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Angie’s Makeup Glamour, for days when you feel like shit.

because nothing says ‘beauty’ more than that ugly font that I adore

Okay, so I was asked some time ago to write beauty spells and confidence spells, because I’m a drag queen witch with low self-esteem, and I’ve been using this kind of spell for ages.

I’m not a big fan of fancy spells full of shit that I have absolutely no idea where to get, so I keep my spells practical and as simple as possible. The thing is I’ve struggled with body image my whole fucking existence, and makeup and drag are a super important part of my life and daily routine, so here is a quick and easy way to charge your makeup.

What you’ll need:

  • Makeup of your choice
  • Yourself

Let’s get started, what you wanna do is hold the container of the makeup you are charging and direct to it the intent you want it to have. I find it easy to say simple “orders”, it can be either out loud or with your inner voice, like “to make me glow” when charging a blush or a bronzer, for instance. The important is that you ~feel~ the energy flowing to your makeup, say your orders as many times as you deem necessary to make the energy stay in the makeup. You can visualize a flow of energy, you can breathe your energy, you can shout at your makeup (I did this once with a lipstick and I swear it works), it’s up to you, whatever works for you. You wanna leave it in the moonlight? Do it! Incense? Do it! Candles? Do it, but some things don’t go well with heat near them, like cream based shit.

I tend to charge my makeup once or twice a month., and everything that I use for drag has “I will transform” as well as something else. And here’s a list of the things I most commonly ‘order’ when charging my stuff.

“To conceal my flaws” - foundation, concealer

“To make me glow” - blush, bronzer, glitter

“To make me seduce” “to scare my enemies” - eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick

“To keep attention in me” - mascara, fake lashes

As I never go out of my house without sunscreen or primer, when I really want to go unnoticed, when I’m applying it and charge it with “I am invisible”. Instead of charging the makeup, you can charge when you are applying it, but that takes time and I’m lazy and always in a hurry.

Okay this is it. If you want anything more specific, please ask.

this was a request from moonlitwitch

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You Don’t Owe the World Your Glamour

When you perform glamour stylistically and magically, you are thrusting yourself forward.  You are requiring the attention of others – strangers, your goddesses, your spirits, your ancestors, your loved ones, your colleagues and even the goddessdamned Universe Herself.

At first, you’ll be begging to perform.  At first, you give yourself away in pieces for the privilege of working your ass off to get to where you are trying to go.  At first, everyone will be indulgent and graciously allow you the opportunity to whore yourself out for them.

At first.

And then it will be expected.

And it’s never what you expect.

I’m sure RuPaul didn’t expect radio hosts to expect him to be in full drag for radio interviews.  But they did.  They did until he flatly told them that he only does drag as a paid performance.  Dita Von Teese didn’t expect suitors who were part of her personal life to demand that she take off her make up for them so they could see the real her until she informed them that she’ll wear make up to sleep if that’s what she feels inclined to do and demanding she take off her make up for them is every bit as patriarchal as demanding that she wear it.  Sara Bareilles got so sick of it she wrote a song about it:

No easy way to say this

You mean well, but you make this hard on meI’m not gonna write you a love song

’cause you asked for it

’cause you need one, you see

I’m not gonna write you a love song

’cause you tell me it’s

Make or breaking this

If you’re on your way

I’m not gonna write you to stay

Glamour becomes one more way you’re supposed to sell yourself to anyone who wants it.  Your perfect cat’s eye, your signature red lip that you mix together yourself, your recipes, your words, your voice, your body, your style, your clothes, your product formulas …all of that should be available for anyone’s grabby hands on demand.

And I say, Fuck.  Them.

Let’s talk practically about how to do that.

  1. Know your boundaries.  You don’t want to do commissioned art?  Don’t do it.  You don’t want to show your junk on stage?  Don’t.  That’s your recipe and you don’t want BeckyFromCoven claiming it’s hers?  Don’t give it to her.  You don’t want JackAtWork taking all credit for your presentation?  Don’t let him be involved.  Tell him you’ve got this.  Practice what you’ll say when demands are made of you that you don’t wish to fill.
  2. Show up in sweats and/or heels. The fastest way to rid yourself of the expectation of others is to refuse to adhere to it consistently.  Periodically show up places (work, social events, etc) in whatever is contrary to what you usually do.  If you are generally very casual and au natural, occasionally put product in your hair and/or put it in a high bun, put on a suit or a dress, wear fancy shoes, put on a fragrance and/or cosmetics.  If you are generally v. styled, go bare faced, hair in a ponytail, ballet flats or sneakers.  In both situations, have your what you gonna do face prepared.
  3. Remember to do glamour for you.  Yes, part of why we do glamour is for others but the critical other half is for you.  What acts of glamour are for you?  For me it’s creating for the sake of creating and not for profit (my terrariums, my altars), writing a letter to someone not for the general public, drinking St. Germain and my personal glamour bathing rites.      

Your body is yours.  Your words are yours.  Your work is yours.  Your voice is yours.  Your thoughts are yours.  Your creations are yours.  You belong to yourself.

Never forget that.

anonymous asked:

Ohmyword. Sam and Merlin being "sassy, suffering" friends tho. Do you have any more thoughts on this matter that you would like to share because those. two. are. my. faves.

Ack, you are amazing, Anon. Yessssss, join me in adoring them! I cannot get enough of those two beautiful awkward boys. I can list on both hands with fingers aplenty to spare the characters in all film and literature who have stolen pieces of my heart and soul and run away with them. I am always here to talk about Merlin and/or Sam.

Sam and Merlin would have so many potential points of connection, though. They’re both outcasts, and both have these destinies–things that have been prophesied for ages, and they have to deal with either following them or kicking destiny to the curb.

And they’re both sassy as heck. I can’t even imagine the crap they’d get up to behind Arthur and Dean’s backs. (Also, Sam and Merlin could support each other when their respective universes and the characters who populate them are treating them like crap.) Sam could introduce Merlin to Cas the actual angel and Merlin could introduce Sam to Kilgarrah. And you just know Sam would geek out with Merlin about those awesome texts on spells and magical creatures. And then we could have more magic!Sam. <3

Also they could talk about Madison and Freya.

Also all the knights would definitely adopt Sam.

And Sam would cry like a baby because he never thought he could “go on a quest like that” or maybe that would be me who cried like a baby (yeah. definitely me)


Hi! I’ve been drawing doodles on my sketchbook over the past few months 😽 sorry that I don’t update tumblr that much, I’ve been busy working.
You can follow me on Instagram my username is the same ‘drianbgar’ I upload stuff more frequently here 😉💕
Hope you like them and please don’t steal!!