tries to use the elevator, Derek’s never bothered, he sort of hates elevators more than stairs, he and stairs have a new deal— owing to the fact Mr and Mrs Fernell caught him leaping down them once and Mrs Fernell told him he’d ruin his knees— he has to use them now, it’s a begrudging truce, he doesn’t like them, they don’t like him, but they’re all better than the elevator and HEY SHUT UP STILES, YOU DON’T KNOW DEREK, he does, he totally hit the nail on the head when he teased Derek about the whole sitch. but he’s in the elevator cackling about Derek and the stairs, when it jars to a halt, and he’s trying to stay calm, and calling Derek and MAYBE yelling a little bit for Derek to get him the hell out of there, and you know, Derek’s neighbours are curious, and Derek looks so FRANTIC with worry and the elevator’s caught between floors and they keep patting his arm reassuringly like “dun worry the fire brigade will be here soon and OH GOD THIS IS DEREK’S WORST NIGHTMARE, WHY COULDN’T STILES HAVE JUST USED THE STAIRS” and they’re all watching him pace, and thinking it’s just ADORABLE that he even looked like he was going to try and pry the doors open, that’s what love does, though, they suppose, makes you feel super human. and then the fire brigade arrive and Derek’s all GET HIM OUT OF THERE NOW, and they’re all “chill your beans, brah, we’ll get your boyfriend out” and Derek looks simultaneously confused and oh, ohhhh. and they get Stiles out, and everyone’s cheering and Stiles sort of maybe punches Derek on the arm like “why does everywhere you live TRY TO KILL ME” and everyone’s like “lol” and Derek looks deeply apologetic and relieved and can’t seem to let go of Stiles’ arm, and someone in the back’s like “u best make it up to him tonight, Hale” and they’re both red faced as hell when they go upstairs, very slowly. 

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Are there any post civil war fics where Wanda realizes that leaving with Clint was a bad idea and she should’ve just stayed at the compound? It be cool to see Wanda go off on Clint for dragging her into it. Maybe realizing that Tony might have been right and isn’t as horrible as she thinks he is?

‘What if the guys were given a motive that they had to kill someone or else their S/O would be killed? (Bonus points if they're not allowed to tell anyone)’

What if the guys were given a motive that they had to kill someone or else their S/O would be killed? (Bonus points if they’re not allowed to tell anyone)

I made these into short fics! It’s really long so here’s part 1! I hope you enjoy it!

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Please talk to me any pairing :)

fRyder x Reyes

Sara couldn’t see a thing. She’d expected at least a hint of light to creep in beneath the blindfold, but the world was totally swathed in black; reduced to the rasp of her too-loud breathing and the unyielding wall at her back.

“Please talk to me.”

She reached out with trembling fingers. It seemed like an eternity before she felt Reyes’ hand close over hers. He pressed her palm against his chest. His skin was warm, his breath tickling her neck in time with the rise and fall of his chest.


His lips brushed at the corner of her mouth, curving in a smile when she tried to chase them. His chuckle in her ear sent shivers rolling through her, from the shell of her ear to the nape of her neck; the top of her spine to soles of her feet. Sara reached up with her other hand, fumbling for his jaw - like she planned to drag him back to her, maybe, or at least clutch at him while she murmured her pleas against his cheek.

“Reyes -”

“Shhh.” He caught her wrist and pushed it back against the wall. His other hand moved slowly down her neck, knuckles just barely grazing her skin. “You like to listen to me talk, don’t you?”

He pressed a kiss to the underside of her jaw, and Sara nodded helplessly.

“You like to let me touch you.”


Reyes nuzzled into her neck. His hands were wandering over her body, stoking quiet fires beneath her skin. “Tell me what you want to hear, Sara.”

Sara’s head fell back. “I - Reyes, please -”

“Come on,” he murmured. He was still just barely touching her, but Sara could feel his body heat. He was scorching like a solar flare, whispering something into her hair that Sara couldn’t quite understand.

But it had the right rhythm. It had the right lilt.

I love you.

Her words came out low and needy. “Tell me what you’re going to do to me.”

She felt Reyes grin against her skin. “If you insist.”

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what is your fav deckerstar scene

Copy/pasted from a previous ask here

Why do you do this tO ME. This is like choosing a favorite child?! I love all of their moments so much?? Okay but if I must.

I’m very old school deckerstar haha. My favorite moment still stands at 1x04: the wing scar scene.

Why? There was something so immensely tender and heartbreaking about both of them. I think this was the first time that Chloe saw past Lucifer’s mask and also the first time Lucifer let his mask slip. Just the look he gave her, like something in him just shattered. It was like this was the first time someone had actually shown genuine concern for him. He walked out expecting her to be completely distracted with…other things. He expected her to graze over the scars, maybe drag her nails across them in bed, but instead Chloe does something he never would expect. She shows that she cares and that changes everything that Lucifer has ever desired.

The same goes with Chloe’s perspective. Before this Lucifer was delusional and arrogant, but the moment she sees those scars something inside her seems to break. I think she believed his Daddy Issues, but when he says they were a gift from his Father, that does not sit well with her. Now she has him in this completely new light and I think this is the first time she even considered there was more to Lucifer than sex and drugs.

These newfound discoveries just immediately put more trust and compassion between them than they have with anyone else on this show. It just, to me, is the most heart-wrenching deckerstar scene to watch.

First Christmas

Pairing: Thor Odinson x Reader

Warnings: Pure fluff

@orangepenguin5 @shelvesandwhelves @john-benderr@muffinz323@justcallmecinammon@sexyvixen7@that1awkwardfangirl@sammiesamness@shamvictoria11

A/N: I just couldn’t miss the chance to make something increidbly fluffy for Christmas! Requests are open people, don’t forget! Feedback is always appreciated!

You marked the days on the calendar, and out of a sudden, it seemed like Christmas was just around the corner. Seven days and counting until the favorite festivity of the Avengers arrived. Well, for most of the avengers; there was only one member who was completely clueless about the meaning and the reasons why people decorated everything in red, gold and green, ate men made of ginger and exchanged gifts. Thor was not used to spend Christmas with the team because it usually happened that he had other matters to attend back in his land, but it was the first Christmas you would spend together as a couple, and he decided to make it to the important holiday.

You two had not been together for long, at least not officially. It was a fact for all of you that you liked each other, but since you two lived so far away from one another you decided to make it just fun and games; that until you took the next step. You were falling head over heels for the man and it needed to stop, or at least continue as something formal. And so it did.

He arrived on the 21st when everything was set. The tree was decorated up to its highest point –and it was indeed a high tree– and when Thor first saw it, it was like a child that had a candy shop just for him. Well, this was an Asgardian giant child. He held your hand tightly as he marveled himself with all the details that decorated the room.

“I’m expecting you would bring some of that sweet Asgardian mead of yours” Steve said as he landed a heavy hand on Thor’s shoulder, “It’s finally good to have you here, especially during this time”

“Well, apparently this Christmas thing is very important for you all” he replied with his characteristic deep voice, “and what’s better than to spend it with my second family?” he caressed your arm and pulled you closer to kiss your hair. You smiled widely and leaned your head on his chest. He was at least a head taller than you, if not more. “So, what are we going to do now?”

“I was thinking that we could go out, to the ice rink at the Rockefeller Center” Natasha chimed in, dragging Sam along with her. “Maybe showing this fella over here some of the things we do here?”

“Yes!” you squealed, “ever since I got here I wanted to go ice skating!”

The morning of the 24th you woke up to a terrible stomach ache that might have been caused by that weird food Tony had you all convinced to have. You tossed in bed all night, and went to the bathroom about a hundred times. You felt terrible for ruining Thor’s first Christmas on Earth, but he was as thrilled by your sickness as he was with the whole spirit of the celebration, and besides, it was the first time that he got to take care of you the same way you did to him.

“My god, I should’ve known better” you groaned as you wrapped your arms around your body and rolled to both sides. Thor sat next to you and placed an always warm hand over your forehead. You had no signs of a fever, it was only your stomach that was in pain. “Christ almighty, if I ever survive this, I’m gonna kill Stark”

“Do not worry, my love” he patted your forehead lightly, keeping your baby hair away from your skin, “this holiday couldn’t have gone better” he smiled at you and leaned to tenderly kiss your forehead, “can I be of any assistance?”

“Uhh… yeah” you nodded weakily, “can you bring me Coke and sparkling water?” Thor looked at you completely puzzled; he may not be from Earth, but he knew damn well Coke was not something sick people drank to cure illnesses. “Thor, go get me that” you smiled at his cluelessness.

“You and your strange medicine” he shook his head and walked out of the door.

The rest of the day you were not feeling much better, but luckily Thor was around to take care of you, feed you Coke and sparkling water that turned out to work just fine to his surprise. His warm body dozed you off a couple times during the afternoon, making you miss the best parts of your favorite movies, but it was compensated by the amount of comfort you were getting. It was not very often that Thor got to stay with you for so long. You worked most of the time outside the country with Fury and Thor, well, he didn’t live on Earth so that was a big deal, but when you two got together it was like none of that ever happened.

“Feeling any better?” he hummed softly once you were awake again. It was late, about time to go have dinner. “Captain just came by to ask if you were having dinner…”

“Yeah” you rubbed your eyes and forehead, “let me get a shower” you rolled on top of him and rested a bit more in his arms. You giggled as he drew circles on sensitive tickling spots, and headed to the bathroom to get a much needed shower.

It turned out that shower and your medicine were what you needed to feel much better, but you could not eat much at dinner; your stomach was still a bit sensitive and you needed to be completely fine for later, when the team started to open the presents. It was a Christmas dinner full of laughter and reminiscence of the greatest memories with your friends. Stories of battles, enemies crying and whining, missions gone wrong filled the air but with a touch of wit and humor given by Tony’s and Sam’s storytelling ability.

Steve stood up solemnly in the middle of the dinner, holding his glass and looking happier than he had ever done. “I want to make a toast because this year we are not only having one surprise, and that’s Thor’s arrival” he looked at his friend, “but also we have to celebrate that you two finally realized how good you were for one another” the rest of the team nodded in agreement; you sighed and had no choice but nodding too. “I personally have both a Master’s degree and a Ph. D in waiting, so I’m very glad it didn’t take that long for any of you”

“And I’m glad she accepted me” Thor conceded holding your hand on the table, “now, enough with this sentimentalism, let’s celebrate by finishing this beautiful feast that you have prepared”

By the end of the dinner, you were more composed than any of the avengers, and the present exchange was just an hour away. Thor sat next to you and fed you some tea while the rest gathered around the tree.

At 12 o’clock, the presents started to pass around and you handed Thor the one you had for him. It was a fairly small box with a red ribbon around it. His eyes lit up as soon as he started to untie it. An old copy of The Little Prince appeared before his eyes. You bit your bottom lip harshly, in fear that he wouldn’t like it, and it all indicated that he didn’t by the look on his face.

“This was my favorite book when I was growing up” you sheepishly admitted as he delicately took it from the box, “I got this copy at like… 10. I’d been walking dogs and doing the chores at my house for like two months, until I had the money to buy it myself…”

“So, this was yours?” you nodded, “and you’re giving it to me?” you nodded again, “I just don’t know what to say, I feel very honored to receive something that you cherish so much, (Y/N)” Thor said; he was rather confused, “why would you give it to me?”

“It’s one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever read… And it keeps you thinking about what’s truly important” you shrugged carelessly.

“I will treasure this forever in my heart” he cupped your face in one of his hands while the other held the book to his chest, “thank you” he looked at you so fondly that it was just a matter of time until you melted. “And I have something for you too” he took out a wooden box craved with the most complex patterns you had ever seen, “I wanted to give you something that would always remind you of me, and know that I’m always with you” he handed you’re the box and you slowly opened it to find the most beautiful thing your eyes had ever seen.

It was a silver necklace. The chain was thin and long, and the pendant hanging from it was a small Y, but the stick that joined the two smaller ones together extended up to the others. You took it in your hands and examined the almost invisible details craved on the silver jewelry. Where the three smaller parts joined there was a small stone that if you put it closer to the light it shone with the colors of the rainbow.

“It is a symbol for protection” Thor explained, “so if I’m not here, you can always count that I’m keeping an eye on you and that I’m always on your side. I love you, and I’m sorry for not saying it before”

“I love you too” you replied, throwing yourself into his arms.

Out of My Hands - Part Six

Character: Dean Winchester, Castiel

Warning: Unwanted advances (kissing)

Word Count: 2,632

Pairing: Castiel x Reader, eventual Dean x Reader

Prologue - Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five

Summary: Dean wakes up in the reader’s home and makes an attempt at flirtation. Later, after a conversation with Azariel, Castiel pays a visit and makes a move on her - he has good intentions, but the reader calls him out.


           Dean Winchester is asleep in your bedroom. He’s not in your bed, but the fact that he’s slumbering in the chair by the window is odd enough. Groaning lightly at the ache in your chest, you begin to recall events from early this morning. You remember him helping you out of the car and into the house and from there upstairs, but that’s about it. Why he’s still here, you don’t know, and you also don’t know how long he’s been sleeping in the chair.

           The room is dim, but through the closed window you can hear the muffled sounds of nature. Some stupid bird has decided that the branch right outside your window is the perfect spot to squawk an early morning tune, and it prevents you from nodding off again. With stiffness just about everywhere, you push yourself out of bed, noticing that your clothes are still on. For a moment, you think about changing into something clean and comfortable, but then you think of Dean in the corner. What if he woke up?

           Limping slightly, you hobble over to the window and pull open the curtains. “Rise and shine, sleepyhead!”

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Jealous Grump

Ho Ho Ho. I’m your Levihan Secret Santa @thebluemoondragon Hooo, I hope you like this *sweats*

Summary: A man arrives to the SC and Levi feels threatened by his presence.

Read here for notes. Levi birthday comic here.

“Stop fidgeting, Four Eyes.” Levi warned Hanji. He only warned her because it was irritating him. “Why are you like this? I thought you hated the MPs?”

“Only the lazy kind.” Hanji beamed. “The smart ones are my favorite.”

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( @bxtterflykisscs )

lennon had been prowling college parties all night, looking for those who’d buy from him and perhaps a free drink and fuck along the way. his attention was begged for by desperate college girls, buying his drugs only to try to impress him. it was rare one of them won him over, but then again, he hadn’t spotted anyone more interesting either. then rose came into view, obviously out of her element, obviously uncomfortable to be there. he was sure her friends had dragged her out, or maybe she was even on a shitty date, but lennon planned on making her night more interesting. he paced over to her after giving change to his latest (most desperate) customer, leaning against the wall next to her. “hey.”

All I Want For Christmas Is You -- Part XXII

Anonymous said: 

I have a prompt!! Im so proud of myself, I never submit any of these. How about the reason Neal’s dad disapproves of all his girlfriends is bc he has never seen him as in love as he was with Emma and they dont look at him as Emma did Neal. Neal might not like it, but Gold knows his son really well and he is sure that he still harbors a crush on Neal. Its not coincidence that Emma was the one to happen to deliver Grannys (Ruby receive quite a good tip).


Belle had left the house not long after Henry arrived. She didn’t want to get between father and son bonding time, and truthfully she wanted to see a bit more of the town. She actually really liked it here. Things were cheaper than she was used to, and it kind of felt like walking through a Christmas card. She still felt a little self-conscious wandering around since everyone else seemed to know each other, but it was a holiday so there must be other strangers around someplace.

It seemed like she was drawn back to Theo’s shop, though. She was trying to give him some space at least until Neal had talked to him about everything, but she couldn’t help it. She kind of liked him, and there was only so much she could do alone by herself in a strange town.

There was a little bell over his door that rang when she came in, and she smiled to herself at the sound of it. It felt like a good omen somehow, like in It’s a Wonderful Life. Theo was at the counter when she came in, and she saw the moment that he recognized her a couple seconds later because his eyebrows jerked up into a look of shock before he schooled his features back to normal. She didn’t think she looked that different out of her Lacey-drag, but maybe she did. She’d left her hair down and was wearing jeans with her boots and a jacket over top. There was a sweater that flashed her belly button underneath the jacket, but compared to the things he’d seen her in before she looked practically respectable.

“Good morning,” she said as cheerfully as she could as she pulled off her gloves and scarf and tucked them in her pocket. “Henry came over after you left, so I thought I’d leave the two of them alone.”

“Probably for the best,” he said. “Did Neal speak to Emma about any of this yet?”

“Yeah, he called to tell her where Henry was before I left but I don’t know much more than that.”

He nodded and went back to fiddling with the book he’d been working on when she came in, which she could now see was a ledger of some kind. She was kind of disappointed that he she wouldn’t have his full attention today after she’d gone to all the trouble to track him down, but she couldn’t exactly complain about it when she had come to his place of business unannounced after they had pretty much come to an unspoken agreement not to acknowledge anything that had happened the night before.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” she asked at last to fill the silence. “I don’t have anything else to do today and I was getting bored.”

He looked around quickly and grabbed a feather duster before handing it to her, apparently feeling like that was the end of the conversation. At least now she knew where Neal got his occasional prickliness from. Still, she’d asked and dusting wasn’t precisely a hardship. She left her coat on the counter next to him as she made her way around the room tending to his precious antiques. The silence started to get to her, though, and humming Christmas songs only went so far to fill her time.

“How long did Neal and Emma date?” she asked. She’d known Neal since college and they hadn’t really talked much about their romantic histories because it hadn’t ever come up and she found herself wondering how, precisely, one ended up with a secret love child you never knew about.

“On and off for most of high school,” Theo said. “Although they did start to get pretty serious senior year and the following summer.”

“And she really never said anything about the kid? Did things end badly or something?”

She looked back over her shoulder, trying to decide if he minded her prying or not but he wasn’t even looking at her.

“I don’t know all the details myself,” he said, still looking at his ledger. “But I understand there may have been some hurt feelings on both sides.”

“I guess it’s just one of those things with teen romances, isn’t it? The inevitable fiery ending.”

“I suppose. Still, it was disappointing when it happened.


He set his pen down and looked right at her, and the way his gaze seemed to see into her soul curled Belle’s toes in her shoes.

“To be honest, I don’t think he ever got over Emma. And I don’t think any girl after that ever looked at him quite the same way she had. So…it was disappointing for everyone. I’d hoped he could have that sort of true love in his life.”

“Did you ever have it?” she asked.

He didn’t answer right away and looked up in the air as though trying to find an answer for her before he finally replied.

“No,” he said at last. “Not with Neal’s mother, not with anybody before or after her. But I would have liked that for him.”

Belle nodded and went back to her dusting in silence. She’d never had that either, and hadn’t really ever felt the loss of it before right now.

Foxhollow Chapter Two

Chapter Two: Claws and Teeth

           King Nicholas’s bedchamber was much bigger than the room Judith shared with her siblings.

Instead of making a circle it formed a perfect rectangle. Where the walls floor and ceiling of the burrow consisted of dirt, this consisted of gray brick.

At her left was a large four poster bed covered in deep reds, on her right was a large fireplace that already had a roaring inferno lighting up the room. Beside the fireplace was a small and comfy looking couch.

Across from Judith, on the other side of the room, were two large glass doors that led out into a miniature balcony where beyond you could see the fields, forests, and even a few lakes, of Foxhollow.

And in the middle of the room, atop a intricately detailed rug, sat a pile of presents, coronation gifts for the brand new king. And Judy belonged in that pile of objects.

Though she suspected she’d fit in soon enough.

           Still bound she was roughly pushed into the chamber by one of the antelope guards, causing her to trip and fall to her knees next to the gifts. The antelopes shut the door behind them.

Now all Judith had was her terrified, sporadic thoughts to keep her company. And they kept jumping from her home, to her mourning family that she would probably never see again, to the glass case above the fireplace that held an antique looking sword; to the king she had just met.

Nicholas Wilde was younger than she had thought, his russet fur had been well-groomed, the green eyes that had stared at her with confusion then indifference striking. He hadn’t looked like he would want to hurt her…but she shouldn’t let herself relax. It could have been a trick to make her let her guard down so she didn’t try to run when he went for her throat. Judith swallowed past the lump in her throat, her limbs shivering.

           Suddenly the chamber door opened, Judy jolted to attention, her heart hammering, expecting it to be the king.

But no, it was…a sheep?

An ewe, dressed in the blue dress of a castle servant and a bell around her neck, walking into the bedchamber like it was her own. When her bored eyes met Judith’s she halted in her steps, blinking a few times as if it took her a moment to register what she was seeing.

And then she spoke, “Those guards were telling the truth.”

“H-huh?” Judy stammered, wondering what the sheep was doing in the king’s chamber. She wondered if she too was a present to the fox.

“They told me the king had received a bunny for a coronation gift,” the sheep explained walking over, examining Judith. “I just didn’t believe them.”

“I’m afraid it’s true,” she tried to keep her voice from coming out as a terrified moan. “I had to become a gift to the king so my family wouldn’t become homeless.”

“Hm,” the sheep replied in a disinterested tone. She had a feather duster in hoof and was cleaning up the corners of the room, Judy watched her.

“Are you a maid?” she asked the ewe.

“Unfortunately,” the sheep groaned. “You can call me Bellwether.”

The rabbit nodded, “I’m Judith Hopps.”  

           Bellwether didn’t clean for long, eventually placing her feather duster on the floor and walking over to examine the array of gifts. “Well, Judith Hopps, I am afraid your luck has officially run out.”

Her words sent Judith’s ears falling to her shoulders, her eyes widening in fright. If her wrists weren’t bound she would rub them across her arms, she couldn’t help but imagine claws grazing across her flesh.

“What is he going to do with me?” Judith asked in a frightened whisper.

Her terror had Bellwether looking up from a wrapped gift box, giving the bunny a funny look. She shrugged, “I haven’t the faintest idea. But no need to be so horrified, we’re prey. Our luck runs out sooner or later.” She opened a box, despite that it belonged to King Nicholas, and pulled out a tapestry of a fox being crowned. Without further ado Bellwether ripped it in half with a satisfied sneer.

“We’re prey living in a predator world.”

Judith gasped in dismay, couldn’t the sheep be beheaded for destroying the king’s property. “Why did you do that?” she asked, breathless with fright.

“It’s my coping mechanism,” the sheep stated proudly. “It’s how I handle living under the clawed feet of the sharp-teethed.”

“But won’t he found out what you did?” Judith wondered. Or worse, would Nicholas assume his new gift did it?

“Not if I throw it in the fire,” Bellwether replied, doing exactly that. She wiped her hooves together in an accomplished manner, watching the beautifully designed tapestry burn. “He hasn’t looked through his presents. He won’t even know it ever existed.”

           The sheep turned to Judith, apparently finally noticing the rope binding the rabbit. “I imagine he wouldn’t be overly pleased when he finds you unbound.” She walked over and knelt beside the rabbit, starting to untie the ropes around her wrists, “Are you a runner? I won’t stop you, just curious.”
Judith wanted to say yes, that as soon as she was free she would run out of that unlocked door and not stop until she made it back to Bunnyburrow, to the loving arms of her family. But then she imagined King Nicholas hunting his new possession down, dragging her back, maybe even taking a few of her siblings along for the fun of it. And even if the king didn’t, even if he didn’t care if she ran away, she would have to worry about Gideon Grey. If she went home Gideon Grey would throw the Hopps family out into the cold.

           Judith shook her head, she would not be running anywhere.

Bellwether didn’t seem surprised by that, stepping back once Judith’s wrist were free. She turned back to the gifts while the bunny untied her ankles.

Judith stood up, her legs cramped and numb from the long carriage ride there, she looked around the room, despite herself she ended up admiring the room. It really was beautiful, fit for a king. Speaking of…

“When will King Nicholas return?” she asked the sheep who found a box of sweets, she placed them in the bosom of her dress, her wool hiding its rectangular shape.

“I don’t know,” Bellwether replied. “And I really couldn’t care less.” She looked back at Judith, “But you should probably stay in here all the same, until the fox decides what to do with you.”
“You’re leaving?” Judith asked in horror as she watched the sheep head to the door.

“I’m going to eat these sweets then go to bed,” Bellwether replied. She glanced over her shoulder, “I bring the fox his breakfast. I’ll see you in the morning.”

But I could be dead by then, Judith bit her tongue to keep from screaming the words. Watching, silent save for her pounding heart as Bellwether closed the door behind her. Judith was left with her blood-drenched fantasies once again.


           The coronation party was over, the guests bidding farewell as they headed to their own homes. Amelia and Maxmilian had gone off to bed but Nicholas was in no hurry to return to his bedchamber. Not when there was a tied up rabbit waiting for him.

           Instead he sat in the kitchen with Finnick, both enjoying mugs of ale while the red fox talked of his dilemma: “What am I suppose to do with a rabbit? Why did that farmer even bother bringing her?”

“He wants sucker up to you just like every other gift giver you’ve met tonight,” Finnick informed before taking a large swig of his drink.

“It’s been years and years since prey were given as coronation gifts,” Nicholas reminded his friend. “I can’t even recall what royalty did with them.”

“Lucky for us both I actually remember what I read,” Finnick replied, “Ready for a history lesson?”

“Wait,” Nick took a long sip of his ale. “Go on then.”

           “Most prey were used as personal helpers,” Finnick began. “They’d clean the royalty’s room; hold up the trail of their dresses and capes so they wouldn’t drag in the dirt, little things like that.”

“But others?” Nicholas inquired.

Finnick bore an uncomfortable expression, “Some were used as…to put it in a light-hearted term: scratching posts.”

Nicholas flinched at the words, “How’s that light-hearted?”

“Fine, some were abused, frequently, by the predators that owned them, for fun. And since they were above the law they didn’t get punished, even when the prey died. Do you remember reading about King Lionheart’s ancestor: Skar?”

Nicholas nodded, that lion had been nothing more than a tyrant and both Kingsland and it’s neighboring Regions had let out a breath of relief when he fell in battle.

“He had a flock of sheep he kept in a cell, whenever he was stressed he let his aggression out on them. He’d run his claws across their faces, scar them, and he didn’t bother to bath them so their blood was stained in their wool.”

Nicholas shuddered in revulsion, “I’m not going to do that to the rabbit.”

“No, you won’t,” Finnick replied. “And of course you won’t do the other thing prey were sometimes used for so there’s no point bringing it up.”

The fennec’s words had Nicholas’s brows narrowing in curiosity, “It can’t be as bad as using a prey as…a scratching post.”

“It isn’t its just…unusual, not something predators do often.”

“Finnick,” Nick grumbled in annoyance, “Don’t make me go to the castle’s library and hunt down a history book. I’ve already done my time in there.”

Finnick snickered, his eyes glinting with dry humor. “Fine, Your Highness. There were times, though rare, that prey became consorts to royalty.”

The words had Nicholas pricking his ears up, “Consorts?”

“Or a mistress…a harem if there was more than one…whatever word you prefer.”

“I don’t prefer any of them!” Nicholas replied, pressing his ears back against his skull and his tail bristling. “I’m not making that rabbit my mistress!”

“It’s not any of my business what you do with her,” Finnick replied, chuckling at his friend’s flustered expression. “I’m just telling you what kings before you have done.” He took another swig of his ale.

Nicholas guzzled an even larger amount.


           An hour or so later Nicholas finally found his way back to his chamber, more than a little sloshed. Stepped inside his mind was full of scratching posts and mistresses as he made it to his wardrobe, pulling off his coronation cape and shirt as he did so.

He had thrown his wardrobe open with much fanfare, humming a tune that had played at his party while he decided which of his evening wear he desired.

           “Ex-excuse me?”

The soft voice made Nicholas jump and whirl around; blinking to clear his fuzzy vision to see it was the bunny who had spoken. He had forgotten she was sent here.

She crawled out from under his couch, her lowered ears slightly red as if she was flustered, and her violet eyes big with fear.

“Were you hiding under my couch?” his voice was slightly slurred.

The rabbit shrunk into herself, “I didn’t know what else to do. I’m not sure were I’m supposed to sleep.”

Nicholas snorted rudely, “There’s a couch right there.” He pointed to said object before turning around and pulling out one of his night shirts, he threw it over his head without bothering to take off his breeches.

He moved toward his bed but the bunny’s voice stopped him, it was still quiet, frightened: “Sir?”

He glanced back at her, she still looked like she wanted to hide, but along with the fear in her eyes there was curiosity. “What are you going to do with me?”

Nick’s eyes narrowed at her words, he took a step forward, “What am I going to do with you?”

She flinched when he stepped forward, and it annoyed the fox, incredibly so. “What do you think I’m going to do with you?” he growled the question.

The rabbit just looked at him, her eyes brimming with fright and melancholy and it made Nick’s insides twist with discomfort and anger. He had done nothing to earn this rabbit’s fear…at least not yet.

He smiled his alcohol-addled mind sure to show off his sharp teeth as he did so, he walked over to the rabbit who stepped back as far as she could go, the back of the couch bringing her to a halt.

Nicholas knelt to be at eye level with the rabbit, “I actually asked the same question to a friend of mine. What did a king do when given a prey as a tribute?”

She slammed her eyes shut as Nicholas leaned closer, his breath rustling her whiskers. “I could make you my own little servant. Though as a new king odds are a stress reliever would be more useful.” His eyes narrowed, becoming green slits, “There are two kinds of ways I could do this.” He lifted a claw and traced it along her jaw line, making the rabbit let out a small squeak of fright. “I could sharpen my claws on your bones. I bet that’s what you expect; I bet you think I’m going to eat you.”

The rabbit forced her eyes open to meet his gaze, “A-aren’t you?” she asked softly, breathlessly.

“Maybe,” his claw lifted her chin up and he leaned even closer, his nose bumping against hers. “But I was told prey were sometimes taken as consorts as well.”
The bunny’s eyes bulged and Nicholas could no longer keep up the façade. He pulled away, bursting into drunken laughter. “Too bad for me,” he said between bursts of mirth, “That not only do you smell like dirt you’re also one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.” He stood up and tripped over to his bed, shaking his head as he continued to chuckle.

           Nicholas threw one of his many pillows to the rabbit, the lacy mound smacking her stunned face. Still grinned Nicholas crawled under his covers, curling into himself. In a matter of seconds his conscious slipped away, leaving behind a rattling, drunken, snore.


           The smell of hot food roused Judith, her eyes blinking open and her stomach grumbling.

It was amazing she got any sleep last night, after the fox’s threats, she was only half sure he was only joking. Not wanting to sleep on the cold stone floor she had dared to lie on the bed, resting her head on the pillow the fox had thrown at her.

The rest of the night was spent listening to the snores of the fox and his words running over and over through her brain until finally, exhaustion had her nodding off.

           But now she sat up, the couch was much comfier than the floor she slept in at the burrows, and saw Bellwether walk in, carrying a tray of steaming bread, cheese, and a handful of blueberries, along with a drink that carried the scent of honey.

Bellwether smirked at Judith before walking toward Nicholas’s bed, placing the tray on his bedside table. “Your Highness,” she spoke loudly, “Your breakfast.”

Nicholas had flinched at the sheep’s volume. “I hear you, Bellwether. What’s my morning schedule?”

“Nothing yet, Your Highness,” Bellwether replied.

“Then I’m going to spend the morning sleeping off this hangover,” Nick burrowed further into his pillows.

“As you wish,” Dawn said in an uncaring tone, heading toward the door.

“Bellwether,” Nicholas’s voice halted her. “Take the rabbit with you.”

Judith’s ears popped up in surprise, she looked to the sheep who seemed just as surprised. “And do what with her?” Bellwether asked.

Nicholas lifted his paw and waved it in an uncaring fashion, “Feed her, bath her, put her in a dress with less patches, make her help you with her chores, I don’t care, just get her out of here. I can’t sleep with her fear stinking up my room.”

Judith’s ears flushed but she didn’t hesitate to follow Bellwether out of the room, letting out a sigh of relief when they walked out into the hallway.

           “He’s crazy,” Judith whispered in fright as Bellwether shut the chamber door. She didn’t look surprised by the rabbit’s words as she led her down the hall. “What did he do?”

“He-he threatened to eat me,” Judith moaned in fright, “Or m-make me his mistress!”

Bellwether threw her head back and laughed, “Oh I wouldn’t take those words to heart. Nicholas obviously had a keg or two before going to sleep.”

Judith did recall the smell of ale on his breath, “So…he’s usually kinder?”

“Oh no, he’s still a complete ass. I’m partly convinced his mother had an affair with a mule. But he doesn’t make the habit of ‘eating’ prey if you understand me.”

Judith did and the words made her ears flush red once again.

           “So,” Bellwether changed the subject, “Is there anything specific you want to do?”

“I really need to relieve myself,” Judith admitted, pressing her legs together.


           After Judith handled that pressing matter she told the sheep she was also starving, having not even eaten dinner before she was taken from her home. Bellwether informed her she was about to attend breakfast too and led the rabbit to the kitchens.

Judith had to hold back a moan as the scent of doughy bread and steaming vegetables filled her nostrils, though she was less pleased to see that some of the kitchen staff was predators.

Bellwether and Judith got plates that had slices of bread and cabbage soup, Judith unable to help snatching a few baby carrots. They sat at an empty table, away from the other servants enjoying their breakfast. Judith took a few moments to scarf down the bread and carrots before starting a conversation with Bellwether.

“Would it be okay if I helped you with your chores?” she asked the sheep. “I really don’t want to go back to that room.”

Bellwether smirked at her pitiful tone, “I won’t say no to an offer of help, it’ll get my job done quicker. But first we are going to get you bathed and in a dress that fits the castle.”

           “Who’s your friend, Bellwether?” a new friendly voice spoke up.

Judith looked up and nearly jumped out of her seat to see a chubby cheetah standing by their table, smiling widely all his sharp teeth on display.

Bellwether nodded to the cheetah who was adorned in the outfit of a baker, “Clawhauser, this is Judith. She’s the king’s new…guest.”

What an amusing term to use but she supposed until Nicholas decided what to do with her there was no other way to put it besides words like ‘gift’ or ‘tribute’.

“Hello there,” Clawhauser friendly smile grew, “I heard the king got a bunny but I didn’t think you’d be so adorable.”

Judy cringed, never liking that term of endearment from animals that weren’t rabbits. It made her feel more inferior than usual. But if she was being fair she doubted that was the cheetah’s intent.

So she forced a polite smile on her lips, “A pleasure to meet you.”


           It took Judith and Bellwether longer than expected to leave the kitchen, after finishing their breakfast Clawhauser, who had announced himself as the castle’s head baker, refused to let them leave. He had to show them his latest sweets, introduce Judith to the other cooks, and made the rabbit promise to come visit him.

By the time she followed the sheep out of the kitchen Judith was pretty positive she had involuntarily made a friend out of a predator.

           Bellwether led the bunny downstairs to the bath area, not wanting to fetch the necessary buckets of hot water to fill one of the servants’ tubs she simply handed Judith a wet rag for her to wash of the dirt caked in her fur. While Judith did that the sheep fetched an old servant’s dress that was purple.

“May as well look nice while slaving away to spoiled predators,” the sheep stated, throwing the dress to Judith who swiped to catch it before it hit the ground. Unlike her other dress this one was in better condition, no patches or dirt stains could be seen. Slipping it over her head she found it draped over her shoulders an inch and it completely covered her feet. She held up the skirts so she wouldn’t flinch as she followed Bellwether to the laundry room.

“We’re fetching the clothes for the castle’s apothecary,” Bellwether told her, picking up a basket and indicating to Judith to grab the one beside it.

Arms full of fresh smelling linen she followed Bellwether up one of the towers of the castle, she had met an apothecary in town but she had heard the Wilde family had a personal one who intended to the royal family, nobles, and their servants.

           The room was full of medicines, the air thick with herbs. Judith swallowed when she saw the apothecary, sitting at a desk and writing furiously. It was a jaguar.

“Good morning, Manchas,” Bellwether greeted politely, placing the basket of laundry by the bed, Judith did the same. “Here is your clothes.”

“Thank you,” the jaguar said distractedly, still scribbling. The two females made their way toward the door when Manchas shot his head up, nose twitching; he turned to look a them. Judith started when she saw that one of his eyes was sealed shut by three nasty look claw marks. His one working eye widened in surprise, “So the rumors were true. King Nicholas was given a rabbit as tribute.”

Judith tried for a polite curtsy, “Pleased to m-meet you, sir. My name is Judith.”

Manchas looked her up and down before turning back to his parchment, “Some mammals will do anything to please royalty.” With that final mutter he went back to work and Bellwether pulled Judith out of the room.

           The rest of the day was spent similar to that, Judith helped Bellwether with her chores whilst being introduced to random servants of the castle, thankfully not all of them were predators. Though she had to admit the prey to leave the biggest impact were the gardeners known as Bucky and Prong. One could hear their fervent arguments from across the castle.

Judith spotted Nicholas only once; they passed an open door that looked like a meeting room, the fox pouring over a large piece of parchment, muttering something to a lynx who wore the clothes of a merchant. A guard spotted her peeping and closed the door with a disgusted snort. Though the rabbit had no qualms with staying away from the fox, even if last night had just been a joke it didn’t ease her fears of living with him. A cruel trickster would be no less likable than a bloodthirsty or lecherous, beast.

           But the sun went behind the trees and with it Judith’s luck.

“Thank you for all your help,” Bellwether told the rabbit as they stopped before the king’s bedchamber. “I will see you tomorrow.”

“Can’t I stay in your room tonight?” Judith begged, not wanting to go back into that dreadful room.

The sheep smirked, “I live in the servants quarters, trust me, it’s crowded enough as it is. You wouldn’t be comfortable.”

Bellwether was wrong; a crowded place was probably the one thing that could ease her nerves as she had slept in cramped rooms since the day she was born. But the sheep kept talking before Judith could say such. “Besides, Nicholas didn’t say you could move to the servants’ quarters. Best to stay here until he decides where to keep you… I like you Judith, but I’m not going to risk the new king’s anger for you.” With those final words she opened the door and urged the rabbit in, closing the door behind her.

           The first thing Judith noticed was that the room was empty, her bones sagged in relief. The second thing she noticed was a new piece of furniture. Curious she stepped toward where it stood by the fireplace, her jaw going slack.

It was a bed fit for a rabbit.

Sorry for only one chapter this time guys, I’ve been on a St. Zoo roll.

Beautiful imperfection (Ben Solo Imagine)

“You ready Solo?” She teases and takes her stance.

“Look, look! They are dueling with real sabers!” One of the younglings chirps as they take notice of us on the training platform.

“Brace yourself!” She calls out as she dashes straight for me. I quickly ignite then parry her strike. “Oh, you are going to fight? Here I thought you were just going to stand there and look pretty.” She says softly so that Master doesn’t hear.

“And lose the title of Undefeated? No chance (l/n).” I counter with not only my words. A couple swings and she is on the defensive. “Where did all that confidence go?”

She keeps her distance, studying me as we pace around the platform. She looks me up and down; trying to determine what my next move will be. I fight back a blush. She is being strategic not suggestive. She never means any of the thing she says, she just knows I’m still easy to fluster. She is far better at this than I am. When she sees me shift, she is anticipating my next attack. When I see her move, I can’t help but focus on how her hips sway. Just like now. Oh crap!

She darts at me with great speed, I barely block three attacks as I refocus. Come on Solo, focus on the fight. She will never let you live this down if she beats you.There is no way for me to compete with her speed so I’m going to have surprise her.

I repel her strike with one of my own, this time far strong than the last. She didn’t expect me to swing that hard and she goes flying. Oh no, too much. “Ben…” She grumbles as she sits herself up. “What was that?”

“I’m sorry! I guess I don’t know my own strength.” I reply sheepish as I offer her a hand.

She puts on a serious face but takes my hand nonetheless. “Well I guess you need to learn than. We can’t have you send any of the other padawan flying if they try and spar you.” Thinking of others while she is possibly injured, why do you have to be so amazing?

“Good job today young ones.” Master says with a smile. “Nice to see your agility training is yielding results (y/n). You fought well too Ben but you seemed a little distracted at times. Is everything alright?” Master asks, curiosity lacing his words.

“I’m fine. I’m just having an off day. Not all of us are perfect Jedi.” I retort and jump off the platform for the door.

“Ben!” Master calls. Nothing I do is ever good enough for him. Maybe Snoke is right, maybe I don’t belong here after all.

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Tragedy Strikes with the Candlelight ||Morpheus and Megan

Megan woke up to the familiar ringing of her cell phone, she opened her eyes and glanced at the clock. It changed from 8:59 to 9:00 as she looked. All she could think was, ‘Who in the hell is calling me this early?’, she reached blindly at the nightstand for the mobile. Once she grabbed the phone, she slid her finger across the screen and held it to her ear, neglecting to check the caller id.

“Hello?” Megan answered, groggily.

“Megan, it’s your mother,” the voice came through the phone.

Upon registering who the voice belonged to, Megan sat straight up in the bed, “Uhh, good morning, mom. Is everything okay? Do you need something?”

“Oh, nothing’s happened. It’s just–your father and I would like to–would you be opposed to meeting us today?”

“I-I don’t think I’ve got anything planned. What time were you thinking?” she asked and glanced over at Morpheus, who appeared to still be sleeping.

“I would prefer lunch, but we could meet for dinner if you’d like.”

“I’ll check my schedule and get back to you before noon.”

“Alright, does {insert fancy restaurant name here}  sound okay?”

“Sure, ma. I’ll send you a text.”

“Goodbye, sweetheart. ”

“See you later on, bye mom,” she sighed and hung up the phone, then dropped it in her lap.

Ridiculous scenarios ran through Megan’s mind about why they wanted her to meet them somewhere. Maybe they would drug her and drag her home with them. Maybe they were trying to get her arrested for something. Who knew?  Her head was pounding already and she tried to calm herself down. She counted down from 10 and breathed in and out deeply. Megan slid back down into bed, under the covers, and tangled herself back up with her lover.