TV Shows

Week Ending June 19th, 2017

  1. Skam
  2. Voltron: Legendary Defender +1
  3. Steven Universe −1
  4. Shadowhunters
  5. RuPaul’s Drag Race +2
  6. Produce 101 +4
  7. Orange Is the New Black −2
  8. Pretty Little Liars
  9. Villainous −3
  10. Supernatural −1
  11. Star vs. the Forces of Evil
  12. Wynonna Earp −1
  13. Doctor Who +5
  14. Power Rangers
  15. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir
  16. Riverdale −3
  17. 2017 Tony Awards
  18. American Gods −2
  19. Supergirl −2
  20. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.

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2017 IN KPOP

Spica disbands. The Wonder Girls disband. L.Joe leaves Teen Top. Kevin leaves U-Kiss 😢. Teen Top returns with High Five and it’s kpop fantastic👏. Amber & Henry let us know they have maybe had enough 😯. Nada leaves wa$$up because she can no longer kpop for free. T-ara disbands. History disbands. Sistar disbands…and summer is officially cancelled 😢. T-ara wins first trophy in 5 years with their final song as a group 😭😭😭. Henry starts to get some love from SM….finally 😒 but f(x) is still missing. The rookie group HIGHLIGHT lives!!! iKON finally returns from Japan to turn up. NCT127 win their first trophy 🎉. Lovelyz win their first trophy🎉. OhMyGirl beats personal record with Coloring Book 👌. 24K releases Addiction which is amazing. The kpop hunger games (Produce 101) begins & drags everyone thru the streets and stomps on their souls 😱. G-Dragon tops itunes in 41 countries including the US 👏. Starship trying to get back in everyone’s good graces announces a Boyfriend comeback😀. The Nu'est discography shoots up the charts with a vengeance & get nominated for inkigayo with 2013 song Hello. That’s 💖. In between these events there were a million comebacks. MonstaX, cnblue, VIXX, b.a.p, BtoB, Red Velvet, gugudan, Day6, BraveGirls, Seventeen, Astro, KNK all bringing their A game.

feeling ok again until you hear it. YIXING IS NOT GOING TO BE IN THE NEXT EXO COMEBACK 😡😢😡😢😡😢

Six more months to go….will we survive the 2017 rollercoaster?

Kang Daniel Mafia AU

  • you’re a bartender at one of 101′s clubs
  • like the way it works is that 101 has connections/affiliations with various clubs and bars around town
  • and they’ll have conduct certain deals in the back rooms and stuff
  • or have it as pick-up center for arms/drugs
  • you’re aware that the bar you work for is a pick-up center for arms/drugs but you’re just a bartender so you don’t need to worry about that
  • technically you’re a member of 101 and you have the 101 tattoo on your hip, but your boss has never really dragged you into 101 affairs
  • you did get taught how to handle a gun and some pretty kick-ass self defense moves, since the job kind of requires it
  • one night, some higher-ups came to just check on the club
  • they seat themselves at the bar, guns out in the open like the fucking alpha males they are
  • and one of them orders drinks for the group
  • you’re serving them when one of them catches your hand and winks at you
  • “what’s a man gotta do to get your number?”
  • “you could leave me alone, cuz i’m on the job”
  • you shift back, letting your black tank top rise a bit to reveal your own gun tucked into your belt
  • he backed off after that, and the man sitting next to him laughed at that
  • after a little while, they all kind of filter to the back room, except for that one guy
  • not the guy who tried to hit on you, the one who laughed at him
  • the club isn’t too busy that night, so he strikes up a conversation with you as you’re cleaning out some shot glasses
  • he politely asks you for your name, age, etc
  • “euigeon, 20″
  • then he kind of hints at wondering why you’re involved in 101 at all
  • and you explain that one of your friends needed money and got involved in the club as a dancer
  • and the boss was kind and reasonable, and offered you a job as well
  • “there’s no way i could be a dancer, though, i don’t have the face for it”
  • daniel kind of tilted his head, staring at you in a way that made your heart race a bit 
  • “i think you have the face for it”
  • you feel yourself turning a bit red at that, not used to people giving you such a blunt compliment
  • the other guys he arrived with head out, so he as to go as well
  • “thanks for the chat, (y/n),” he said with a charming smile, “i look forward to our next talk”
  • you smiled back, watching him sweep off into the night, likely off to commit some unspeakable crime
  • “i wouldn’t mess with him if i were you” the other bartender warned you, setting down his glass of water
  • “why?” you turned to the bartender, crossing your arms
  • “that’s kang daniel” the other bartender retorted, before leaving to go get someone’s order
  • and you’re shocked that the nice guy who was chatting with you just moments earlier is kang daniel, the heir to 101, the man who single-handedly built up the mafia’s drug sector at the age of 17
  • two nights later, you’re mixing a drink for someone when you see daniel sit down a few seats down
  • “so, euigeon, huh?”
  • daniel smiled at you sheepishly
  • “i was surprised when you didn’t recognize me, but i didn’t want my reputation to keep you from being yourself.”
  • you shrugged, sliding his drink from last time over to him
  • “you have so little faith in me”
  • he just grinned, asking you how your shift had been so far
  • he starts coming to your shifts occasionally
  • every time he comes and talks to you, the other bartender who works your shift side-eyes you and gives you the look
  • /the disapproving look/
  • one night you were fixing the ice machine when several people came in, all clearly official 101 members
  • daniel was one of them, gaze intense as he looked around the bar
  • as they headed straight to the back room, daniel paused by you
  • “go home, (y/n)”
  • you watched them all go to the back room, a little confused, but you weren’t going to question it
  • while you’re working, you feel a headache come on and your body aches a lot
  • after telling your co-worker what you’d been told, you collected your things and took the bus home
  • the next morning, you were checking the news on your phone in the morning when you saw the headlines
  • “five murdered in hongdae bar last night; thought to be act of retribution in the organized crime underground”
  • and that’s why daniel told you to go home
  • when you go into work at the bar, you secretly hope that he’ll stop by during your shift so that you can make sure he’s okay
  • while you’re working, you feel a headache come on and your body aches a lot
  • the next morning when you wake up, you’re pretty sick, or you at least have terrible allergies, so you call your boss to let him know that you’re taking a sick day
  • you spend the day drinking tea and watching netflix
  • at 1 in the morning, someone rings your doorbell
  • you’re tempted not to answer it, but it rings like five more times
  • “open up, i’ll knock the door down if you don’t”
  • you scramble to open the door, and the physical activity makes you wheeze
  • daniel’s standing there, looking extremely alarmed
  • you look up at him in confusion
  • “why are you here?”…. “how do you know where i live?!”
  • he heaves a sigh of relief, yanking you into a hug
  • “you’re okay, i thought something happened to you”
  • you invite him inside and make tea before making him explain himself
  • “i’ve actually been following you home lately to make sure you get home safely,” he confessed, turning a bit red
  • “you’ve been doing WHAT?”
  • daniel fixed you with a look
  • “a smaller gang has been getting restless with 101 lately. one of the girls from one of our clubs got mugged just the other day, because they saw her tattoos”
  • “..right”
  • you’re still not too comfortable with him basically following you home, but you let him continue his explanation
  • “after last night, i was scared that they’d try to come after you,” he told you, taking a sip of tea
  • “why would a gang trying to pick a fight with 101 come after someone as unimportant as me?”
  • daniel’s lips quirked up into a smirk
  • “(y/n), you seem to be the only one on this planet who doesn’t see how much i care about you”
  • “what do you mean by that?”
  • daniel set his tea mug down carefully, looking across the table directly at you
  • “why would a rival gang want to kidnap you in order to get to me, (y/n)?”
  • “…. because i mix a mean margarita?”
  • daniel snorted
  • “no, dumbass, i like you”
  • you kind of just stare at him in confusion before sneezing really loudly
  • “why?”
  • daniel laughed at that 
  • “sometimes, things just happen. this was one of those things”
  • “i guess”
  • the two of you sit in silence again, staring at each other, but then daniel gets up
  • “you hungry? i can cook you food.”
  • “yeah”
  • you watch as he bustles around your kitchen, pulling seemingly random things out of your fridge
  • “you know, i still don’t understand why the heir to 101 would be interested in me” you mentioned quietly as he started chopping something up
  • daniel turned around so that he was facing you
  • “there’s something special about you, that i can’t really put my finger to.” 
  • you hummed in response, watching him turn back to his cooking
  • the next morning when you wake up, you find  like twelve morning texts from him
  • apparently when you weren’t paying attention, he put his contact into your phone
  • when you guys start dating, he puts you and your safety above anything else
  • dating you lets him be euigeon your charming boyfriend, not daniel the mafia heir
  • you fall in love with both sides of him, overprotective nature and all
Bae Jinyoung Mafia AU

warning: violence, blood

  • you work at this convenience store in a not-so-great part of time
  • as a high-school-er, it’s not ideal to have a job, but you make do with what you have
  • you’re also like 95% sure that the bar next door to the convenience store sells some weird drugs or some shit out of the back
  • but you value your life, so you don’t press it
  • one night during your shift, you were managing the cash register when a classmate of yours, bae jinyoung, bought some energy drinks
  • he looked a bit surprised to see you, and you were surprised to see him as well
  • “do you live in this part of town?” he asked hesitantly, almost as though he was nervous
  • you explained that you didn’t live there, but you’d seen the job offering and taken it immediately
  • he bids you good night and hurries off into the night
  • (you totally weren’t watching where he went) but you could have sworn that he ducked into the bar next door
  • shaking the odd feeling off, you turned back to the book that you were reading, waiting for your shift to end
  • the next day in class, you see jinyoung and you make kind of awkward eye contact before turning back to your own work
  • he was fairly popular at your school, and people liked him, but he didn’t seem to have many close friends at your own high school, explaining to people that his best friend went to a different high school
  • when you were coming into school a few days later, jinyoung apparently wasn’t there because everyone was gossiping about him
  • someone in your homeroom had a friend at the other high school in town, and bae jinyoung’s best friend park jihoon was rumored to be in the 101, the mafia that held control over most crime in the area
  • you didn’t give it much thought, chalking it up to jealous teenagers, but that night when jinyoung stopped in the convenience store to buy energy drinks again, you couldn’t help but stare as he quickly darted into the bar
  • maybe he was in 101 as well as his friend from that other school,,,
  • no way, you scolded himself, this was the guy whose face was smaller than a lollipop, he’s not in the mafia
  • welp
  • a few weeks later, you were just chilling, restocking the magazines, when you heard the loud, telltale pop of rapid gunfire
  • someone burst into the convenience store and yelled for you to get down
  • you did as you were told, crawling over to where jinyoung crouched as well
  • “what’s going on? why is there shooting?”
  • jinyoung grimaced, peeking his head out of the window quickly before ducking down again
  • “is there a light switch or something that you can turn off?”
  • you nodded, reaching up to flick the lights off
  • “ok, do you have the keys?”
  • shakily, you reached into your back pocket and handed jinyoung the keys to the front door
  • he quickly darted over, locking the door before returning to your crouched position behind the cash register
  • “sorry about that,” he sighed, pulling his fingers through his hair, “i’m sure you’ve already figured this out, but i’m involved with 101. we have some operations next door, and someone thought it would be a good idea to try and raid our supply” he explained
  • “then why are you here?” you asked, still totally in confusion
  • jinyoung blushed a bit, looking down at the ground
  • “i-i mean, i knew that you were working this shift, and the guys attacking have a tendency to kill any witnesses, so i wanted to make sure you’d be safe.” he said quietly, not meeting your eyes
  • “oh,” you replied, nodding, “well, thanks”
  • the close proximity of the two of you definitely made your heart race
  • “yeah, no problem.”
  • after that night, you guys become friends obviously
  • he says hi to you in the mornings before class, and stops in more frequently to buy a drink or something, just to chat with you a bit during the shift since he knows how boring it gets for you
  • one day he doesn’t show up for school
  • and the teacher’s really frustrated and asks the class if anyone speaks with jinyoung
  • “oh, (y/n) is close with him!”
  • the teacher explains that jinyoung needs to finish a couple assignments by friday, otherwise he’ll fail maths
  • and she gives you the assignments to pass onto him
  • and ur like um i don’t really know where he is but OK
  • you bring the assignments home with you, thinking that maybe he’ll stop by the convenience store
  • all during your shift, you’re hoping that he’ll stop by, but of course he doesn’t
  • when you’re done with your shift and changed back into your school uniform, stepping out onto the street, you can’t help but stare at the bar next door
  • after contemplating for a bit, you march over there, determined to not let jinyoung fail his class
  • the bouncer stops you and is like
  • “girl you’re not even trying to pretend to be of-age”
  • and you sort of huff and glare at him “i’m with jinyoung,” you said confidently, hoping that would get you in
  • for some reason, it actually does, and you quickly slip in, not really sure what you’re looking for
  • your uniform and obvious young age draws you a lot of attention
  • “hey there, young lady,” a man with a charming smile approaches you “are you here to inquire about the job?”
  • “j-job?” you stammer  out  “no, i’m from jinyoung’s high school, i’m here to deliver an assignment”
  • the guy looks you up and down, eyes flickering to your name tag before grinning
  • “ah, so you’re the infamous (y/n),” he gestured for you to follow him “how convenient, we were just talking about you”
  • he leads you to a back hallway, and was about to open a door when you heard glass smash against a wall
  • the guy winced at that “sorry about that, i guess they’re still talking about you”
  • “hyung, if you think i’m really going to put my entire life on the line for some stupid gang of yours, you’re sorely mistaken”
  • “you took the oath, jinyoung, you have to. besides, we already gave you an alternative”
  • “oh, drag (y/n) into 101? hell fucking no, I’m not a fucking asshole”
  • the man standing next to you knocked on the door
  • “jinyoung? someone’s here to see you”
  • “no dear, i think you’ll want to see her.”
  • jinyoung stuck his head out of the room, clearly pissed off
  • as soon as he saw you, his anger melted into concern
  • “(y/n), what are you doing here?” he asked frantically, looking at you, “you shouldn’t come here, it’s dangerous!”
  • “oh, i just wanted to give you your math homework,” you stammered, reaching into your backpack, “teacher says that if you don’t turn it in by friday, you might fail the class.”
  • “OH, AND YOU’RE FAILING MATH. JUST GREAT, JINYOUNG” someone yelled from inside the room
  • you frowned, looking in the direction of the room
  • “hey, i didn’t say he was currently failing math, i said he might, there’s a big difference,” you folded your arms after handing him the packet of work. “if you want, i can show you a few of the problems tomorrow before school?”
  • “Jinyoung,” the man standing next to you said in a low, almost threatening voice
  • jinyoung turned to you, teeth gritted
  • “i’d love to”
  • “great! i’ll see you tomorrow morning, then?”
  • you hurried out of the bar, wanting to get away from that intense atmosphere
  • the next morning, you ended up being the first person to arrive to your classroom
  • jinyoung showed up with some breakfast bread and steaming hot coffee, setting one down next to you
  • “hey, (y/n), i actually kind of need to talk to you about something other than math,” jinyoung sighed, taking a sip of his coffee before continuing, “i’ll just cut straight to it– I like you, a lot. My hyungs know it too, and I was planning on asking you out a while ago, but ever since you found out about 101, they don’t want me involved with you, since someone could use you as leverage over me. basically, they said that the only way i could date you is if you agreed to work in association with 101.”
  • you frowned, trying to process everything
  • “y-you like me?”
  • “yeah,,,” jinyoung smiled at you, “i know it’s a lot to think about, and i definitely don’t expect you to change your whole life just for some guy. I just wanted to tell you I liked you while I still have the chance.”
  • “Jinyoung, I like you to,” you told him, smiling widely, “we can figure something out, but for now, just know that I like you.”
  • after trading smiles, the two of you start working on math again
  • you two weren’t calling what you had dating, but it was dating
  • he would buy you food in the morning, walk you to work
  • if he had a rough day, or if he knew you had a rough day, you would call each other on the phone and just talk for hours
  • your first kiss was in the back room of the convenience store, next to pallets of instant ramyeon and soy milk cans, but it was perfect
  • his best friend, jihoon, helped jinyoung convince his hyungs to let him date you, and eventually they agree as long as you get some training from them (like self defense)
  • the guy who had been yelling at jinyoung (who he loving referred to as “auntie) even bought you a thing of pepper spray to always carry around
  • jinyoung always makes sure to treat you right and that you’re safe and comfortable while still maintaining your own independence and respect

Wanna One Click and Drag 

this is my first click and drag omg i’m so excited 

Hope you all like it

My blog dedicated to click and drags is @kpclickanddrag
Hwang Minhyun Mafia AU

warning: violence, drugs, guns, drinking, sexual harassment

  • you were a college student, working part-time at a restaurant downtown to earn some extra money
  • the pay was good, but there weren’t many waitresses so you would often get called in to cover extra shifts
  • the other waitress once explained to you that not many people wanted to work at that restaurant because the owner was involved in some “shady business”
  • you weren’t sure about shady business, but every once in a while, maybe once a month, the boss would clear out the restaurant except for a couple guests with large, heavy briefcases and crisp black suits
  • your boss would instruct you to serve the guests no food, just glasses of extremely expensive bourbon with ice
  • it was suspicious, but you were a college student and you needed money
  • one night, your boss pulled the team together to inform you of such events happening again
  • but for some reason, he warned you that if guns got pulled out, you were to head outside to the alley and escape
  • you traded worried glances with the rest of the serving team, heading to the back where you normally stayed during visits like these
  • “(y/n), you’re hostess for the night.” he called sharply, signalling for you to stay
  • normally you just got the guests their whiskey and left; being hostess meant checking on them and asking them how they were
  • “what? why?”
  • “i’ll pay you double”
  • “fine.”
  • the men arrive, clearly in two different groups
  • one of them is heavily tattooed, obviously carrying weapons on their bulky frames
  • the other group is much more crisp, neat, clean, with no visible tattoos or weapons
  • you ask them what they’d like to drink and a slender man smiles charmingly at you
  • “we’ll take whiskey, my dear”
  • you nod, hurrying back to the kitchen to get the drinks from the bartender, who tries to calm your shaky nerves
  • you bring the whiskeys back out, setting them down on the table in front of each man
  • you’re bending down to set the glass in front of the last tattooed man when the slender one who ordered snapped his fingers
  • “her eyes are up here, not on her ass” he said coolly, leaning back in his chair with an air of nonchalance
  • you did your best to keep your cool and not glare at the guy who had been apparently staring at your ass
  • you checked on them periodically, trying to smile through your teeth
  • every time, the charming man sent you a gentle smile, obviously aware of how nervous you were
  • just as you began to collect the glasses from the table, you heard a gun cock behind you
  • you felt like fainting right there and then when you saw, out of the corner of your eye, one of the burly tattooed men holding up a pistol
  • everything is still, even the air feels still
  • you hear someone shout for you to get down, and you collapse to the floor as gunshots begin and glass shatters loudly
  • you crawl towards the back kitchen as fast as you can, not taking care for the broken glass, all you can think about is the gunshots echoing in your ears
  • one of the burly men fell next to you with a thump, clearly passed out at least, if not dead
  • you screamed in surprise, trying to scramble away from him
  • in the chaos, you spotted another one of the tattooed men striding towards you
  • panicking, you grabbed the gun that the man who had passed out next to you had in his hand, lifting it up
  • the man coming towards you cursed, reaching into his belt, presumably to pull out his own gun
  • hoping to dear god that the magazine had bullets and that the movies were right, you pointed to the ground and squeezed the trigger
  • the backfire of the gun felt like a punch to the chest, knocking the wind out of you, but you managed to hit the guy in the foot?toe? and he collapsed to the ground with a shout
  • “very good” you heard someone chuckle into your ear
  • the charming guy was standing next to you, calmly shooting at the remaining men
  • once all the tattooed guys were down, either passed out or tied up with zipties produced by the manager, you looked down at your hands
  • they were shaking, your hand still tightly gripping the gun you’d taken
  • “hey, love, you’re okay now” the charming man said gently, reaching out to you and gently sliding the gun from your grasp
  • “let’s go sit down”
  • you let him lead you to one of the barstools, the shock of the whole situation hitting you
  • there’s a lot of commotion around you, the other men trying to clean up the broken glass, round up the tattooed men, but you can only focus on the man’s hands, holding your own
  • a small tattoo crept around his wrist from under his sleeve
  • “was that your first time firing a gun?” he asked gently, letting you wear his suit jacket
  • you nodded wordlessly, sipping a glass of water
  • he turned to the owner of the restaurant angrily
  • “i thought you said all your employees were aware?”
  • you didn’t even realize it, but hot tears started falling down your face, making you sniffle and blow your nose into the closest thing, which ended up being the guy’s jacket sleeve
  • whoops
  • “hey love, no need to cry” he said gently, patting you on the shoulder
  • “what just happened?” you whispered, eyes darting all over his sympathetic face “what happened? why am i involved?”
  • “we’re the 101, love,” he said slowly, “i’m minhyun, and you just witnessed what happens when another gang tries to get smart with the 101″
  • because you witnessed what you did, you’re required to at least have affiliation with the 101
  • you quit your job at the restaurant in favor of keeping minhyun’s office tidy and clean
  • he knew how shaken up you were about it, and he’s pretty much the only person in the 101 that you trust
  • he doesn’t really need someone to keep his office clean, but he feels bad that you got dragged into the 101, so he just makes up the job
  • you realize that you’ve started falling for his nice mannerisms and politeness, despite his rough exterior
  • sometimes when you’re cleaning while he’s in his office still, you’ll feel him staring at you intensely
  • you brush it off though
  • one night you were organizing some of his files when he stumbled into his office
  • he’d been gone on a raid outside of the city, and wasn’t supposed to be back until that morning
  • he was super beaten up and bloody, limping slightly
  • you gasp at the sight of him, rushing towards him 
  • “you need to get to a hospital, minhyun!”
  • he grabbed you by the hips, holding you close
  • “(y/n), i almost died tonight” he whispered, breath fanning across your lips
  • you felt your heart almost escape from your chest
  • “it made me realize how much i love you”
  • “m-minhyun, love is a strong word”
  • “i know” he stared at you deeply, eyes flickering from your lips back up to your eyes
  • you leaned in the rest of the way, kissing him deeply
  • your kiss was like the first time you met– violent, rough, passionate, and yet somehow sweet and charming
  • when you parted, lips swollen, he leaned against you, clutching his side
  • “minhyun, really, let’s get you to a hospital”
  • the whole way there, minhyun wouldn’t let go of your hand
  • when he got a quick operation, you had to pry his hand out of yours
  • let me tell you, you’re not escaping the 101 now
  • your relationship would be lazy mornings, random acts of love from minhyun, giving him massages after a particularly difficult night, him buying you a special, expensive pistol so that you can protect yourself, him going crazy when you press kisses into his tattoos, deep, lazy makeout sessions

narrating action scenes is hard for me since i tend to imagine things as though it were a movie with cinematographic shots and stuff, so describing what i see in my minds eye can be challenging and frustrating; i hope it all made sense nevertheless!