Thierry Meisel is a drag queen who happens to look like Hux. I love him! And his drag mother is Raja, one of my favorite drag queens ever.

@littlcrystal​ as I said it looks like shit D: but he’s so cute!! looks so much like hux! I can imagine a 18 year old hux doing this. Perfect.

sorry if the gifs are shit, tumblr won’t let me post them in good quality.


The Miss Bio-WERRRK 2016 Pageant Grand Finale - http://werrrk.com
Four months after the casting call for the Miss Bio-WERRRK online drag pageant went out, we are ready to announce the winner!

Results for the 2016 Miss Bio Werrrk Pageant are up!

I’m not going to post them because that would kill the suspense, but I am happy with my placement and I am so thankful to everyone who has supported me throughout this process!


WATCH @gabrielgastelum ’s latest YouTube video he used my latest track for his glitter clown realness drag transformation!!!


Full performance from tonight!