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  • me: okay maybe i can just make this a little AU, just change one little thing in canon
  • me @ me: no you gotta make it a BIG AU, change everything to revolve around your idea, GO BIG OR GO HOME

the first time bones receives a legitimate compliment from spock he doesn’t even notice it for several seconds. the vulcan is straight-faced and blunt as ever, seemingly casually pointing out that he’s the best surgeon in the fleet

he’s so used to the not-so-indirect jabs and insults that he’s ready to bite something back at him and it takes him a moment to go hold on a damn moment. spock’s just paid him a compliment and suddenly he’s forgotten how to react to him

his brain stalls and his face has gone completely blank and spock momentarily entertains the illogical idea that he’s maybe broken the cmo

they kind of stand there until bones slowly grinds back into motion, mouth briefly moving soundlessly until his brain spits something out, which is a strangled “you’re a real flatterer, huh, spock”

he quickly makes a tactical retreat all the way to his office after that and as soon as he’s through the doors chapel asks him why he looks like he just got hit with a stun blast

all he can manage is a strange flapping motion with his hand before collapsing in his chair to stare blankly at the opposite wall and wonder what the hell just happened


Poe Dameron #3 – Charles Soule & Phil Noto

“You know what, man? You’re sort of a drag.”

Fic Goals


Felinette March (daily updates, 1 chapters left till fic officially completed)
The Curious and The Devious (should be 12-15 chapters total, we’re getting close!)

Update (both may be a while ish)

Lucky Fox Paradox

Edit/Rewrite (after I get FM and TCaTD completed)

Rise of Mariposa

Planned to be coming up 

The Weight of Living (miraculous swap)
Just Our Luck (oneshot)
Devoted (akuma caused by rejection fic)
Kindness of a Stray (miraculous swap, oneshot)


The thing with Hugh Dancy’s beauty is:

One moment, he is the good boy, the boy next door, the innocent angelic puppy with curly hair and pretty eyes. He looks like he could not harm anything or anyone, he’s the picture perfect of the naive boy unaware of his ethereal beauty, the clumsy boy who needs to be dragged in any sorts of sexual intercourse because he’s too shy to make the first move himself.

The following moment, he is the wanton boy, this incredibly sexy individual, conscious of his delicious beauty and of the effect that he has on others. The libertine boy people cannot stop drooling looking at, the one who likes hunting and being hunted, the one who can literally make people go crazy with his lustful body, light skin, innate sensuality.  

modern au where chirrut loves going to rock concerts because even though he can’t see, he loves how the music feels when it washes over him, and the way the bass rumbles deep in his chest.

of course he can’t hear anything when he gets out of a concert, so he has to rely completely on baze to help him get home safely (which of course means baze gets dragged to all sorts of ridiculous shows and he complains the whole time but secretly he enjoys it and chirrut knows it)


GTA AU | Meg & Ryan

This came about thanks to @qrowcinder who tweeted this and I ended up doing it. I’m trash for Turnwood and GTA AUs

destielpolarbear  asked:

Honestly I walked out of the room when Barry went back in time to save his mom at the end of S2, like I actually physically left the room. They could've spaced out everything so much better, and that makes me sad. But I'm also kinda excited to see what they do with the rest of the season. I might actually start enjoy WestAllen romance if they did it a little better. All of it feels really forced and rushed to me (idk maybe that's just me being deadest against a romantic WA in general). (1/2)

lmao, when Barry went back in time at the end of season 2, walking out the room is probably the most appropriate response.

My own response, other than literally shouting at the screen, was summed up in a series of gifs way back in this post.

I’d agree that WA does feel slightly rushed this season, from dating to moving in to proposals in the space of a few episodes, but now we know why it’s so rushed (i.e., Barry’s desperate to hold on to her and sneakily trying to change the future by doing shit like proposing) so I think we’re going to see a shift now. I was disappointed at how rushed the proposal was at first because it seemed like the type of thing the show should have built up to, but then it became a legit plot point and I was like “ohhhhh” and actually thought the writers were clever, if cruel, with that one.

I have been pondering for a few days now, about a subject that was brought to my attention via anonymous askers. I’m not going to share names, as I don’t wish to intentionally aid the spread of potential gossip (I don’t even have the full story, to be quite honest), nor partake in ‘dragging’ and any sort of vengeance. Quite honestly, I didn’t and still don’t quite know what to do of it. The issue is: it seems that someone was running multiple blogs claiming to be different people (e.g. a Black Jewish woman, a descendant of b'nei Anusim, an ex-Muslim, among others, all while being a white Catholic girl), the reasons are unclear.  

What I want to say is: please be careful about the people you share information with. Although I have personally made friends through Tumblr, there’s no guarantee concerning the identity of the person on the other side of the screen. This is particularly worrisome for the minors on this (or any other) site. Please be careful. Maybe the person you talk to and confide in is the person you think they are, or maybe it’s someone claiming to be someone and something else out of boredom. But it could also be someone who could be looking to harm you.

Please be careful.

I have a show tonight that I haven’t planned at all for because I’ve had to stay late at the school every day the past two weeks. It’s a St. Patrick’s Day party, the theme is “green and gold”, and I’m accepting song/concept suggestions.


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A Deal with the Boss

Mafia Boss!T.O.P.
Chapters: [One], [Two], [Three], [Four], [Five], [Six], [
Itโ€™s been such a long time! How have you guys been? Hereโ€™s another update so I hope you guys enjoy it and feel free to leave some feedback

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Itโ€™s been three weeks since I was caught with the drugs, and I hadnโ€™t heard a word from Mike, nor Seunghyun. That same day that I was caught, I was taken over to a prison, seeing Seunghyun in the other cell as I was dragged away.

I was sorted into a cell by myself, the other women being told not to get near me. All my food was brought to me and I wasnโ€™t allowed out, my shower and bathroom right in there for me. I spent most of my time on my bed, one of the guards taking a pity on me and bringing me books to keep me entertained.

I was stuck in that cell seeing nothing but the three walls and the bars for a month, practically going insane if it wasnโ€™t for the guard that would talk to me and read me whatever book she was reading. I fell asleep while she read, other times I listened, collecting everything she said and keeping it with me.

There were even times she told me about her life and I began asking her questions, finding information about other guards and their life, only interested in the female guard who tossed me in here in the first place.

A week later, I was given the opportunity to go out to the courtyard with the other women. Earning myself dirty looks and a few women whispered to others, their eyes trained on me. I sat, my hands in front of me cuffed while the guard that looked over me was looking around, making sure everything was okay.

โ€œSo they finally let you out of your own little hell, right?โ€ I looked up to see a red-haired girl looking at me, taking a seat right beside me.

โ€œYeah, feels good to be out in the sun,โ€ I mumbled, looking up at the clear, blue sky.

โ€œWhat did you do to go in there? They didnโ€™t even put me in there,โ€ I turned to the girl, seeing her kick the ground and look up at me. โ€œIโ€™m Mags by the way,โ€

Her red hair was tied up in a ponytail, and she had green colored eyes that were faded. She had freckles all over her face, overall giving her an innocent look.

โ€œY/N, and just drug trafficking, what did you do?โ€ I asked. She scoffed, looking over at me.

โ€œReally? Thatโ€™s it?โ€ Her face was full of disbelief, shaking her head. โ€œWho knew selling drugs was worse than killing your family,โ€

I stared at her, processing what she said as she turned to me, smiling. โ€œThey deserved it,โ€ She smiled, looking at the sky.

The call of another woman caught our attention, an older looking woman walked over with three others, glaring at Mags. โ€œFound a little toy, huh?โ€ She spoke, getting near, looking at me up and down. I looked away, ignoring her but seeing how uncomfortable Mags was. โ€œMaybe I can take her for my own,โ€

I looked at the woman who got near me, making me lean back and away from her. โ€œItโ€™s okay, I donโ€™t bite, unless you want me to,โ€ She grinned.

I got up from the bench, standing up straight, the woman clearly amused. โ€œLeave us alone, weโ€™re not doing anything to you, so why donโ€™t you stay away from us,โ€ The woman scoffed, looking at her friends with an amused face then back at me.

โ€œYou donโ€™t have to hang out with her, baby, you can be with me.โ€

I pushed her back as she moved closer to me, her amused face replaced with one of anger and disbelief. โ€œIโ€™ve done much worse to people, I suggest you step back,โ€ I hissed at her.

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