week five of the stock*pile weekly sketch project, and they said it wouldn’t last (by them I mean us) Anyway this week was my second Pick and I went with one of my favorite books of the last couple years “Toby Cypress’  Rodd Racer”

I think Toby might have shown us some early rodd racer stuff during our third year at the kubert school, but I might be making that up, Maybe K-tron or Rian will mention it when they post later in the week. I think toby left the kubert school after 06 so our class was one of the few to get him as a teacher. Just another reason why class of 06 is better then you! yes, you!

I usually put a heavy dent into these weekly sketches on saturday, but was lazy this weekend and didn’t do much of anything other then hang out with friends and eat chinese food late at night. I managed to get out of bed early (early for me at least) on monday and knock most of this out in one sitting. wrapping it up on lunch break at work that night. 

Toby is one of those artist with unique style…which sometimes causes problems when trying to tackle some of their characters. If you stick to close to what they did, then your pieces ends up looking like a sorry knock off, go to far and risk losing the connection to the source material. 

You know when  a movie company wants to make a sequel to a film, but the original people involved don’t?  and you can tell when the movie gets made? I think this piece has that kind of feel to it, some spotty toby less “Rodd Racer II” it would be equal parts “alfredo Garcia” and “two lane black top” with Drag'on and Rodd starring in it. oh to dream. 

Anyway I was happy with this piece.

Mechanical pencil, inked with pental brush pen and thats it. 

maybe later today I’ll post a WIP of my part of the future S*P project. maybe.