drag queens!

Barbara, I did do it. I did try to… fuck her (laughs). You’d better believe it and when that fuckin’ ho, when that nasty diesel abolition oaky smokey bull dagger diesel dyke came in, she came into my house after having gone on the most arduous, tempestuous fitness journey and she, y'know, she shed that gothmer(?) caftan in the light of my boudoir, and her abs showed'th. Well, not really, I mean they weren’t super developed but she had a great bod and a huge fuckin’ deep freezer on the back of a minivan ass and I said ‘you gotta let me pound that keister man’ and she wouldn’t do it so I tried three more times and I think that she did- we did sort of… Snuggle, kind of like, like wrapped, like we were a couple of pieces of seaweed washed up on Hampton Beach and East Coasters know it’s real gross, and um, and we giggled into each other’s necks but no penetrative intercourse was had despite my best efforts but you know what, though? Hey, listen. You know what lasts longer than love? Money. Right, yeah. And in this economy, I am willing to Thelma and Louise it off that fiscal cliff with that ho any day. She’s the one I think of when I get out of bed in the morning and I go 'whhhhy’ and then I think of her and I’m like (white girl voice) 'why not? Whatever, it’s fun, ya’.
—  Katya, talking about Trixie

Drag of the day: Eva Young!! 

Eva is a queen that is so immaculate that I want to cry in my crawl space. Look at that mug, absolutely perfect everytime. As well as outfits and accessories, coming together into a perfect ensemble. She is a Chicago queen (Chicago has some AMAZING as all hell queens) and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch her at Berlin or Roscoe’s Tavern! 

Follow Eva Young on instagram: @evayoung_