or people say specific things like: “hey, this song you wrote really changed a part of my life” or “you and katya did this episode on god that made me feel really good about my relationship with god.” stuff like, that - i don’t know. i don’t wanna sound cheesy but - don’t tell anybody but - that does make me happy. but don’t tell anybody! i really like to maintain that i’m too cool for it, but it really does make me feel good. 

For the first runway, I paid tribute to the Azores, and my beautiful island of São Miguel.
I was inspired by our breathtakingly stunning fields of hydrangeas and imagined myself as a fairy who lived amongst those fields and valley’s. I runway walked a little dizzy, playing off as if I was confused and out of my element here at the mainland.

Photography: Miguel Bartolomeu (@collecting.bodies) 


Rupaul’s Drag Race Episode 11 Sketches

I for some reason forgot to post these here…
The inspiration for these sketches were John Carpenter’s The Thing, one of my all time favorite horror movies, and the works of David Cronenberg. 
From all the sketches I made of the series so far, this one captures my aesthetics the most and what I envision to draw in the future. 

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