Shirley Bassey - “Goldfinger” (Live at Royal Albert Hall)

Happy Birthday Dame Shirley Bassey (b. 1937)

Drag King basics...Binding

So I finally decided to google some tips on being a drag king and first article had it all wrong. Therefore I’m going to put out the tips that I recieved from peers and pros to help other people like me who are just entering the drag world. 

First thing first…binding: Unless you’re flat chested (and there’s nothing wrong with that) you’re going to have to hide the girls. First tip, never, ever use ace bandages!!! When I say never I literally mean NEVER. For my last show I planned on using that, and a friend stopped me and gave me a different binder to use. First of all, they can break your ribs if you bind too tight. Not a good idea, second it resricts your breathing, and yes all binding does that but this makes it nearly impossible to breathe. So the question is what do you use? 

Until I find a more permant option, since ace bandages are a no no, and I didn’t like the hindering of movement from a hard binder, I’m currently using a sports bra and binder that is basically like under armor. It works basically well, and packs them down. Layer clothing for more effect. 

Sports bra, under armor (tank if possible) a wife beater and then whatever else you plan on wearing. Try to keep it light as possible, since there’s multiple layers you can get hot easier, add dancing, lights, and a crowded area and you might get over heated. 

Well that’s lesson one. 

-Justyn Deep

So that "drag 101" makeup kit I was going on about wishing existed/I had?

… I found one :| IN MY AREA, TOO. All I’d have to do is supply them with my skin tone and the rest is taken care of for me. And the best thing is they’ve got an in-store location so that I can even go down there and have them judge what they think is best for my skin tone, since I’m not too sure what mine even is.


Drag 1o1: Base, base, base, I give base, beauty base.

I guess I’ll put my use of drag knowledge to use from time to time. Probably one of these days, I’ll film a transformation video to show my process, but for now, little tips here and there should suffice.

Disclaimer:These are just things that have worked for me and have been formed through both experience and careful observation. This is in no way a replacement for your own research and trials and tribulations. What works for me won’t always work for your or vice versa. Have fun and experiment! :)

For fishy queens:

Don’t trust photos, ladies. In my introductory photo, I’m wearing no less than 5 foundations, and that’s just the base! That’s what I want to stress for this tip is that the base is everything. I’ve built both my contour and my highlight right into it and allows for less of a caked on face. This adds for a more “super” natural look, you “naturally” have high cheekbones, a symmetrical nose, plumper lips, etc. With everything built in, it creates everything for you! Using powders (rather than creams) to highlight/contour can still do the job, but creates harsher contrasts, and in my opinion, can ruin an illusion. It can look forced if you’re not wary of your blending. With the base doing almost everything for you already, you can worry less and focus more on other aspects of your look.

QSA's Drag 101 Workshop

We KNOW you haven’t gotten enough drag in your life this week. Sure you divaify'ed yourself at Drag Yourself on Monday, and were planning on going to History of Drag on Wednesday and Berkeley’s Next Top Drag Performer & Gender-Bender Dance on Friday, but that doesn’t mean you’ve had enough drag, right? (Right!)

Well, come fill your drag appetite at QSA’s Drag 101 Workshop! Learn a bit about the history of drag, as well as how it’s done - learn to unleash your gorgeous drag self!! ★(✿◠‿◠)★

We hope to see you there!

ADA Accessible | ASUC Sponsored

P.S.: Digging on our event photo? Check out these beautiful half-drag shots!

Question for you makeup aficionados. With covering eyebrows I’ve heard two opinions. 1) The more trimmed the better, it’ll be easier to conceal because of minimal texture to cover. 2) The longer the better, it’ll be easier because there’s more hair surface to bond with the glue and skin.


usually i’m ok with supergirl’s brand of “i’m taking myself way too seriously”, i appreciate it as i appreciated bbc robin hood: a very enthusiastic show with not enough budget and a lot of bad ideas, though good intentions!

but episode 10 was so tedious to watch. you can’t make an episode focused on TOYMAN of all people and try to play that shit completely straight and tragic. this is ridiculous. 100% ridiculous. you don’t have the writers to pull that off so stop trying.