drag xiuchen out too pls

Suho got tagged by Kwanghee and Eddy, and he did it! he even did it twice and donated double the amount of money

Sehun is tagged too by Suho too and he did it,he also did a 90 degree bow u presh child

Song Ga Yeon just tagged Chanyeol too, and he just did it and had to clarify that he didnt use shoulder pads in the vid lmao pls we saw ur pink undie Yeol and he nominated John Mayer ahahaha

Tao is tagged by Zhoumi and he did it w a meaningful caption and didnt tag anyone but hope ppl will take care of their health ur armpits r the Amazon forest 

Sehun and 100%’s Changbum nominated Baekhyun

Taemin and Kim Yeon Woo nominated Kai

and Baek+Kai did it together on stage in LP in Singapore

and Ryeowook tagged Kyungsoo ehehehe

G.O.D’s Son Ho Young just nominated Xiumin

Hyelim from WGs nominated Chen

Guo Shuyao nominated Yixing! he and Luhan got tagged by Weibo TV  too

Yixing did his w his inside out shirt and nominated Luhan but Luhan passed the challenge and donated instead

also a lot of fansites followed the boys’ steps and donated,that’s rlly nice of them