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Okay, so I was asked some time ago to write beauty spells and confidence spells, because I’m a drag queen witch with low self-esteem, and I’ve been using this kind of spell for ages.

I’m not a big fan of fancy spells full of shit that I have absolutely no idea where to get, so I keep my spells practical and as simple as possible. The thing is I’ve struggled with body image my whole fucking existence, and makeup and drag are a super important part of my life and daily routine, so here is a quick and easy way to charge your makeup.

What you’ll need:

  • Makeup of your choice
  • Yourself

Let’s get started, what you wanna do is hold the container of the makeup you are charging and direct to it the intent you want it to have. I find it easy to say simple “orders”, it can be either out loud or with your inner voice, like “to make me glow” when charging a blush or a bronzer, for instance. The important is that you ~feel~ the energy flowing to your makeup, say your orders as many times as you deem necessary to make the energy stay in the makeup. You can visualize a flow of energy, you can breathe your energy, you can shout at your makeup (I did this once with a lipstick and I swear it works), it’s up to you, whatever works for you. You wanna leave it in the moonlight? Do it! Incense? Do it! Candles? Do it, but some things don’t go well with heat near them, like cream based shit.

I tend to charge my makeup once or twice a month., and everything that I use for drag has “I will transform” as well as something else. And here’s a list of the things I most commonly ‘order’ when charging my stuff.

“To conceal my flaws” - foundation, concealer

“To make me glow” - blush, bronzer, glitter

“To make me seduce” “to scare my enemies” - eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick

“To keep attention in me” - mascara, fake lashes

As I never go out of my house without sunscreen or primer, when I really want to go unnoticed, when I’m applying it and charge it with “I am invisible”. Instead of charging the makeup, you can charge when you are applying it, but that takes time and I’m lazy and always in a hurry.

Okay this is it. If you want anything more specific, please ask.

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Klaus x Reader

Requested by Anon

“What do you want?” You snapped as you came to and found the witches had dragged you back to their hideout.

“We want you and that wolf… you’re going to help us get her.” Celeste hummed as she tightened your wrists and had you marched into one of the crypts.

“I won’t help you.” You warned and she shook her head, stroking your cheek as you were forced to lay down.

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Imagine Yuri looking at his mirror in the evening, trying to drink in and memorize the foreign face he’s going to be wearing for the next several years on Earth as he operates under the guise of a normal human teenager. I’m Yuri Plisetsky, he repeats over and over as he stares back at the familiar green eyes. Identity is everything in espionage–especially when you’re spying for an alien race galaxies away.

Imagine JJ looking at his mirror in the morning, trying to find ways to make his cheeks hurt less. He’s in full magus ceremonial regalia befitting of an Elite Guardian of the Grand Council. I’m Jean-Jacques Leroy, he repeats over and over as he maintains the practiced smile with startling control. Image is everything in positions–especially when you’re the ostracized warlock with the taboo power to bring kingdoms to their knees.

Imagine their worlds colliding. 

Science and magic. 

The stars and the earth.

It’d be explosive, right?

Welcome to my Alien x Witch AU.

There’s something about Lana Del Rey’s sadcore, melancholic music that lends itself perfectly to darkness. In fact, darkness lurks within her music. Washington producer BLVCK CEILING brings out the inkiness of Lizzy Grant’s Honeymoon hit, High By The Beach, on a haunting and thrilling remix. Gossamer vocals, droning synths, and spacious echos call for my twisted heart on the sinister confection. Download the simultaneously chilling and searing remix direct from BLVCK CEILING’s Soundcloud.

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