It’s finally done. ;u; Was trying my hand at some Pyrrha designs and I really love @the-sun-princess ‘s Pyrrha a lots c:, also based hair off these, SUNS DRAWS THE BEST PYRRHAS YA’LL


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Remember how earlier in the season Kimball and Doyle were arguing? And he with naive idealism wanted to save everyone and she was trying to be a realist about how this is a war and people were going to be lost?

And then in episode 16, Kimball didn’t want to leave Doyle behind, and Doyle accepted that sacrifices had to be made to save the rest.

They were never as different as they wanted us to believe. He was a realist who hoped for the best possible outcome. She is just as naive as he seemed, she just tried so hard not to show it.

Darn… I made Korra too cute  in the last drawing…. not that it’s a problem… I just feel compelled to finish it now. 

I can totally imagine Asami to be a morning person ( the most dreaded of all persons). She’d totally bounce out of bed at 5am, build a jet engine attachment for the toaster and do her Pilates all before going to work.
Korra maybe drags her ass out of bed 4-5 hours later and stumbles around, trying to remember the word for Waffles…. “the round things with the squares.”

Our Little Secret (Part Six)

Part One Part Five Part Seven
After the whole Luke situation you decided to give up on your search for your friend and decided to make your way back to your dorm. As you walked trying to clear your head, your phone went off and praise the good Lord it was your friend.

“(Y/N),” your friend shouted on the other end, and you could tell she was wasted, “Where did you go?” her words slurring together.

“Uhm..I wasn’t feeling so well so I headed home,” you lied, really you just wanted to get as far away from Luke, and figure out how you were going to get through an entire brunch with him and his brothers.

“Awe,” she cried, “I wanted to introduce you to the guy I met he’s so sweet” her words dragging out. Maybe you should go back and get her, to make sure she’s okay.

“(Y/F/N), do you want me to come back and get you, you sound a little drunk?”, you began to turn around.

“No, its okay,” she said, “Calum said he’ll take good care of me.” she giggled, and as the name rang through your head you realized that Calum was one of Luke’s friends you met tonight.

“Shit,” you said a little louder than you meant to into the phone.

“What happened?” (Y/F/N) asked sounding slightly concerned.

“Oh uhm…I just tripped while I was walking up the stairs, its nothing,” lying to her again. Was she going to be at the brunch tomorrow? If she was how was she going to keep her cover? Were you going to have to lie to her about the whole Luke thing? A million thoughts crossing your mind, finally making your way back to your dorm before crashing on your bed, still on the phone with (Y/F/N), “hey, (Y/F/N), I’m going to get ready for bed here, please be safe okay? I’ll see you tomorrow, right?” you were exhausted and trying to figure out how you were going to pass as Luke’s girlfriend and find out how you were going to explain the situation to (Y/F/N) without her getting too mad at you for not telling her about you ‘dating’ the Luke Hemmings.

“Okay, night (Y/N), see you in the morning,” she basically sung her goodbye before hanging up.

As you laid in bed staring at the ceiling, too tired to actually get up and get ready for bed. Finally, after about five minutes of internally fighting yourself you got up and began to get ready for bed, as well as trying to figure out what you were going to wear tomorrow. You suddenly realized that you didn’t even know where you were going, or what time you were meeting at as Luke never said anything past going for brunch with the guys. And it wasn’t like you had his number so you could text him and ask, not that you really cared. And of course as you stared at the clothes in your closet, you heard your phone go off. Who the heck was calling you at three in the morning, you had already told (Y/F/N) you were going to bed. As you walked over to your phone you saw a number you didn’t recognize, you let it ring out, it was probably a wrong number anyways it happened all the time. As you stood back at your closet trying to figure out what to wear for tomorrow even though you had no idea what was going on tomorrow, your phone phone rang again this time it was a voicemail. You decided to listen to as you began to pull outfits for your brunch that was now only hours away, when you knew you should have been asleep, but with everything that had happened tonight that didn’t seem like a possibility. You set down your phone putting it on speaker, and pressing play on the voicemail…you heard a bunch of shuffling and what sounded like a closing door.

“Hey Babygirl,” the voice cooed on the other end of the phone. How the hell did he get your number you wondered, and then it hit you, he probably persuaded (Y/F/N) to give it to him, “I forgot to tell you brunch tomorrow if at 11:30 sharp at Rhondas Diner.” His words firm, “Be on time I don’t like when my dates are late.” he stated before hanging up. Your face red, even through the phone he pissed you off. How were you going to make it through an entire brunch without snapping at him. You could not believe what started off as a little secret, had become one giant secret that had landed you pretending to play the girlfriend of the most popular and mysterious guy on campus. What could possibly go wrong you thought to yourself knowing exactly what was at stake.


Part 7? Yes? No?

Ok so I’m looking around Tumblr for Digimon and I come across this gif where Takeru faces the originally Big Bad from Season 2. And I’m like oh God I need to watch this thing. And you know what? Dude just enters the Big Bad’s fortress like he owns the place and starts calling him immature and telling him he has no idea what being a Dark Ruler truly means, that Darkness will destroy him - which, by the way, is hella dark, Takeru, where the hell did that come from - and then the Big Bad takes out a fucking whip and hits him

And Takeru is like, not that injured, that must have been a pretty cheap-ass whip, but still

But in any case, he shrugs it off completely and says

Like, that is next-level smartass-ness and he’s supposed to be like, 12 or something. And then says “It’s my turn” and he fucking gets him down

And then the Big Bad stands up and tries to whip him again and Takeru just fucking grabs the whip before it hits him

and proceeds to knock him down and keeps punching him.

And this is hella dark and creepy and badass for a kodomo anime but I love it so much and right now I’m proud that Takeru always was one of my favourite characters in Digimon.

Maybe I’ve gotta actually rewatch the whole second season. Very serious 22yo rewatching the show she used to watch 12 years ago.

Let me be real for a moment.

Before I started this blog I was passively suicidal, didn’t care if I got hit by a car, whatever.

But you guys keep me going. I can’t get hit by a bus because then you guys won’t get a drawing today.

If I accidentally OD on my prescription then I won’t get to reveal leias secret.

I can’t express how much you guys actually keep me going. The requests, the questions, the notes… you guys at least care enough to click the little heart.

So maybe my art would be missed, maybe you would miss the moodiness of gearbox and the things leia drags her into…

But maybe you’d miss me too. So I can keep going.