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*Me cheating on my diet 3 hours after starting it*


“I think me and Fame are probably the closest. She just has an amazing heart, a heart of gold. She talks a lot, but when you need someone to talk to, she’s right there. She’s a great listener. We both have similar experiences. We have a similar aesthetic. It really meant a lot to me at the time. I see her as such a beautiful individual inside and out.”

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I had no idea den was a girl! shes a good dog ��

the official translators seemed to be confused about it too because they called her “he” in one of the omakes but yeah! Den is a good girl and the best dog. FUN FACT ABOUT HER: she lost her leg saving Ed from getting hit by a train (the info is from an artbook and the screencap is from a game):

Another fun fact, she knew who Al was even after he lost his body and looked after him when he ran away (this is from an side-story that wasn’t officially translated over here):

and she’s top dog. this is the omake where the translators were confused about her gender: